Lifesigns: Bleached Unit

Ichigo Kurosaki entered the room of his first patient of the day. He looked to see that the charge was a fairly young woman, who was holding her stomach in pain.

"Dr. Kurosaki, this is the patient. Her name is Asuza Inose, and she is complaining of chronic pain in her abdominal region." Said Rukia Kuchiki, the most current addition to the hospital, and one of Seimei's few female nurses.

Ichigo directed his attention to Asuza, who was lying calmly on the bed. "When did your symptoms appear, Asuza-san?" He asked. Asuza replied. "About four days ago, doctor. I work at an elementary school. One of the students was fooling around and accidently kicked me in the stomach."

Ichigo nodded his head and prepared to examine her. "Why did you wait so long before going to see a doctor?" He asked her with a concerned face. Asuza angrily said," I have to work, you know! Taking care of myself and my younger brother takes a lot out of me!"

Ichigo began his examination by palpating her stomach. He found that the pain was in the lower part of her stomach. She had also suffered from nausea. It was obvious the kick had been very rough. He also took her pulse and temperature, both of which were very high because of the pain. He listened to her stomach sounds, and noticed they were very faint to having no sound at all. Ichigo had a hunch, but warned himself not to jump to conclusions. Ichi's hunch just happened to be completely correct.

After Ichigo's examination, he found the diagnosis he was waiting for and had expected. It was appendicitis, the inflammation of the appendix. The sugery was very simple, but could be very confusing to many new doctors. The kick to her stomach had possibly ruptured the appendix. Rukia had already set up a room for Asuza, who was worrying about the cost of the operation. It would cost about 8,000-10,000 yen for the procedure, and he had to convince the menacing Byakuya Kuchiki, director of Seimei, to get her a discount.

Ichigo was stopped in his walking from Asuza's room when his PHS(1) rang. Rukia sounded frantic as she explained the situation. Some strange guy was standing suspiciously at the reception counter. Ichi ran towards the lobby. There he met the guy Rukia was talking about. He had blond-gold hair, and gold eyes. He was wearing a yellow motorcycle jacket with ads all over it, and a white shirt and blue jeans.

The guy spoke," Hey, do you know where my sis is?" Wait, Ichi thought. Doesn't Asuza have a…? "Are you related to Asuza-san?" He asked. That Guy replied with, "Wait, you're treating my sister? You don't look very reliable." An angry anime vein formed at Ichigo's forehead. "Do you want me to take you to your sister, or not?" He asked angrily. That Guy shrugged and said a mumbled "Whatever."

-------- Asuza's Room-------

"Asuza-san, your brother is here." Ichigo said. That Guy said to his sister," Wow, Asuza. I never thought you could get sick!" Asuza glared at him and the soft smirk on his face disappeared. "Go away Kouichi." She said. "If its money you want, you can't have any. Go to class now." "Are you still hanging out with those guys?" She asked Koichi. He only mumbled something that Ichi and Asuza couldn't hear. This would have to be dealt with later. Koichi soon shuffled out the sliding door.

Ichigo went out into the hallway with him. Koichi looked surprised at his sister's behavior. "Koichi." Ichigo said. "Yeah, doctor?" Ichigo cleared his throat and began his lecture. "As you may know, I am your sister's attending physician. She will be going to have an operation for her appendicitis. She will need all the rest she can get, so please don't excite her." Koichi nodded dumbly. "What's appendicitis?" He asked. Ichi asked Koichi, " Well, have you ever heard of "blind gut?" Koichi smacked his head in a I-coulda-had-a-v8 way. "Blind gut? Why didn't you say that in the first place?"

Ichi had had enough with him. he rubbed his face with the back of his labcoat. "Please go to school. Your sister is worried about you now." His question was answered when Koichi walked towards the front entrance of the hospital. "I leave my sis in your hands, doctor. Besides, the first and second periods are breaks anyway." Koichi said with a wave of the hand. The boy left the hospital with a loud rumble of his small motorcycle.

Ichigo sighed and watched him off. Breaks, huh? I want one of those right now. He ruffled his short orange hair and waltzed back into the hospital to see his next patient.

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