"Tsuna-nii! Come here!"

"No! Tsuna-niichan will play with us!"


As you can see (read in this case), our Dame-Tsuna was babysitting preschool kids. The poor brunet was dragged to all directions by those kids. "Okay, okay, why don't we play together?"

"No!! Play with me!!" All the kids whined. They began their let's-drag-Tsuna-nii game again and not so long the brunet tripped himself and fell to the ground. "Ow, ow, I'm fine."

Gokudera snorted at the boy's reassurance. The silver haired teen cornered him from those kids, left his responsibility to the poor Tsuna and sulking.

It's not rare to see the infamous bomber sulking during his assignment. He always sulking and wear his pissed off facade but never this gloomy.

He eyed the useless brunet played with that bunch of kids. The boy wears yellow T-shirt with green sleeves and brown trousers. Purple apron hugged his waist fitly. He looks so irresistible and adorable in that outfit.

What had he thought? Gokudera banged his head to the colorful wall near him hard. The others seems not noticed his actions. It was reasonable, considering the kindergarten was lousy with high pitch shouts, yells, and other ruckus. The silver haired bomber touched his sore forehead. Damn, it's hurt a lot. His forehead must be swollen now.

Gokudera felt dejected.

He dejected the brunet in front of him for suddenly coming to Nami High and invaded his perpetuation life for his beloved Giotto-sama. He dejected those kids for their noisy high pitch screams and yells that pretty sure could break any thick windows. He dejected his idiot baseball freak partner for not telling him about his choice for their assignment. For fucking sushi, he IS his partner! How could he do such thing, knowing the silver haired's hatred toward that Sawada brat? And here he is, thinking for their tolerated mutual friendship (Gokudera snorted. He will never say it to that baseball freak) for more than six years! He, too, dejected himself for being so easily deceived by that brat. Why'd he blushed when that brat's lost-puppy-look shown up? Gokudera 'Hurricane' Hayato should not blushing like that, moreover, for that useless.

Unfortunately for the silver bomber, while he was in his deep thought the kids have already climbed him, pulling his trouser, and tugging his hair, begging for his attention. And as we can predict, his anger touched his peak. "What are you freakin' imbeciles doing?!!"

"Yay! Grumpy-niichan!"

"Fly! Fly!"




"What?" Gokudera asked with annoyance. He didn't want to talk with that clumsy idiot but adorable brat. Wait, scratched that adorable word!

"Um, you scare the kids." Gokudera stared at the brunet, who shaking a bit, with the kids behind him crying.


"Finally, we have our break." Tsuna stretched his hands once they reach the kindergarten field. He felt so tired after played with those kids all the day but he also happy with it. He never play that much because he is the only child in his family and being an outcast doesn't help.

Gokudera, otherwise, felt the opposite. He felt so irked. Those brats had insulting the silver haired. As if they don't satisfy with their insult, they were fucking traumatized for children both physically and mentally. 'Temper, temper. They are just mere kids.' In three days, he would win this assignment and get that useless kicked out. Giotto-sama would praise him too!

"Gokudera-kun?" Gokudera averted his gaze to Tsuna's large caramel honey eyes. "What?" He snapped, harsher than he intended but the brunet didn't shaking like he usually does. Tsuna sat beside the silver haired teen, oblivious to the fact that Gokudera was furious. "Are you sick? You look quieter and paler."

"And why'd you care?" The taller avoided the smaller's hurt eyes. Yeah, why must he care? Gokudera Hayato is a loner, he dislike people because of their weakness. And mention the weak, this brunet is the weakest one he ever seen. So why did Giotto-sama choose him as his partner?

"Aw, Hayato, can't you be nicer to newbie?" Giotto walked toward them with a shop bag in his hand. Wait, is that a hedgehog on his shoulder? And why'd he bring a kid with him? "Ice cream?" Giotto offered.

"Why are you here?" Tsuna yelled in surprise. Giotto certainly the last person he wants to meet. And to think he wouldn't meet him during this ridiculous assignment made him a bit excited, but apparently his thought was wrong, again. "Hey, watch your mouth!" Gokudera hissed.

The hedgehog suddenly hopped from the blond's shoulder and greeted. "Ciaossu!" Tsuna cried hard, earned a kick from the hedgehog. "Is that your way to greet your principal?"

"Reborn-sensei!" Gokudera looked like a soldier who wanted to give his commander a salute eagerly. "What are you doing here?"

Giotto averted his gaze and rubbed his nape. "I came to gave both of you punishment for breaking the rules." Reborn stated indolently. Now, Giotto looked at the ground nervously.

