I'm back?

Yeah, this is surprising to me too, since I thought that I set this story on permanent hiatus.

However, I've been away from FanFiction for so long I felt like I had to update something.

Warning: So much cheese that you'll need some macaroni. ^_^

Vampire Blossoms Fanfiction


"What's the worst thing about being a vampire?" Hinata asked in a whisper, as if she was afraid to hear the answer.

Sasuke paused in contemplation and solemnly answered, "Not being able to eat garlic bread."

Hinata grinned; Sasuke actually made a joke.

And she felt that there were many more to come.

Hinata thought about that light-hearted Vampire Blossoms scene in order to keep her from breaking down.

Hanabi had gotten in a car crash, and she looked so tiny underneath the hospital bed's covers. She didn't deserve such a terrible thing to happen to her, yet she fell asleep with a smile on her face. Hinata decided to grab a snack while she waited for her sister to wake up.

The hospital's vending machine only accepted exact change.

Hinata didn't discover this, of course, until after shoving a dollar into the machine. Now it was jammed, and it wouldn't give her a refund when she repeatedly pressed the coin return button.

All she wanted was to buy a small granola bar. Was that so hard?

"All I wanted… All I wanted," she found herself sobbing.

Hinata was tired, hungry, and now broke, no thanks to the vending machine.

She continued to hiccup, "All I wanted was… to believe…"

"Believe in what? Vampires? Ghosts?" a familiar voice said coldly.

By now, she wasn't surprised to see that Sasuke had suddenly popped up where she was.

"All of the above?" he continued to taunt.

Hinata found an emotion in her start to grow, a feeling she never experienced: Anger. Anger at Sasuke. He had just apologized earlier, and now all of a sudden he was mocking her again. Hanabi was just in a car wreck! He shouldn't be so cruel to her at a time like this.

"All I wanted was to believe that you were a nice person!" Hinata cried.

Hanabi had told her to love. She said love would heal her pain.

And yet… love conquered nothing; look at what happened to Romeo and Juliet. The both of them ended up dead.

Hinata trembled under Sasuke's glare but she continued in a small voice, "You stole my first kiss. Twice. You always insult me and call me pathetic. You may not be a vampire or a ghost, but you're still a monster."

She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for him to start yelling at her. Instead, all she received was silence. Hinata opened her eyes to a Sasuke who looked beyond angry with her, but was silent. Now, she yearned for even the smallest of insults. Anything was better than staring into his piercing, ebony eyes.

"You think I'm a monster?" he finally spoke, his voice eerily emotionless.

"Yes," she nodded.

"Maybe you're right this time," he muttered.

Sasuke turned around, walked down the hospital's hallway, and disappeared once he turned the corner. Hinata thought she would feel free after she confronted him. Instead, she felt strangely empty inside.

…and heavy. Hinata was curious as to why she felt this way, but then she realized that something in her pocket was weighing her down. She stuck her hand in her pocket and felt the bracelet that Hanabi had made for him.

Her anger instantly vanished. The bracelet reminded her of love, the real reason of love.

"Wait," she croaked, but it came out barely above a whisper.

Hinata ran down the hallway and turned the corner. She squeaked Sasuke's name as she bumped into somebody.

"You don't look very well, Hinata," Neji said as he helped her off of the ground.

"I don't know what's happening," she frowned. "My heart feels like it's beating too much."

She laid her hands on her heart to confirm this. Her heart thumped a million times a minute. It felt like it was going to jump out of her chest.

"You're lovesick," Neji diagnosed. "I've had the same symptoms with TenTen."

She shook her head, "This can't be happening."

"Why not?" he inquired.

"I just messed up everything with Sasuke; I called him a monster," Hinata said softly with her head bowed in shame.

"Sasuke?" he said with disgust. "Perhaps you should stay away from him. Nothing good comes from a monster."

"He's not a monster!" she argued.

"You just called him one," Neji frowned.

It was true. Hinata acknowledged this. She couldn't change what she said earlier, but she could control what she would say now.

"I take it back. It doesn't matter what he is. I don't care if he's a vampire, a ghost, or even a human. I love him!" Hinata cried.

"How pathetic," a cold, familiar voice commented.

Hinata turned around and found herself staring into Sasuke's intense gaze. She lost herself in the deep ebony pools.

While keeping his eyes still on her, Sasuke told Neji, "I'll take over from here."

"If you upset her again, I will make you pay," Neji warned before he left.

"Why were you following me down the hallway?" Sasuke demanded.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry," Hinata said quietly as she pulled out Hanabi's bracelet, "and to give you this."

She held out the bracelet to him, and he took it. He studied the beads. They caught in the light and sparkled.

"I don't wear jewelry," he stated then grabbed Hinata's wrist.

He slipped the bracelet on her before she could even think of resisting.

"It looks better on you," he smirked.

Now that Hinata thought of it, the bracelet was pretty feminine. She understood why he didn't want to wear it.

"I still need to give you something," she said as she leaned towards him.

Before she could chicken out, she kissed him. He instantly pulled her closer. As they deepened the kiss, Hinata discovered that Hanabi was right; love did give her happiness. Instead of feeling scared and confused, she felt warm and protected. She wanted to stay in Sasuke's arms forever.

"I love you too," he whispered when they stopped to catch their breath.

As Sasuke playfully bit her neck, Hinata realized that she was finally living in reality. It was definitely better than living in just a book.