Lifesigns: Bleached Unit

Hey guys, sorry for not updating any stories! I have been really busy with all my schoolwork and projects(dang you Mr.H for giving me that heraldry thing!) Well, this story is based on my second favorite video game, first being shattered blade, Lifesigns: Surgical Unit. I do not own bleach or the game, Konami and Kubo Tite do.

-------- Episode 1---------

Lost Life

Dr. Ichigo Kurosaki was driving his simple, small car down the road leading to the hospital where he worked. Seimei Medical University Hospital. The most prestigious hospital in Northeast Karakura Town. Ichigo had graduated from Karakura High when he was just 17 years old, and was considered a prodigy by most residents in the ER. He currently was an intern near the Third Cardiac Unit, run by "the magic healer" Retsu Unohana, who was also his current supervisor. She was kind and caring, but could have a mean streak to her.

He soon arrived at the large parking lot near his section of the hospital. Ichigo reflected back to the time his sister Karin was diagnosed with cancer. When he and his sister were younger, his mother, Masaki Kurosaki, had died from an unexplained case of lung cancer. She had never smoked in her short life. He was suddenly snapped out of his thoughtful state as a large manilla folder was slapped on his head.

"Oi, Ichiberry! Come on or you're gonna be reprimanded by Byakuya-sensei sama!!!" Shouted his red-haired friend, Abarai Renji. The man had been his friend ever since they met in their sophomore class in school, and it continued on through college. They parted wys for a while so Renji could get his degree in radiology. The red-head was dressed in his regular scrubs with his crimson locks in a high ponytail.

Ichigo sighed as he walked towards the entrance. "I'm coming Renji." He said as he adjusted his pure white labcoat.

Renji turned towards him with a serious look on his face. Not good. "Ichigo, there was a call from an ambulance about three minutes ago. A woman who worked in a daycare suddenly passed out and was complaining of pain in the lower abdomen. She is waiting in room D67. You better hurry!" And with that, Renji rushed off to the locker room to drop his backpack off. Ichigo ran to the room Renji specified for him. Crowds of nurses and patients were shocked briefly at the intern's swiftness.

He bursted through the curtains blocking the door, and was greeted by the voice of the nurse named Rukia. He slumped into the room, panting heavily from the across-the-hospital-dash, and looked to see his first patient of the day….

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