The brunet and the silver haired wanted to shout 'what did you mean we break rules?!' but for once in their life, they knew they must keep it in their throat if they want to continue their peaceful life.

"Dame-Tsuna! You must know already from Sasagawa that you are not permitted to take assignment other than what I give to you!" Reborn whacked the petite brunet. Tsuna mumbled something likes 'Kyoko-chan never told me about that' between his whimper but Reborn ignored him. Instead hear his student's advocacy the baby hedgehog teacher continued with his judgment. "You, Gokudera, I thought you could behave around this stupid leader-" He kicked Giotto on his shinbone. "-but I rethink about it. You should not made things harder than they were. You broke the window when you spied Dame-Tsuna-" Tsuna opened his mouth in disbelief. 'Gokudera-kun. Spying. Me?' "-made me to deal with the disciplinary committee, stole experimental dynamites from labs, take another assignment when you haven't done your current assignment, and now you take this silly dummy taking care of preschool kids competition just because you don't want your leader has a partner."

Reborn shook his head in disapproval. "Really, from all assignment why must you give this silly assignment?" Giotto still averted his gaze.

"Hey, that's just minor violations." Tsuna said it before thinking. "…I think."

"No." Gokudera dropped his head in guilty. "Even a mini tiny violation won't be tolerated. I've shamed Vongola." Tsuna frowned at this statement. Why'd he care so much for that Vo-Vo- whatever it called? It's not like the world would face its end if he or other students broke the rules. Moreever, rules were meant to be broken, right?

"So, for your punishment, you must take care for Lambo in 24 hours." Gokudera stiffed before screamed, "That stupid cow?! NO WAY!" Alas, his opponent is the Reborn-sensei who made him shut his mouth by his glare. "Yes, you will. You must make him out from his sulking mode so he can show us the 10 years bazooka he hid. And for this babysitting, you must do it 'till the end. Also take a note that this is your last."

The brunet was so confused. Lambo? Kid? Bazooka? Hid? What kind of combination that was? Tsuna shrugged it off. 'Tsunayoshi, you must get use with these freakish, crazy, and wild things.'



Tsuna didn't know what to say to describe him. Okay, he had. One word, gloomy.

The five years old boy wore yellow shirt with black hood and dark green short. His curly black hair hung graciously. If you didn't take a good look, you would miss his hollow crystal brown eyes (he seems want to cry) and sadness on his face. If the hyperactive word existed, then Lambo would be the hypoactive one. He was sulking when they met the boy.

Gokudera narrowed his eyes once Lambo left by those two heartless human (Giotto and Reborn) to his care. Oh-oh. How Gokudera wanted to eat this boy alive. Just stand in the same landscape with that sulking stupid cow got his nerves. From this, Tsuna then learn one thing. Lambo + Gokudera = bad idea.

"Stupid cow, where did you hide the bazooka?" Gokudera asked not so nicely. He slipped his hands to his pouch to keep his hand from Lambo. When the poor boy chose to find something on the ground, the silver haired growled in anger.

Before he could do anything, Tsuna hugged the boy. "Nee, Lambo, you want to walk with me, right? Let's get going then!" And he ran with the gloomy sulking boy in his hand, as fast as his foot could bring him from a certain angry bomber who was shouting to him now.

When his foot couldn't move anymore, Tsuna tried to catch his breath. He looked around to see where he ran into. Shopping district. The lovely shopping district with its crazy old ladies would spend their time with gossips, the grumpy merchant shouted and yelled, and for the worst, the haunted pet shop. Well, the pet shop wasn't preoccupied with ghost but yankee monkeys which will throw their half eaten banana, some puppies which would more than happy to bark at you with their banshee-barks, and don't forget a red-eyed owl which would haunt your dreams for months when you stared at it. Okay, it was just Tsuna's silly childhood imagination but still the brunet would never step at this place again. He had lost once when he went to this district with his mother just like what Lambo did now. Yeah, just like that sulking boy did.

Tsuna looked with his big eyes at his hand which ought to hold the boy. "AH! Lambo, where are you?" The brunet shouted in panic, hoping that his voice would reach the boy. "This is not good… this is not good...."

In his panic, the vibration from his trouser pocket made the brunet yelped. He saw some number that he didn't recognize. Frowning, he picked up the call.


"Dame-Tsuna, ciaossu!" Soon after heard the reply, Tsuna gulped. "Re-reborn-sensei, h-how'd you get my phone number?"

"Oh, Giotto has it." Reborn answer nonchalantly. Tsuna's eyes became wider at this statement. He never gave his number to anyone, not even he wrote it in his CV. Before the brunet could arrange some sentences, Reborn called again. "Oy, Dame-Tsuna, don't drown in your dirty mind with your partner! I called you just to remind your assignment."

