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Come Closer : Chapter One

A flash of light peeking out from window's curtain disturbed a small brunet frame boy's slumber. 'Ngg, why does the sun must be so shiny?', thought the boy, still close his eyes and change his position try to take some more sleep. But the birds outside won't allow, they tried to wake the boy up with their noisy chirp. 'How I want to shut those birds!' he wrapped his head with the pillow and tried to sleep again. But, really, it seems everything in the world not allowed him to take his five-minutes-more.

"Tsu-kun! Wake up!", shout Sawada Nana from the stairs. "It's almost 9 o'clock!"

With that, the brunet wake up instantly and with amazing speed do all the morning rituals. And in seconds, he already sprinted to the school while saying -actually shouting- goodbye to his mom. "I'M GOING, MOM!"

"Tsu-kun! Wait!", Nana tried to stop his son but found no sight of said boy. "What a rush… Well, they can pick him up from the school."


Sawada 'Dame' Tsunayoshi, a clumsy 16 years old sophomore. After all the hell he through to get school in time (O yeah, you don't want to know) he made it to come in time. Wiped his sweat and tried to calm his heavy breath, Tsuna sat on his seat. He didn't bother to say hi to his classmates as they also not noticed him. 'Well, at least I can have some peace today.'

"Oy, Dame-Tsuna!". That's when his 'peace' shattered into billion pieces. "A-a…, h-hai, Toshi-san, Kotani-san, Mujiro-san…," Tsuna's heart beat became fast when he faced his 'friends' who trapped Tsuna in his seat. There stood the most intimidating students in Tsuna's school. They used to force Tsuna do what they want but sometimes the brunet managed to run away. With Toshi's sinister smile on his face, Kotani's intimidating eyes and Mujiro's big scary bodies, they meant one thing to Tsuna. Doom. "W-what's the ma-matter?"

"Auw, don't be so cold!," Toshi made a hurt face. "We're friends after all, nee?"

At this moment Tsuna can't hold his body from trembling and became worse when Toshi said that they want Tsuna come to play along after break. "And you know what will happen if you don't come." This threat frightened Tsuna more when Kotani cutting air with his fingers. "I-I will," was all he can made before the teacher came in to begin the class.

'Great.' Tsuna felt all his energy gone now. He didn't want to meet those bullies after break but he didn't have choice either. Last time when he managed to avoid them, they made the boy in hell for months. They tore his uniform when Tsuna had bath after PE, accused him for stealing, turned all Tsuna's friends against him, gifted some physical damage and many other things. 'Well, I don't really care after all.'

But the brunet know that he lied about he didn't care. It's really embarrassed when you don't have clothes to wear in your school. And it's really made Tsuna sad that his mother must suffered for the rumor about he stole new watch that his idiot classmate wear. And for the most, he felt lonely.

Tsuna snapped himself when the others is greeting the teacher. 'It's alright, it's alright.' He repeated those words in his head over and over. Right one day after Tsuna kicked Toshi's brother in attempt to free himself from his bully because Toshi tried to molest Tsuna in the stall room, all his friends didn't talk to him anymore and shunned him. 'Hey, they were not my friends. We even barely can said that we are an acquaintances back then.'

'But it's lonely here.'

While waiting the teacher checked class absent, the brunet let his head made some 'THUMB' hard enough when hit the table. Toshi and the others already made his head hurt without his head hitting the table and he felt his chest hurt. 'I don't care anymore.'

"Sawada, what are you doing here?", asked the teacher. Tsuna straighten his back and look at his teacher in confuse. He must resisted the urge to say 'I want to sleep already!' and instead answered "Umm… waiting for the lesson?"

"Aren't you moving to Nami High?" With this question all students turned their heads to the boy. "W-what are you talking about, Sensei?" Because jokes or not, that's really impossible. Namimori High is one of prestigious schools in Japan and just accepted an extremely talented nerds. People like Dame-Dame-Kono-Dame Tsuna can never ever made their footsteps in there.

"Of course I am not, Sawada. The invitation for you just came yesterday." Whoa, whoa, invitation? No way! "Your parents already taken care your transferred documents. Though I can't see what those Nami people see in you, it's good for you Sawada."

Now Tsuna begged God for mercy when his poor brain can't process the information. 'Why didn't Mom say anything?' Tsuna can't felt his body anymore. "Now, why don't you just waiting in the teacher's room?" As the teacher say so, Tsuna made his move to the teacher's room. Before he closed the class' door, he bowed to his teacher and said thank you.


Tuuut. Tuuut. Tuuut. 'Hurry, Mom, pick it up!' Not so long, Tsuna can hear his mother's sweet voice over the phone

"Moshi moshi, Sawada's here."

"Mom! What's happen here?" Tsuna really really want to scream so she can feel his desperation now but ended with half hearted girl's scream. "Why you didn't tell me about this invitation earlier?! Why did you just move me there? Now what I must do? Who in heaven know what those freaking nerd student w-"

Before Tsuna can finish half of his protests, Nana cut him, "Mou, Tsu-kun, that school will suit you! You will have a bright future there. I can feel it, dear. You are talented enough to go there." Tsuna really loved his mother but he didn't think he understand the way of her wonderful La-La-Land to think. How does in the seventh heaven Tsuna have talent? He IS no good, remember?

"Mom," Tsuna whined "I will not make it! It's so super-duper-mega-bumper obvious! Even the blind one can see it!"

Nana sighed and began to use her icily voice. "Sawada Tsunayoshi, you WILL attend Nami High and that's final!" Hear how scary his mother now, Tsuna stopped his whined and protests. "They will pick you there as fast as they could, so be good boy Tsu-kun!" Nana hung the phone before Tsuna gained his ability to speak again. 'Guess there is nothing I can do.' With that, Tsuna forced his feet to the teacher's room.


"Tsunayoshi…." There, in front of the gate of Tsuna's school, stood the certain blond who stared the school with unreadable face. "Tsuna, ready or not I'm coming…."

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