(A/N): Though a little late, I thought I'd jump on the song-meme bandwagon - they make such nice, bite-sized little breaks from longer works. I'll probably upload new ones as I write them (read: randomly); this particular drabble was the result of a mental break from the next BB chapter. As always when I play in canon, there's a chance of spoilers.

Disclaimer: I only get to play with them until Squeenix makes me give them back.

Sleeping Beauty - A Perfect Circle

Riku stood before the curved walls of Sora's restoration chamber, gloved fingers flying over the keys of the control panel as he punched in the appropriate code. The pod cracked open with a pneumatic hiss, and the thin mist inside leached outward as the door descended toward the floor. Sora still slept suspended in the egg-shaped chamber, expression tranquil. Riku's shoulders dipped as he sighed heavily – he reached up to drag the blindfold from his eyes as he stepped forward, laying an arm against the edge of the elliptical entrance and staring up at his friend's face.

"Riku." DiZ spoke from behind him, but Riku didn't turn his head to look. "Where is Roxas?"

Riku's hand clenched into a fist, the black leather stretched thin over his knuckles. "I wasn't able to capture him."

"He defeated you." It wasn't a question, but Riku nodded stiffly. "Then you must try again. Roxas holds half of Sora's power – he won't wake without him."

"He's stronger than I am," Riku said, body bowing inward in frustration.

"You must find a way."

Riku rested his forehead against his arm, tilting his head so that he could still gaze up at Sora. Sora, who was still wearing the clothes he'd outgrown while sleeping, who would never open his eyes, or smile, or laugh again unless Riku managed to defeat his Nobody. Riku's fist tightened even further before he pushed himself upright and spun on his heel, striding towards the room's exit.

DiZ watched him go impassively. "Aren't you going to put on the blindfold?"

Riku glanced down at the length of black ribbon clutched in his hand before he opened his fingers and let it slither to the ground. "No," he said, stepping over it and passing through the doorway. "I won't need it anymore."