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I wasn't sure where I was exactly. I knew my shoulder hurt. I knew it was dark. I knew I had that strange chlosterphobic feeling. I tried to concentrate in the dark, feeling for my arms. One was laying at my side, but one was in the air at an odd angle…I couldn't feel anything except for a slight tingling throughout my whole body, and I couldn't move. I tried to focus, to reconnect myself, trying to find my eyes. Then, all at once, everything came rushing back, and I felt my eyes. The lids were heavy as I tried to open them, blinking a few times to focus. I looked around, trying to remember what had happened.

I was on my bed, and Edward was sitting on the edge of the mattress. He held my hand in his lap, but his eyes were boring into mine, two deep pools of red…

"Oh!" I instinctively sat up quickly, but soon found that this wasn't a good idea, and was falling back towards the pillows. Edward's hands slipped under me, catching me just before I hit the pillow. My shoulder throbbed angrily at me.

"Bella, love, it's all right." Edward spoke lightly in the way that always melted my heart. I tried to make sense of everything. My clothes were on, as were his, and he was sitting beside me. My shoulder hurt. Something wasn't right.

"Edward, what happened?" I asked.

"You mean you don't remember?" He raised one eyebrow, and so my mind skipped to the obvious.

"Well, yes…I mean, I remember the…sex. I'm just not…I don't remember how…I got dressed…or why my shoulder hurts…for a second it felt like you had bitten me, and I couldn't feel anything, and now I'm sitting here fully clothed and my shoulder hurts and I'm very confused." The words were awkward at first, but my speaking sped up in a panic because with every word, Edward's face showed more shock.

He was silent for a moment, and then began speaking. "Sex? Biting you…Bella, what are you talking about?"

Pain washed through me. Was he acting like he didn't remember? Was I…not good? I couldn't understand, and I shook my head, feeling the heat wash through my pained face. "Bella please, I don't understand…"

The first tear slipped onto my cheek and I lost control. "What, was I not good enough for you or something? I mean, one minute you're telling my why your eyes are red, and the next you're on top of me, kissing me, naked, and we're…I thought you liked it, but then I felt this heat on my shoulder…" I couldn't say anything more through my sobs. Edward didn't move, and I rolled over, tearing my hand out of his grip, pressing my face into the pillow beside me, my back to him. My shoulder throbbed at me for this movement, but I welcomed the physical pain that seemed to match my internal pain.

I flinched when his hand lightly touched my back. He sighed. "Bella…love…I'm sorry…you've got it all wrong, love…" He paused, waiting to see if I would say anything. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't stop the sobs long enough to take a real breath, let alone say anything. "Bella?" His voice was soft, full of sadness. I felt him lay down behind me, scooting his body to curve to the shape of mine, his arm snaking around my waist to take my hand. He whispered in my ear, and his hot breath nearly melted me. "Bella, I kissed you, and I tasted the blood in your mouth. I had to stop it right there, so I grabbed your shoulders pushed you back and I backed off, but I pushed a little too hard, and your head hit the wall…you were out for five minutes, Bella. I thought…I thought I had lost you…" His voice began to break, and then fade off.

My brain clicked, putting all the pieces together. "It wasn't real. None of it was…" I whispered, mostly to myself, but I knew he would hear.

"Bella, I honestly don't know what you're talking about."

I turned my face to his. "I must have had a hallucination or something…I don't remember you throwing me back…I remember it going further…I guess that was just my mind. Wish fulfillment and all that…" His face was still puzzled. "I thought that we…had sex. I mean, in my mind we did. At the end, it felt like you had bitten me…but that must have just been the pain from my shoulder coming through." I shook my head. "It was silly. I should have known it was just a dream."

Edward's fingers touched my lips. "Why would you say that?" His eyes lowered to his fingers which slid down slightly to trace the shape of my lip.

"Because…you'd never do something like that," I answered.

He was silent for a moment, still slowly tracing my lip before he spoke. "Did you enjoy it?"

The question baffled me. "Y-yes."

His red eyes locked with mine. "How much?" I was frozen in shock. I had no idea how to answer him, and I couldn't move my lips to speak. "I said how much did you enjoy it?" His voice was hard, and his eyes cold.

"A-a lot," I squeaked.

"And what is your definition of 'a lot', Miss Swan?" This startled me. Not only was he beginning to act strange, but he had never called me Miss Swan before. He didn't wait for an answer. "Did you cum? Hmmm? Did I make you feel good?" His eyes seemed to become brighter every second he spoke. I could almost see the images going through his mind. "Did you scream?" he asked, taking his hand and pushing my shoulder down, forcing me to roll onto my back. I small squeak of fright escaped from my mouth, and his lips turned upward into a grin. I felt his erection pressing hard into my groin, almost to the point of pain. Despite how scared I was, I could feel myself beginning to get wet, remembering what all he had done to me, and I forced myself to remember the fact that it wasn't real, it was all in my mind.

His lips lowered next to my ear. "I could make you scream again, Bella. I could make you scream a thousand different ways. I can make you scream my name in pleasure and I can make you scream in pain, begging to be killed. I can make you scream words you wouldn't even think of saying and I can make you scream for me to cum in you, to fill you up…" His hips were slowly grinding into my crotch and I tried not to think about how good it made me feel. I tried to remind myself about how terrified I was. "I can make you beg for it, Bella." His breath swept against my skin, and I began to sweat.

I tired to speak, but it came out as a whisper. "No…Edward…"

He laughed. "You want it, Bella. So easily you forget – I can smell you." I couldn't breathe. I didn't know what else to do except to squeeze my eyes shut and will myself to wake up from this nightmare. But I didn't. I heard his laughing as he looked down on me, my eyes shut tightly, so defenseless, and I knew there was no way out.

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