A/N: For the last couple of birthdays, I've written something for the Winchesters as a present to myself. Didn't want to break that tradition with Sabbath. So here we go. Something short, simple and possibly crap. LOL But hey, Sabbath deserves a birthday too, right?


It was quite possibly, the silliest thing Sam had seen in a long time. But the fact that Dean was so proud of both his idea and the fact he had managed to pull it off? Had a smile on Sam's face that wasn't coming off anytime soon.

The same couldn't be said for Sabbath.

The German Shepard was looking decidedly unimpressed by the party hat on his head and even less impressed with having to wait to get his treat. Drool slowly dripping from his muzzle as he stared at what was waiting only a couple of feet from his jaws.

"Dean, come on…"

"I've almost got it, dude." Dean argued, wrestling with the new camera he had bought. Why the hell was it so hard to work out how to set a timer? Learning Latin was easier than trying to read the freaking user manual for this thing. "Aha! Got it…okay, get in there, Sam. Go!"

Sam was pushed towards Sabbath, crouching down beside the dog with a sigh and draping his arm around Sabbath's furry shoulders. Dean rushed over to the other side, slapping Sam on the shoulder. "Dude! Come on!"

With a roll of his eyes, Sam put his own party hat on, flinching as the elastic snapped against the soft skin on his neck. "I feel like an idiot, Dean."

Another soft snap of elastic was heard as Dean pulled his own hat on and draped a arm around his faithful dog. "You really want me to comment on that?" His grin widened as he nudged his brother. "Smile for the camera, Sammy."

The timer finished it count down a moment later, snapping a picture and freezing the moment in time forever.

"Alright, it's all yours, boy." Dean instructed, reaching down to pluck the candle from the slice of cake in front of Sabbath.

The moment he had the command, Sabbath dived in, cream and frosting smearing over his face as he devoured the chunk of birthday cake that had been tormenting him for the last 10 minutes. The moment the plate was licked clean, he shook his head., dislodging the hat and pulling it off with his paws.

Dean chuckled at the sight of Sabbath trying to lick cream from his nose. The dog was anything but a puppy anymore. He was a trained hunter and had saved both the brothers countless times from danger and from losing each other. It would have been wrong not to celebrate his faithful friend hitting his first milestone.

Sam ruffled Sabbath's fur before he got to his feet again, taking his hat off. "So now what?"

"Now? We have some cake, crack a few beers…and when the sun's down? I'm taking Sabbath round to that house on Wilson street."

"The one with the malamute?"

"Yeah, dude." Dean was beaming now. "My buddy deserves to get laid on his birthday…nothing but the best."

Sam shook his head, laughing at how his brother would never change. He'd offered to get Sam laid for his 16th birthday. It was good to see Dean smiling like this. Just watching him doing things that were normal and fun and not linked to stopping the apocalypse for a moment while they had a lull in demonic activity.

Dividing up the cake between them, Dean handed Sam a slice and a cold beer. They sat down almost in synch on the end of each of their beds, watching Sabbath sniff around for more cake before he decided that chasing his hat around the floor and tearing it up was more fun.

Once, a scene like this would have seemed crazy, if you had mentioned it to the brothers. But right here and now as it unfolded before them? Neither Dean nor Sam could ever think of being without it. Without the dog that had come to them a homeless little ball of fur.

Sam and Dean shared a quick look between them, grinning at each other while they wondered what Dean's next birthday would bring?