"My assignment?"

"Baka, have you read the list I gave you?" The brunet didn't answer. Reborn rubbed his temple. This boy sure gave him some head aches. The older sighed and talked sternly. "Listen. When I gave you something, don't leave it in your school bag in the corner of your messy room, understand?" Tsuna nodded feverously and said his understand-ness. "Now, for your assignment you must-"

The devil principal was cut off by something. Whatever it was Reborn was having difficulties to keep it down. He heard some sounds of collision, something broke, and faint shouts like 'give it back' or 'shut up, idiot' maybe some alien language too because Tsuna didn't understand it.

"Umm, Reborn-sensei, are you alright?" And Tsuna regretted to call out his voice. "Hey, I'm not a teacher who would steal his student's cell phone just for his self-interest!" Too shocked for the sudden change of the person who talked to him, Tsuna did what he did so often since his sophomore year began. Gaping. "Tsu-chan? Hallo, Tsu-chan?"

"I'm listening." Tsuna suddenly lost his every interest to keep his phone on his ear.

"You must do your assignment as the Sky now." Giotto said. Oh how he straight to the point. "But I never wished for this position!" Tsuna hollered. "Tsunayoshi." And somehow his mind focused on the blond. When someone who never said your name correctly called you correctly it would be better if you heard to them. "I know that you refuse to do this assignment but it's only you who can help Gokudera."

Tsuna sighed. What could Gokudera do to have problems? Many things. "If you don't do it Gokudera would never made it."

Tsuna gasped. "Don't tell me he has cancer or heart attack!"

Tsuna heard the other's soft chuckled. What so funny? "No, it was his assignment and punishment." Tsuna blinked. "Now, before you thank God for his perfect health condition, he was blacklisted by the owner of our school. Unfortunately, his assignment result didn't fulfill the expectation, so his scholarship is in the line. This one Reborn gave him is the last chance for him and he will never make it without some helps. You already saw the combination between them and it's not a nice average one."

"B-but…" Tsuna confused. He wanted to help Gokudera no matter how rude and scary he is. But he knew that he would mess it up like usually he had done. Actually, he already messed it by losing Lambo. "Tsunayoshi, I know you can do it."

Tsuna bit his lower lip. "Could you tell me where I can find Lambo? We, uh, kind of separated?"


'Stupid Giotto.' Tsuna thought. The boy searched Lambo to all places that related to cow as Giotto told him. Cow milk shop, supermarket with cow as the icon, cow meat shop, anywhere with cow. But there's still no sign of the sulking boy.

'Does this boy have some attachment to cow or what?'

The brunet looked up to the orange reddish sky. The night almost came and Tsuna want nothing than to go home. He shook his head. 'No. I can't leave him alone outside. What if something bad happen?'

He closed his eyes a bit to refresh it from irritation for long-term use and something smell good, delicious, and warm struck his nose. Tsuna found it was useless to resist the smell when his tummy growled so loud; demanded his undivided attention. And there he was, in front of sushi restaurant.

"Welcome to Takezushi! Table for one?" Tsuna blinked. Gokudera blinked. "A-ano, w-what are y-"

"Ah, Tsuna!" From the door which opens widely, Tsuna saw Yamamoto with four plates full with sushi on his arm. With amazing balance, he put the plates on the tables. "How'd you know we are here?"

"Um, I just smelled something delicious." Tsuna mumbled sheepishly. "Is that so? Come in then." Tsuna was about to refuse (he didn't have money to eat some sushi) but Yamamoto grabbed his wrist and dragged him to come with him. Gokudera followed behind with murderous scowl on his face.

In the restaurant the thick delicious aroma of sushi spread around with all its glorious. Even the full stomach could not resist the sushi. Tsuna, still dragged by Yamamoto, looked around with his mouth watered. What? He was hungry.

"Dad, Gokudera and I are in the back if you need us! We've got visitor here!" Yamamoto yelled to his father, wherever he was, earning some yells from his father.

Soon, the three sat back of the restaurant. The air surround them was awkward and tense. All those glorious feelings from the sushi were gone, well, maybe not for Yamamoto.

"Umm…, so…you two lived in here?" Tsuna tried to break the ice, hopefully success. Gokudera narrowed his eyes and replied harshly as he could. "I would never ever live with this freak!"

"Aw, come on Gokudera!" Yamamoto gave his partner soft hit on his back. "You can live here. With that you can work here all your life." The silver haired warded off Yamamoto's hand and turned his attention to the nervous brunet. It was obvious he tried to keep his furious heat to himself. "So, where is that stupid cow?"

