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Birthday Surprise

"This is for me!?" I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe that my dad would give me this for my nineteenth birthday. It was too much.

"Yes, Percy, this ship is yours," Poseidon told me, a smile playing on his lips as he saw my shocked expression. "I believe it is the same style of ship as that which you took from Ares' son, Blackbeard, back when you found the Golden Fleece." He was right. It looked almost exactly like the ship I'd stolen on Circe's island. There were only two differences that I could see. The ship's figurehead was a hippocampus and its flag was the sign of my father: sea green background with a glowing bronze trident in the center.

"I don't know what to say…I-" it's all I managed to get out before my dad hugged me. It was a nice father-son moment. I wanted to board the…my ship and set sail that second, but the rest of my family and friends were back at the rental house. It had been a serious surprise when Mom had said that she and Paul had rented the old house on Montauk that she and I used to go to. Not as big a surprise as a ship, but still pretty dang up there. I hadn't been here since I'd found out that I was a half-blood. It's good to be back.

"I wish I could stay Percy, but I think your mother and Mr. Blowfish are too unsettled for me to stay any longer." He always calls Paul that, I'm not entirely sure if it's a harmless joke or not. He dissolved into sea mist and went off. I made my way back to the house, eager to continue my party. When I climbed over the final sand dune before the house, I saw the most beautiful girl waiting for me on the front porch. I went up to her and sat down with my head on her shoulder.

"So," Annabeth asked me as she started running her fingers through my hair. "What did your dad say?" This last year with her had been so amazing. We had dates pretty often, and only a few were messed up by monster attacks, but even the attacks were a little fun with her fighting by my side. I've never been this happy in my life. I lost myself in thoughts of my Annabeth.

"Hey Seaweed Brain," she told me as she flicked my nose and glowered at me. "I asked you a question. Are you going to answer me?" I gave her my lopsided smile, pulled the offending hand to my lips, kissed it and answered her.

"Yes, I am. Calm down," I said, taking my time. "He just said 'happy birthday' to me and gave me my present before he left. It was better than when I turned fifteen. That time he told me all sorts of depressing facts." I wasn't planning on telling her about the ship just yet. I wanted to reveal it at the right time.

"Oh. So, what did he give you?"

Oh, Hades, there goes that. If I don't tell her about the ship, she'll get snippy and say that I don't trust her. And after I tell her, I'm gonna have to listen to her tell me the importance of honesty in our relationship. I smile up at her perfect face.

"You have to see it to believe it," I tell her. "Come on. I'll show you." We stand up, and I go inside to tell my mom that Annabeth and I are going to walk on the beach for a while. Then, we head back to the cliff. When we get there, the ship's nowhere to be seen.

"Where's your present? Did he give you the Atlantic or something?" She smirks.

"Wouldn't that be awesome? No, Poseidon did not give me an ocean, but he did give me this. Watch," I say as I pull out my bead necklace from Camp Half-Blood. On the necklace, there is a small, sea shell-shaped whistle. I put the whistle to my lips and blow.

"He gave you that? And for this I have to walk all the way ov-" It's all she got out because at that instant, my ship had popped out from under the surface of the sea.

"Oh. My. Gods! He gave you a ship?!" She didn't seem to believe her eyes. "He actually gave you a ship?!" After a few minutes more of that she seemed to accept the truth.

"I can't believe he gave you a ship." Okay, maybe not. "It's amazing. When are you going to board it?" I gave it some thought, and came up with a solution. I flash Annabeth a grin.

"How about right now?" I walk up to the edge of the cliff. "Climb onto my back." We'd practiced this trick often enough, and Annabeth really wanted to go explore the ship, so she quickly wrapped her arms around my chest and her legs around my waist. I flung us face first into the water, fifty feet below. With a splash we landed and went under. I got us back to the surface.

"Gods, I was sure we were going to crash into the rocks that time." That's my Annabeth, always supportive of me. I was thinking of a good, well, probably not that good, comeback when the sea monster attacked. All I saw before I was hurled a few hundred yards was a tentacle the size of a tree trunk. It felt about that hard, too. I wasn't really that bad off, being Poseidon's son and all, but Annabeth wasn't so…calm.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" We crashed a few yards from the ship, and I saw something that gave me an idea.

