1. Mysterious People

Thunder roared in the distance. A storm was on its way. And it would be here soon. A young girl was standing in a junk yard, and she wasn't alone. She had long dark reddish/brown hair that went down to her waist and evenly tanned skin. She wore dark black sunglasses that completely covered her eyes. She had on short, black, jean shorts that showed off her muscular legs and a tight black tank top that made her tan arms look very muscular. Another person, a man, was facing her. He had dark, messy hair that stuck up on his head. His eyes were almost completely black. He wore dark blue, ripped, baggy jeans and a grey sweatshirt. Intensity sparked between them.

"Now, where is he?" The girl stepped forward.

"Why would I tell you?" The man snapped back.

A cocky grin appeared on the girl's face. "Oh really?"

The man kept his mouth closed tight. The girl stopped smirking and frowned at him.

"We had a deal."

"Things change."

The girl was getting angry. She threw her arms in front of herself and pushed the man back without even touching him. He flung back and smashed into a large mountain of garbage. She held one of her hands in front of her and held him against the garbage. Hands shot out from behind him and wrapped around his neck. The man started to choke. The girl started to walk towards the man. Lightning flashed behind her and a loud clap of thunder soon followed.

"So, your friend did show up." He could barely get out the words. The girl smirked and a new figure walked out of the darkness, her hands still wrapped around the man.

"You didn't think I'd miss this, did you?" The new girl had short black hair and really pale skin. She wore a white, loose t-shirt and a baby blue denim mini skirt with silver studs on the sides. Her eyes were very interesting. They were a bright fiery red.

The man smirked. "No, I didn't."

He put his hand in his sweatshirt pocket and pulled out a remote with a single button on it. He pushed the button. A red light started to flash on the remote. He smirked. "I brought some friends of mine too."

The girls looked up and saw several figures appear from in between the piles of junk and on top of the heaps of garbage. There were at least twenty people emerging from the shadows. The girl holding the man loosened her grip just enough for the man to break free. He bolted to the other side of the junk yard and out of sight behind a mound of trash. The dark figures from the shadows kept advancing on the girls. The girls stood back to back in fighting stances. The figures surrounded them.

"Shall we?"


The figures charged towards the girls. Just as three of them reached them and aimed for a punch, the girls flipped over the figures, all men, and the men ended up punching each other. They fell over, clutching their faces. The girls returned to standing back to back, in fighting stances. The figures continued to approach.

"Three down, about twenty left to go," the first girl spoke.

"Eh, we've had worse."


"Remember when we first met this guy?"

"There was less."

"Not much less."

Five more figures walked up to them. The girl with the sunglasses jumped up and spun her leg out and knocked three of them down. The other girl grabbed one of the ones left standing by the arm and twisted it behind his back. He cried out in pain and she kicked him in the back. He crashed forward into another man.

"But they were more skilled. And I know at least one of them was cute."

The girl with the sunglasses shook her head. "Alright, who's next?"

More and more figures came towards the girls. They easily eliminated them all. When the last of the figures had fallen, the girl with black hair looked over her shoulder and saw the man that had broken his deal with the girls. She nudged the other girl in the side. The other girl looked at her. She nodded towards the man and the other girl glared. She stalked over to the man, unnoticed. He was trying to climb up a stack of garbage, and not having much success with it. The girl with the sunglasses grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around. She pushed him back into the trash and held him there, "You made the biggest mistake of your life today," She shook him and pushed him further into the trash. He winced in fear and pain, "My friend and I don't like it when people break deals with us," She glared harder at him, "And when people do, they pay, hard." She put her face about an inch away from his. He turned his head and closed his eyes. "So, in case you're not getting the message here, don't break a deal with us, because you will regret it." She dropped the man and he fell on the ground. He quickly got up and scurried away. The girls heard clapping behind them and they turned around, prepared to fight if necessary.

A figure stepped out of the gloom, wearing a black cloak that covered all visible parts of his or her body, "Impressive."

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"It's complicated, but I'm willing to make a deal with you."

The girls looked at each other with untrusting looks on their faces.

"I no after all that you're probably not in the mood to make a deal, but I promise, I won't back out."

The girl's looks remained unbelieving.

"I can pay." He pulled a large amount of cash from his cloak. The black haired girl stared at it, wide eyed. The girl with the sunglasses just crossed her arms and frowned at the figure. They looked at him.

"We'll do it," said the girl with black hair.

The other girl looked at her, bewildered at her sudden decision.

The figure smiled. "Excellent." He turned around and marched off. The girl with the sunglasses watched him go. The other girl noticed this.


"Nothing, something about him just seems… familiar."