Tsuna bit his bottom lip and squinted at two classmates. He clenched his hem. "I-I lost him." There's silence again before Gokudera slammed the table and walked to the stairs. Tsuna scared. The silver haired was mad at him and here he was, made him upset again. "I messed it again…." The brunet felt his eyes blurred with the liquid but he hold it.

Yamamoto scratched his head and decided that the petite need his present more than the angry Gokudera. Besides, Gokudera needed sometime to prepare his head to take what the others say. "Hey, Tsuna, don't take it too much. He didn't mean it, you know. He just had a rough time."

"Yeah, and I made his days rougher." Tsuna mumbled sad. Yamamoto raised his brow and then chuckled lightly. The brunet stared at him confusedly. He didn't find anything funny in this situation. Realizing his friend's eyes on him, Yamamoto grinned at him. "No, it just no one ever care so much if they pissed him off or not. He always reject people, even to me he never talked about himself."

"You do care about him, nee, Yamamoto-kun." Tsuna said softly. Somehow Yamamoto always made him calm when talked to him. Well, almost. Suddenly, certain sulking boy with curly hair popped in his head again. "AH! I forget that I must search for Lambo!"

"Oh, so you two talked about Lambo? He was in my room." Then they heard Gokudera's screams and shouts and something slammed to something. "Hahaha, guess they get along so well now." But Tsuna didn't think so. "Yamamoto-kun, we must stop them!"

They went to upstairs as fast as they could. And sure is, Gokudera was tied Lambo, who was crying loud now, with some dynamites tied around the poor boy. "Huwaaa, you bad bad man! Let me go!" Lambo yelled in his hiccups. "Gokudera-kun! What are you doing?!" As the door opened, Lambo crawled between Yamamoto's legs and ran away. "Lambo!" Great, after four hours searched him now he must searched the boy again.

Tsuna turned around to face the silver haired. Gokudera kneeled on the floor with cow-pattern cloth in his hands and sewing equipment beside him. What the…?

Yamamoto tugged him to follow him out from his room. "So, you see…. It's not like Gokudera wants this kind of assignment." Yamamoto grimaced. "He had no choice other than to do it, or so he said when I asked him."

"Why? I thought that we could choose our assignment based on our capability." Then the cloth and sewing kit struck his head. "Uh, don't tell me his assignment before Lambo was-was s-sewing…"

"You guessed it right then." Yamamoto forced a smile thought Tsuna didn't see it. The brunet saw the grumpy and frustrated silver haired sewing the cloth. Tsuna averted his eyes to the taller one.

"You see, Lambo was sulking because his beloved special uniform was torn by Gokudera accidentally when they played sumo thing." Yamamoto explained to the brunet. His explanation was ridiculous. What kind of teen would played sumo with a five years old boy? The taller let out his chuckled. "That's right! It's not fair but they are just like brothers." Tsuna blushed. He didn't notice that he voiced his thought so loud.

"S-so, y-you want to s-say that Gokudera-kun sewed Lambo's new uniform so they could made up again?" Tsuna stuttered as he tried to stop the blushing. Yamamoto shook his head. He put his hands on his hips and grinned. "No matter how hard I wished that happen, Gokudera would be happy to torn Lambo apart and make him some barbeques. No, Irie from technology department having problems in his research because Lambo was too busy to sulking than to lend his bazooka. So, Byakuran told Giotto about the delayed reports for Vongola and somehow Gokudera heard about this and felt guilty."

"Somehow I felt an essence of drama in his case…." Tsuna muttered under his breath.

"So he took this sewing assignment. And he never learns how to sew before." Yamamoto continued without knowing what the brunet had said. "At this rate his scholarship will fly away."

Is that scholarship so important? Tsuna gasped. "Oh, don't tell me Gokudera-kun was evicted from his house because of his badass acts and now he must live alone in the vile house under the bridge." His eyes widen in concern, anxious, and sadness. Now he acted like girl with his hands locked his dark caramel hair. "Then he wanted to change but his bad side wins. He trapped in the darkness of society with mounted debts. Then you found him starved in the park and brought him to your home. And the lovely friendship began from there."

Yamamoto stared at him. Now, Tsuna's face was redder than any red in the world. "Umm, just forget it." He dropped his face in hope his untamed hair would help him to hide from his friend.

Yamamoto, after gain his conscious, laughed. He tried to muffle his laugh with his hand on his mouth. "Aw, Tsuna, I don't know about that part but we didn't meet in the park but school."

"Sorry. Just forget it, please."

Gokudera's stressful growl interrupted their easy mood. "Why must sew exist in this world?!"