"Annabeth! We have to get on the ship! It's the only way to beat that thing!" Rather than question me, Annabeth started swimming to the ship. We climbed the rope ladder and fell onto deck when the tentacle slammed the side of my ship. I was getting ticked off.

"Come on," I told Annabeth. "We have to get below deck."

"What's below deck?" I guess she'll only follow my orders when we're swimming. I could live with that.

"I saw a cannon porthole when we landed, so I'm guessing there's a cannon below deck with ammunition we can use on…whatever that thing is." She responded quickly.

"Let's go." We went down a hatch and a flight of stairs and reached the level where I'd seen the porthole. We found the cannon and three wooden crates of ammunition. We opened the crates and found dozens of celestial bronze cannon balls nestled in straw in the first two. Some were spiked, others were chained to another, and then there were miniature versions of both. The last crate was full to the top with yard long, sharpened harpoons.

"Whoa," I whispered. "I can't believe that Poseidon gave me these along with the ship."

"I guess he must have known that you weren't going to be completely safe at sea, and decided to help you out a little." It did sound like something he would do, but it all seemed like too much. I decided to worry about it later, like after we'd taken care of the monster.

"Percy, the cannon isn't going to do much." What was she taking about? "All we can hope to do is hit the tentacle and scare it off, but we aren't going to beat it. We can't hit the monster itself because it's underwater." Damn, I should have realized that. How can we destroy this thing if it doesn't break the surface? Then, I got another idea.

I pulled out my bead necklace and blew the sea-shell whistle once more.

"What's that going to do Seaweed Brain? Do you think that will make the monster come out of the ocean or – oh." I'd sunk the ship. We were now below the surface, looking at one ugly, huge octopus. It was a gross, mottled green color with brown splotches, and at least one bright red eye, about the size of a monster-truck tire. A tentacle reached out and slammed the ship.

"What's keeping the water out?" Annabeth wondered aloud after the ship had stopped shaking. "Are you doing it?"

"No. I'm thinking that Poseidon put a spell to keep water out of the ship when it's underwater. I think he knew that I wouldn't be on this ship alone." I got one of the spiked cannon balls out of the first crate.

"Let's load the cannon." We opened up the cannon and put the cannon ball in.

"Aim for the eye,' Annabeth advised. "We have no idea how armored the body is." I adjusted my aim. Something popped into my head.

"How do I fire?" I hadn't seen any "fire" button on this thing.

"I think we just pull that lever." She pointed the lever out for me. "There's so much magic on the ship maybe there's some on the cannon."

"Let's hope you're right." I made sure I had the right aim and pulled the lever.

BOOM. The spiked ball hit the monster's eye, and exploded in a flash of green. The monster was gone. All that was left was a cloud of golden dust. And then, not even that.

"Oh my gods!" Annabeth cried out in shock. "The cannon balls are full of Greek Fire!" Right now that was good news, since I doubt that we'd have beaten the monster with out it, but Greek fire was WAY dangerous. We had to find a secure place for the ammunition otherwise we'd explode if the boat tilted too much and one of the balls fell and hit the ground. We put the covers back on the crate. Who knows? Maybe there's a spell on them that keeps the Greek Fire from exploding.

"Should we go back to the party Percy?"

"Why don't we explore?" Annabeth was okay with exploring, so we had a look around. We found the kitchen, not really surprised to see it fully stocked. We looked a little more and found the infirmary, also stocked and ready for use.

"What do you think this room is?" I asked Annabeth, when we reached a set of double doors with iron knockers.

"Let's find out," she responded, and pushed open the doors. "Whoa." Inside was a room about the size of my living room. Along the left wall was a comfortable looking king-size bed. On the other side of the room was a big ornate desk with a comfortable looking seat and a detailed map of the world on the wall. There was a sitting area with a couple of lush couches and a coffee table. There were a couple of half full bookcases set on the sides in the back. The back wall had big windows looking out at the ocean. As we looked around a school of fish swam by.

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