this is another fanfic. I have decided to write! yep…when I should finish 2 of my others….but no one is reviewing or reading them… any who…this would be my first x-men fanfic. (mostly centered around Gambit) so yeah…and there are serveal different versions…yeah I no…but this is mostly based on the comics-ish…not straight on…maybe some of the other x-men shows ideas(like the X-men animated one)…so if something doesn't exactly fit…just work with me…k?!

Jesus Luvs Everyone: ok…this is my first x-men fanfic.! Yea me!!! Ok..this will include the main x-men and it will include one of my very own mutant! It is centered around mainly Gambit…and my OC…and no, this is not a GambitxOC…sry…I am a Romy(RoguexRemy/Gambit) fan all the way…but my OC is…connected with Gambit…so just read on to find out!

Disclaimer: I don't own the X-Men! I own my OC and anyone else not own by Marvel!

He stood in front of the Institute with his black and red eyes staring at it with no emotion. Several cool breezes rushed by him, and his coat rustled in the streams of air. He closed his eyes, then re-opened them. He was glad to be back here, he had missed them, mostly her.

Something had come up in the South, and that is why he went and left everyone behind. It was a strange call, saying that 'De Shadow has returned.' He didn't understand it fully, but when he got that note in his room one day, he knew it wasn't an ordinary message.

'De Shadow'… he thought. That name, it rang a bell, but he couldn't fully say one way or another.

He pondered over the message before he left and then while he was exploring the deep southern Louisiana. Now the message didn't say that 'De Shadow' was in Louisiana, but Gambit had a haunch, but his haunch wasn't as reliable as he had hoped for.

When he arrived in the deep southern Louisiana, he found no shadow and did not find the person who had asked for help. It puzzled him. He asked around for any clues, but he didn't ask the two guilds. He forgot to, or better yet, deep down inside, he told himself that the guilds wouldn't never try or dare ask or send him anything. He was through with the guilds, ever since the Bella Donna incident, both times (this means the marriage(1st) and the second meeting(in the X-men animated tv verison)). But also down inside his gut, he felt that he did know who sent it, but was just denying it. Was that true? Naww….

He then began to walk up towards the school. His strides were not fast, but he wasn't taking his time. Feeling at home, the urge to run was being suppressed. He did feel better here. This was…in a since, his home, and the person he loved the most in the world was here. He then reached the doors, and, with a content sigh, he began to open the door. His hand reached the doorknob, and the two doors swung open. He was in a small state of shock at the recent gesture, but quickly regain awareness.

"Remy?!" was the greeting he received from the red, with a white streaked topped, haired Rogue. She was wearing her regular fighting outfit, which was the green and yellow jumpsuit and brown jacket. He was also wearing his regular clothing of pink and blue armor and brown trench coat.

"Bonjour chere, tis miss ole' Gambit?" She placed her hand over his mouth and kissed the back of it. She then hugged him as well, and he hugged her back. While placing her arms back to her sides, he small blush appeared on her face, and a smile shone on her lips. He chuckled a bit and a gloved soft punched hit his shoulder. "What chere, so you didn't miss Gambit? And dat kiss and hug meant nuthin'?" He smiled at her with a big smile.

"Remy…" She rolled her eyes and let him in. He flashed her a bigger smile and walked past her. She shut the doors and followed at his side. "So, what was the emergency sugah'?"

"Not one, tis was a prank I guess" he replied and shrugged his shoulders. They walked down some halls and down the elevator. It was quiet between them. See, Gambit didn't tell anyone really want had happen. Rogue only knew that there was a message and nothing else, which gave her suspicions a boost.

"You were gone a bit Remy?" said Rogue while in the elevator. Gambit was standing there, while she had her left arm crossed against her chest and holding on to her right elbow.

"Yeah, I know chere, but I will make it up to ya. Promise" he replied as he turned and looked at her. Right then, the doors to the elevator opened up, and both walked out. They walked to the main room of the underground HQ. The doors slid open, and mainly everyone was there, Wolverine, Jean, Cyclopes, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Beast.

"Hey Gumbo, you made it back in one peice!" announced the seated Wolverine.

"Tis true mon ami, and you still an idiot." Wolverine growled and began to get up, but an arm caught his. It was Jean's.

"Don't Logan…we have bigger issues…" Wolverine grumbled and sat back down. Gambit then noticed that Jean had something in her other hand.

"What is dat? And what issues?" Gambit and Rogue walked together and each took a seat. Jean then placed the object on the round table in front of everyone. It looked like a sharp, crystal chopstick, like the ones someone would put in their hair.

"This was left on the door steps when you were gone…" began Storm.

"And we can't figure out what it is, or what importance it plays concerning this school or the X-Men" Beast finished. Gambit stared at it really hard with deep concentration.

"Do you know something about this...thing?" Nightcrawler asked. Gambit continued to stare at it and closed his eyes. His hands were folded and were holding up his chin on the table. He elbows rest on the edge of the table.

"Yes mes amis, but it was sumthin' I didn't tink I would have'ta face again…" Rogue turned in her chair and faced him.

"What do ya mean sugah'?"

"Well, I do know who owns dat object…but she…"

She, who looked up the young age of an eighteen year old, was sitting on a rocking outside on the small wooden porch that looked outwards on the small bayou stream. Spanish Moss hung from the trees and fish were swimming by. She rocked back and forth.

She had her jet black hair pinned up in a bun with two crystal chopsticks poking out of the bun. Two pieces of hair, one of each side of her natural white skinned face, were hanging down. Her black-iris eyes looked out on the bayou. While rocking in the chair, her legs were drawn up to her body. She was wearing a dirty white shirt and dirty denim pants. No shoes were present on her feet.

She then closed her eyes. A stream of wind went passed her and played with the loose hair pieces. It continued on, leaving the hair pieces to just once again dangle there by themselves. She sighed to herself. Then an image of the Ace of Spades flashed on her eyelids backs. It appeared once in a quick second, then it was gone in the next.

Cards… she thought of. That image would be the first time in a long time that she would have ever seen. It was an old and familiar image to her.

She then opened them again and sighed. He would return to her once again. She just hoped that the problem he was pursuing would not get him killed, like she saw once long ago. But maybe it would have changed…

No…fears, nightmares, deaths never change.

She sighed again to herself. A bayou bird called out to the area, like a child lost in a store. How lonely the child and the bird must be to sound so lost. That feeling of loneliness, being lost, and then nothingness were all too real to her. The things she saw and see with her black-colored eyes could drive people to the edge, and sometimes she wondered when she would too snap. Sometimes she wondered if she already has snapped. She then stopped her train of though and erased it from her current thinking. So things should be left alone. She got up and walked inside of the small house on the bayou.

Ok..this was my first chapter of my first x-men fanfic… and tell me what you think…next chapter will be the meeting!
And how depressing that girl must be…but that is only one-half of her two personalities…once the x-men meet her, she does have a happier side of her…but yeah…that is for the next chapter…