They took a peek from the door and saw the cloth was torn apart with all strains stick out messily. The silver haired sucked his index finger. The needle must be got him.

Tsuna couldn't bear the stressful Gokudera, he wanted to help him but he doesn't know how.

Yamamoto looked down at him. "Don't help him. You'll make him feel guiltier than he is now. The blacklisted students couldn't get any helps from the others when he was in his punishment or you both will get penalty."


The taller patted his shoulder. "Come on, it's almost eight thirty. Your parent must be worry now. Don't worry. I'll take care of him."


The next day Tsuna and Gokudera were doing their babysitting assignment again. Well, Tsuna did the most because the silver haired seems lost his soul and drifting away from the reality.

No matter how playful the kids played around the bomber, he didn't give any responds. Even if they climbed him, even if they threw the mud to him, even if they drew his face, Gokudera didn't do anything. Wao.

Honestly, it made the brunet concern. What if he gave up? What if he got expel? What will happen to him? Tsuna shook his head.

When Tsuna brought the kids played away from Gokudera, the knocks on the door was heard. "Gokudera-kun, can you take look?"

Thank God, he still functioned well even with his lost-his-soul mode.

"Ah, Gokudera-kun, good morning." Chrome bowed a bit to the silver haired. As expected, no respond from him. Chrome chose to not give him any concern. "Tsunayoshi-kun, I'm sorry we're late. There's something I must done."

Hearing Chrome's arrival, the petite smiled widely. "That's fine, as long as he happy now. Where's he?" Trailing the girl's direction, Tsuna saw the boy with a black afro hair plus two horns on each side of his head wore a cow costume climbed the table and big mouthed. "Bwahaha, I am Lambo the Great! You people shall bow down to me!"

Tsuna faced the expressionless girl. "Is this the same emo-ish boy who was constantly sulking yesterday?" Chrome nodded. "Apparently, he has some attachment to his uniform."

That's when Lambo was thrown to the wall by Gokudera. Apparently he was sober in the second Lambo shown up. "So, you choose to show up, huh, stupid idiotic cow?" Gokudera said in menacing voice; yanked the boy by his collar. He was beyond than pissed off and he would make sure that this cow would be more than dead. "Which you prefer, barbequed, smoked, steamed, or roasted?"

"Go-gokudera-kun!" Tsuna tried to pry the bomber from Lambo, who began to squeal "Lambo love all of them! Buy it for meee!" With an evil twisted grin, Gokudera almost, and almost, chopped Lambo to death if Chrome didn't pinch the silver haired cheeks hard. "Stop it please, I hate violence especially child abuse." She said it with disturbed frown while twisting the pinch.

'She's scarier than Mom,' thought the brunet.

When Gokudera was calmed enough to not kill Lambo, they began ask Lambo about his bazooka from Tsuna who was being ignored by the kid, Chrome who in the end was being dragged by all the kids under Lambo's order, to Gokudera who was being attacked by the kids. It seems all the kids were under Lambo's word now and it got all Tsuna and Chrome's effort to keep the dynamites safe in Gokudera's pocket.

No matter what kind of investigation style they used Lambo always says he doesn't know anything. In fact, he just played with the others kids.

Gokudera twitched again when Lambo ignored him and was flirted the little ladies. "That's it! You need someone to teach you some manners!" He slapped the cow kid on the head. "Uhhh…hu..y-you BAD man!!" and his eyes began to water and he exploded to cry. "Ba-BAD man!"

"Stop crying!" barked the silver haired. He felt slightly, please noticed the slightly word, guilty but he ignored it. His scholarship and life was in stake now.

"It's not nice, Gokudera-kun." Chrome pinched him again and harder than before while Tsuna shooing the cow. The other kids crowded around the brunet, trying to help their Tsuna-nii to comfort their new friend while some glaring at the silver haired.

"But that brat will never spill it out!!" The silver haired shouted to the brunet and the pineapple girl. "Moreover, what is your fucking business here, bit-" He never finished his curse for Chrome pinched him harder. His cheek would have some nice purple bruises tomorrow. "Language, Gokudera-kun. Giotto-san will not be happy if one of these kids has a brain damage for your curses." And that's all need to silence him. "As for my reason here…."

"Chrome-san…" Tsuna shook his head. Well, Gokudera didn't need to know her reason here. After him sure his temper classmate was being handled by the girl, turned his attention to the sobbing cow boy. "Shuush, Lambo, stop crying, 'kay?" He hugged the boy and shook him gently.

Unfortunately the other kids saw this as discrimination. "Tsuna-nii! Why'd you hug Lambo-sama who just arrive here but not me?" yelled one kid. "Yeah! You always run from us!" "We want your hug!!"

