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Vampire Blossoms


"No, Sakura," Sasuke narrowed his eyes and hissed, "don't come any closer."

"Why not?" Sakura cried as she embraced him. "I've waited all of these years for you!"

"I've become a monster. Listen to me," he begged. "Go. Please."

"No, you're not a monster; it's not possible. You're my Sasuke, do you hear me? My Sasuke!" she practically screamed.

Instantly, he bore his fangs, showing her his new identity.

She breathed, "You're a-"

"A vampire," he finished.

Hinata Hyuga gripped her copy of Vampire Blossoms in excitement. She closed her eyes as she imagined that she was Sakura, the smart heroine of the book. She pictured that Sasuke, the handsome vampire, was wrapping his arms around her. The daydream caused a sigh to escape from her lips.

Unfortunately, the teacher noticed.

"Hinata, are you reading in my class?" Kurenai-sensai asked.

She glared at the book Hinata held underneath her desk. The girl apologized and put it away. Kurenai-sensai then went back to explaining the process of mitosis.

"Hey, Hinata, I can't believe the teacher's pet actually got in trouble!" her best friend Kiba teased. "What were you reading, anyway?"

"Nothing, just Vampire Blossoms," she explained.

"Ew! I don't get why you like romance novels," Kiba stuck out his tongue. "I prefer to read the classics, like Sports Illustrated. Plus, I never get caught."

He showed her his magazine wedged between the pages of his science book. Kiba was the master of sneaking things in class. Sometimes he even brought his dog Akamaru to school.

"I won't get caught next time," she promised.

"Heh, we'll see about that!" Kiba bet. "You're so addicted to that book that you don't even realize what's going on around you!"

"That's not true," she said defensively.

"Remember yesterday when I had to catch you from falling? You were too busy reading to notice that you tripped!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Kiba, are you yelling in my class?" Kurenai-sensei asked.

"Sasuke, how…? Who…? Why…?" Sakura whispered as she studied his fangs.

He paused and said, "I don't want to talk about it."

She gave him a look of concern, but he looked away.

"Okay then," she said uncertainly, then decided to change the subject, "are you thirsty? For… blood?"

He didn't answer; he just stared at her neck, licking his lips.

"Hinata! Did you hear me?" Neji, her cousin, questioned.

"Uh, sorry Neji," Hinata apologized. "I was reading."

"You're addicted to that book," Neji observed. "Hasn't it been affecting your grades?"

"Just math," Hinata said.

"Hinata," Neji sighed, "it's just a book. You should keep your head in school. You know what your father would do if he found out your grades were suffering."

Hinata sighed. Neji was only lecturing her because he cared for her. Yet, she didn't want to depart with Vampire Blossoms. As crazy as it sounded, she was in love with Sasuke the vampire, even if he was just a character in a novel.

"Don't worry, Neji," Hinata grinned. "I'll study harder! So what did you say to me earlier?"

"Oh yeah, that. Your father wanted to talk to you," Neji said gravely.

"Uh-oh," Hinata whispered.

She nervously walked towards her father's office. Neji gave her a sympathetic look.

"Father?" she squeaked.

"Come in, Hinata," Hiashi said.

Hinata inched inside the office and stood in front of the desk.

"Do you know why you're here?" her father asked.

"No," she replied.

"I've checked your grades online. You have a B in math," Hiashi stated.

Hinata said, "I'm sorry but-"

"But your younger sister Hanabi has all A's," Hiashi interrupted. "Why can't you be more like her? You're older. You're supposed to be a role model!"

"I'll try harder, Father. Midterms are next week. I'll bring up my math grade," Hinata pleaded.

"Very well," Hiashi agreed, "If you don't raise your grade, you're grounded."

"Yes, Father," Hinata said.

She excused herself from her father's office and read Vampire Blossoms. She would rather read about Sakura's problems than live through her own.

"Sasuke," Sakura said, alarmed, "what are you doing?"

"I just want a little taste; I promise," Sasuke said menacingly.

He was about to sink his fangs into her neck, but he paused.

"I told you I'm a monster," he whispered in her ear.

She screamed, and immediately he dropped her.

"Argh, what am I doing?" Sasuke said. "I'm so thirsty, yet I can't bring myself to killing you."

Sakura cried, "I don't care if you kill me! I'll always love you!"

Hinata puffed out her cheeks in anger. Why couldn't Sasuke be real? Then he would love her and stop himself from killing her. Sakura was so lucky to have a guy like that!

"Are you still reading that junk?" Kiba asked.

They were hanging out in the park. Kiba wanted Hinata to help him teach Akamaru how to dance. When Hinata got tired, she had settled down beside a tree and pulled out her favorite book.

"It's not junk; I like it," she sniffed.

"That romance stuff is gross! All they do is gaze into each other's eyes and act all lovey dovey," he said in disgust.

"Oh, Kiba," she said while shaking her head side to side.

"I'm serious! That Sasuke guy in your book sounds lame! The only thing that makes him different from other upper-class snobs is that he drinks blood," Kiba shouted.

"Why are against me reading this book?" Hinata asked.

"It just gives me something to do," Kiba teased. "Are you done taking a break? I think I can get Akamaru to do the tango!"

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