Ranma and the doll.

A/N Many fans of Ranma ½ believe that Nabiki is obsessed with money because her father is to much of a lazy bum to support the family. Given his reaction to her charging purchases to the dojo I find it more likely that they are actually living off of the remains of the dowry Kodachi paid in episode 118. At least I think it was 118. The title was Kodachi the black rose bee line to true love. It's the one where she buys Ranma the anything goes aerobics studio/dojo but at the end but he didn't really want it and everyone tells him just before the credits roll to ask her to buy them stuff. The point is I am not acknowledging the fanon explanation that Nabiki is greedy because she supports the family. She is way to selfish.

Actual story.

It was raining heavily as Ranma-chan walked home.

"Stupid tomboy, I was trying to stop the freak from peeping I wasn't going for a look my self." She muttered as she was walking home after Akane launched her to an unfamiliar part of town. As Ranma –chan walked past a dusty antique store a life size doll sitting on a Victorian chair stood up. She looked like a girl sixteen years of age her hair was long black and straight she had a dress in the style of a wealthy girl from the late 19th century it was deep black with white trim it had pale blue eyes and an umbrella to match the dress. It looked out the window towards Ranma-chan who was still getting soaked in the rain. It walked towards the exit. The old woman who tended the shop watched her leave.

"Well would you look at that?" the old woman said. "It looks like Amy has found a new friend."

Ranma-chan was walking keeping her head down to keep the rain out of her eyes when suddenly the rain stopped pounding on her head. Ranma-chan looked up and saw the doll looking so life like that Ranma-chan didn't know she was a doll holding her umbrella over them both..

"Uh, Thanks" Ranma-chan said.

Amy the Doll smiled at her with a friendly look in her eye and handed her a card on the card it said. 'Hello I am Amy, I would like to be your friend.'

"Um, Okay" Ranma-chan said. Amy's smile got even wider.