Tsuna went pale. The kids stared at their brunet caretaker in evil demanded face. "Tsuna-nii!!!" He looked at his friends, pleaded for help. Not again. He didn't want to die from lack of oxygen because of this bunch of kids.

Chrome chuckled at the brunet. "Tsunayoshi-kun sure has that charisma when it comes to child, right? Look how happy they are." She connected her eyes a moment with that large caramel crystal and mistook it as the sight that Tsuna had fun. "Are you blind? He's calling us for help!"

She stared at him in her stoic face again. "Gokudera-kun, do you know this phrase? For your mouth is your cemetery?"

"Why must I know it?" retorted the silver haired teen. "Keep your finger for yourself! Hey, don't you ignore me!"

Meanwhile the smaller teen was frightened by the kids. "Uh, kids, stay back will you?" The kids pay no heed to him; instead they hugged the brunet possessively and began to climb him. "HIII!!" He squeaked when the kids began to tickle him. "H-he-help!"

Lambo who stopped his sobbing and saw Tsuna was being attacked by the other clinging more to the brunet and shouted to the other to back off. "Hey! Stop it! He is mine! Dame-Tsuna will be MY wife!"

Tsuna blushed at the last one Lambo said. Chrome smiled and mumbled something while Gokudera was dumbfounded. The kids stopped their ministration. They too awed by their new cow idol. "B-but we want you both for us!" The others nodded feverously and added, "Yeah, you two as our wife and husband!"

'What the…?'

Chrome giggled now. "Polygamy, nee, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

"Chrome-san! Please stop joking around!" Tsuna's sound was muffled because the kids pinned him down now. Not to mention Lambo was clinging to his neck and his breath was heavier and hitched by the weight.

When the purple pineapple girl let her hands off of Gokudera to hold her giggled, the silver haired ran toward the brunet. "That's enough! You brats got my nerves!" Roughly, he pulled the kids from the brunet and slapped some big headed kids who won't let Tsuna go. Most of the kids crying because of it but Gokudera didn't care. "And for you stupid cow, don't tell me you don't know your own weapon!"

"What'd ya mean? I don't know any weapon!" Hell, the way that idiot cow clinging to that Sawada brat irritated his eyes. "Stop being stubborn and let that useless brat go!" He smacked Lambo hard till the boy crying again. "Now tell me where it is!"

"Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna scolded his friend but Gokudera glared to the lithe brunet who whimpered a bit.

Lambo was crying hard and touched his swollen head. Tsuna tried to soothe the boy. Chrome looked at the silver haired with disgust one.

"To-to-hic-le-ra-hic-te" said the crying cow while rummaging his afro hair as if searching for something. And he pulled the purple…purple…bazooka. "Bad bad man!"

"That's it! Ten Years Bazooka!"

The brunet, who was nearest, shocked by the sudden appearance of the bazooka. How could that thing fit in his hair? "Just as I expected!" cried Gokudera happily. But those two didn't realize something that Chrome did. Lambo aimed the bazooka to the silver haired. "Gokudera-kun…."


The frictions between the missile and its victim spread the smoke to every corner of the room. All the kids, who almost stop their cries, cried again. The purple pineapple girl ignored the cries; she must make sure that the brunet was unharmed. "Tsunayoshi-kun?"

There's no answer but yelped.

Someone entered the room. Good thing s/he let the door open so the smoke disappeared faster. "What's going on here?"

'Aw, why must he come here? Oh yeah, Gokudera-kun's punishment,' thought Chrome. "Giotto-san, the bazooka has found. Unfortunately, there's casualty."

"Casuality?" Good, when Lambo back he's going to be doomed. Giotto sounded displease with the casualty. "I think Irie must fix the smoke too. It's too thick."

When the smoke became thinner and they were able to see, they found the brunet in…an awkward position. Tsuna's small arms clung over someone's neck and was been hold by his hand while the other hand on the brunet's waist, bringing the brunet closer to him. But instead the little baby cry Lambo, it was one tall male with a pair of seductive eye staring at him. "What a pretty I have here, such a shame that you're boy."

Tsuna blushed at the comment. He tried to pull away but he was no match to the man. The man's black curly hair was tickling the brunet when he nuzzled to the small neck. Tsuna's blush became worse.

"Let him go, you idiot cow!" Tsuna felt his trouser was tugged by one kid. Wait, he felt he know the kid. That unusual silver hair, the clothes that boy wore, that curse. "G-gokudera-kun?!"

"And what are you gonna do if I won't let this pretty boy?" He asked mockingly. Sure, the little silver haired that Tsuna thought suspiciously as Gokudera was obviously no match to the teen. While that male hugged Tsuna tighter, his feet hold Gokudera on his foot; ignoring the rambling the silver haired threw to him.

"Giotto-san just let them have fun…?" Chrome asked the blond. Giotto seemed stressed. One of his hands was on his hip whilst the other rubbing his temple. The crying children didn't help to clear his mind. "This is supposed to be Reborn's job."

"Chrome, bring the children to their parents, tell the teacher to help you and after that you all may do as you please. Go home, take some relaxations, whatever, you all are dismissed after that. And don't forget to tell the teachers that the school will not active for three days." Chrome nodded understanding the orders. The blond faced the three after all the kids went out with Chrome.

"Are you three finished?" Giotto seems annoyed when Lambo and mini Gokudera didn't listen to him. The brunet in Lambo's tight hug squirmed and mouthed help to him. "Lambo, release Tsu-chan now. You will make him out of breath if you continue. Hayato, what I said about dynamites in public?"

"Oh, Vongola, just spare this one for me will ya? He's just too cute to let go. After all I did when I went to the past, this pretty will do for me." This earned twitched from the superior one. "Let. Him. Go. Now."

"Fine, fine, here your boyfriend." Lambo reluctantly pulled his hands immediately from the brunet. Tsuna, who lost the hands that hold him three centimeters from floor, stood unsteady. His face still flushed from the compliment and the tickles feeling that the cow teen gave before. Giotto grinned at the comment. "Oh, lucky me for having this cutie."

Ignoring the brunet's stuttered rambling, the blond patted the mini transformed bomber. "Hayato, good job. Your scholarship is safe now." Gokudera's eyes lit up hearing this. He bouncing on his foot and yelled happily. Tsuna smiled at mini Gokudera's act.

But what happened before his eyes was beyond his imagination. He needed, no, wanted explanations. "Anybody care to explain this?" Taller males stared at him with questioning look. "Emm, bazooka? Gokudera-kun shrunk? Lambo suddenly grew up in second? All those things?"

"Aw, Tsu-chan, what is it?" Uh-uh, that grin was very familiar to our petite brunet. It only meant one thing, that Giotto came into his jerk-self again.


"So, the bazooka that Gokudera searched is supposed to switsh us with ourselves from ten years later?" Giotto hummed approvingly. The blond walked beside him since the kindergarten was closed for that noon, tried to explain the things after Tsuna's pouted here and there.

"Irie-san and Nami High's the science team created that…that ten years bazooka? Then that bazooka still in trial period?" The blond gave his hum again. "And Lambo gave himself voluntarily as guinea pig?"

"But something went wrong during the experiment and instead sent Lambo to ten year later it sent him to ten years before?" Another nod.

Tsuna frowned. "…But I don't understand, when I met Lambo first time how come he in his five years old?" Giotto hung his head. "Okay, you don't have to force yourself to understand the whole concept. Just put in mind to not come near the bazooka."

Tsuna frowned deeper. He knew that he was slower than snail when it comes to this thing. But Giotto's explanation just way too difficult for him to understand. And he desperately wanted to know why. However, Tsuna kept his curiosity. Maybe he would went to Irie to ask about this bazooka.

"But, why did you people make it in the first place?" The brunet asked the blond beside him. Giotto just shrugged. "For fun?" What kind of reason is that?

And they walked in silence.

Tsuna just want to go home, take a refreshing bath, have a nice dinner with his mother, and then sleep. A good long one because the dark color were visible under his eyes now.

His energy was gone rapidly for his mind worried about Gokudera and babysitting the kids. He needs his energy for tomorrow. Good news for him that he didn't have to go to babysitting again, not that he didn't like the assignment. It just so many kids and it made him scared.

When he was about to wade the street, he snapped from his thought. Giotto still walked with him. So he frowned again and asked him, "Why'd you follow me?"

"Says who?"

Know what, the moment he thought the blond was nicer than before the moment the blond irked him.

Giotto chuckled when he saw the pout that the petite brunet always gave him when the blond teased him. He was just too cute for his own good. "You don't have right to pout like that, you know? You still owe me."

"What?" How dare that jerk said that Tsuna owe him?

"You know what it is. Must I say it to you?" Tsuna could see that smirked on Giotto's face. Tsuna paled a bit and saw at anything but the blond beside him. "You break the rule by told Takeshi to steal some cloth from Hayato. Not just him, you also asked Haru to sew the cloth for Lambo and asked Chrome to search for Lambo and kept him for a while. If Reborn know about…this, all of you will be more than dead and Hayato would get expelled. So, want to deny it?"

Tsuna swallowed his hard. How could he know that? The brunet and the others had made sure that no one would know about their little help for the silver haired bomber. "W-what…h-h-how…?" Giotto just grinned. "Don't worry. I'll let it for now. I won't tell Reborn."

Silence once again wrapped them. The brunet looked down to his shoes. "…Why did you ask me to help Gokudera? Why not the others?"

"It's your assignment, right? I just have so big heart to not let you die in Reborn's hands."

"There's 99.99% I would messed it." Tsuna countered.

"There's still 0.01% you'll make it." The brunet frowned to the taller blond beside him. "I do care for whatever under my responsibility and usually my guts tells me what is the best. Besides, I know Tsu-chan will help Hayato even if he is such a lousy-not-so-friendly classmate. You always give everybody chances to prove themselves. And you did, see?"

"Chance?" Giotto nodded and smiled, not that deviate smile but the warm one. Now Tsuna felt guilty. He reminisced what he did to the other beside him. Did he really like what Giotto said he was?

While our lovely brunet was thinking in silence, his feet already in front of his home's front gate. If Giotto didn't say anything he would surely missed it.

"If you continue to zoning out you'll head to Mars in no time you know." Here he again, tried Tsuna's patience. Wait, why must he mad? He was okay with Yamamoto or Kyoko or Hana the Evil teased him until he as red as tomato could be. When he realized it, Tsuna felt guilty.

"Will you come in to your house or what?" Tsuna looked at those orange gems. Okay, it was hard to admit it when you made mistakes and to make worse Giotto suddenly looked so shining with the sunset's light touched him. As if the blond was not gold enough.

'Okay, Tsunayoshi! Stop babbling in your mind! You reject him with no reason – wait, he stole my precious first kiss, uh, just delete it from your mind! The point is you hurt him with no reason!' Tsuna licked his dry lips nervously. He moved his gaze to the street. His courage to stare directly to him dies in seconds after he looked at Giotto.

"Uhh…I'm sorry…" Giotto startled a moment but managed to compose his calm voice. "...For what?"

"Umm…for being a meanie in these days…. Even so, you put so much trust in me and look high at me." Tsuna couldn't tame his nervousness now. He fidgeted on his foot, didn't dare to look at the blond. "Sorry…. Can we…er, start o-over in…good term relationship?"

Giotto smiled bitterly even the boy in front of him couldn't see it. But he smiled. Tsuna really is a good boy. The taller rested his palm on the smaller's soft cheek and raised his head so their eyes were locked. "…Friend then."

Tsuna nodded. For the first time he smiled honestly to the blond. "Friend."

Who know how long they were in that position. They stared at each other, not noticing that one of them were slowly closed the gap. But when a familiar soft voice called the brunet, the boys jumped a bit, separated themselves and pretended as there's nothing happened before.

"Tsu-kun? Who's there? Why'd you let him standing out there?" Nana as usual asked her son in her merrily voice.

"Erm…, Mom this is Giotto and Giotto this is my mom." Tsuna introduced them to each other quickly. He didn't care if her mother caught what he said or not. Looked up to his mother, Tsuna expected a happy face on her face, but, no. Instead of her happy face, her mother hung her infamous smile.

Is that just Tsuna or his mother's smile dulled a bit when she saw Giotto? "Tsu-kun, why don't you prepare the table? I think your friend will join us tonight."

"But, Mom…." His protest died when Nana cut him with her rare authority tone. "I'm sure I can get know better about your new friend there." Like a kicked puppy Tsuna went in to his home and grumbled. Before he went further he turned to his, finally, friend. "Thanks again for today, Giotto."


She hugged me.

Yes, soon after he was in his home, she hugged me. I didn't know what I must do, but it wouldn't hurt to hug her back, right? After seconds past I pulled her off a bit so I could take a good look of her. She didn't change a bit, still looked beautiful as ever and her warm expression still hung on her face. There's no trace of wrinkles that she supposed had in her age. "So, I see that you still remember about me."

"Of course, you silly boy!" She hugged me again. "How could I ever forget about you? Why don't you come-"

"You know I can't." I cut her. Her face was disappointed now, but I didn't have choice. "I still have to talk to Nonno." She let me go. Finally. I was suspicious that she grew some hug fetish in these past years. "Maman, Tsuna is waiting for you. No, don't worry about me, just go there. He needs you than I."

"Oh, my boy, you know you always more than welcome here." She gave me one last hug. "You can always speak to me. We love you, you know." I smiled weakly, watching her went inside and left me outside.

"I can't…" I whispered. I took a glance to the familiar window that I loved in that two-stories house before I forced my foot to move. "…Not when we are like this…"


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