Ranma and the Doll chapter 10

Ranma Saotome was very nervous. After having learned that Amy the Magic Doll that had been helping him had no romantic intentions he had accidentally blurted out that his fiancées were 'deranged lunatics' while three of them were in earshot. Now Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo were all ready to attack him. Ranma muttered incoherently as he tried to explain what he said.

Akane charged in with her hammer ready to pound Ranma into the ground only for Amy to run passed her and use the umbrella handle to hook Akane's leg and trip her landing face first on the ground. Shampoo threw her left chuí at Ranma. He ducked under it she swung again with the one in her right hand he caught her arms and tried to pin her down. Only for Ukyo to come up behind him raise her battle spatula she was about to bring it down on him when Amy grabbed Ranma by his collar and pulled him out of the way causing Ukyo to hit the person that was under Ranma a moment before, namely Shampoo.

"Watch what you doing Spatula girl!" Shampoo said.

"Sorry," Ukyo said. She swung at Ranma again he caught her battle spatula and pulled it out of her hands, Ukyo tried to hit Ranma with her throwing spatulas but Amy deflected them all with her umbrella.

"I'm really sorry for saying that," Ranma said. "I didn't mean it."

Akane then did a flying kick at Ranma that he easily sidestepped. Akane unable to stop went right at Amy who jumped up causing Akane to crash eye first into the dolls kneecap. Amy then followed up with an elbow strike and a sweeping back kick leaving Akane knocked over on the ground.

Ukyo made a swing at Amy with her battle spatula Amy held her umbrella by the tip blocked the spatula hooked it then pulled it while kicking Ukyo in the gut, there by disarming the chef.

"WOULD YOU ALL JUST STOP?" Ranma shouted causing a pause in the battle. "I don't want any of you getting hurt because I called you 'deranged lunatics'-" Then Akane threw a cinderblock at Ranma's head, only for Amy to pull him out of the way and move herself in-between Ranma and the fiancées.

"Ranma you are such a jerk!" Akane said as she stormed off.

"Wait up Akane," Ukyo said as she limped out of the dojo.

"Ranma since Akane and Ukyo gone would you date with Shampoo?" The Amazon asked.

"Actually I was kind of in the middle of something." Ranma said.

Shampoo put up her nose and left in a huff. Ranma went back to sparing with Amy.

The three fiancées went to the Cat Café to strategize over what to do next.

"That block of wood is still making Ranma act weird," Ukyo said. "And she can easily hold her own against all of us."

"There has to be some way to break the spell that keeps her alive," Akane said. "That should get things back to the way they were before."

"I tried to tell you before you all ran off," Nabiki explained. "She only follows girls around if Ranma's curse gets broken then she turns back into a doll. So all we have to do is get enough money to send him to China." They all stared at Nabiki.

"You want me to pay for it?" Nabiki said. "But I can't afford that."

"Greedy girl make money all time and never spend it." Shampoo said. "Shampoo think you afford it."

"I've been losing money since Amy showed up," Nabiki said.

"I doubt that it hurt your savings that much," Ukyo said. "You can still afford it and you want Amy gone just as much as the rest of us."

"Fine I'll pay for the ticket," Nabiki said. "One coach round trip ticket to China."

"You need by five tickets to China." Shampoo said.

"WHAT!" Nabiki said.

"You only pay for one ticket then everybody with curse fight over it and it get destroyed you get five then everybody have their own ticket." Shampoo said. "And Amy is gone forever."

"Fine I'll go and buy the tickets." Nabiki said. "But you are all paying me back."

Later that day Ranma was working on a kata as Amy cleaned up the dojo after the fight. Nabiki walked in with an envelope in hand.

"Amy I'll give you the five tickets to Jusenkyo if you stop running my businesses," Nabiki said. Amy crossed her arms and gave Nabiki a smug look.

"I'll cut Ranma in for thirty percent of the photos," Nabiki said as Amy glared at her. "Alright I'll stop selling pictures of Ranma altogether."

Amy extended her hand Nabiki handed over the tickets Amy took them then extended her hand again. Nabiki took her hand and shook it. Amy walked over to Ranma and showed him the tickets.

"Alright now I can go to Jusenkyo!" Ranma exclaimed as he began dancing around singing "Never gonna be a girl again."

Within a few hours the Tendo dojo residents and the Jusenkyo cursed were all assembled and packed. Amy started handing out tickets giving one to Ranma, one to Genma, one to Shampoo, one to Mousse and then putting the last one in her pocket. Leaving Ryoga bewildered then it occurred to everyone who knew about his curse. She has no idea he turns into P-chan. Ryoga glanced at Akane then back at Amy. If he told her the truth right now he would get to go to Jusenkyo but Akane would know the truth about him and P-chan. Ryoga clutched his head as he tried to think of a solution then when he couldn't think of one he ran off screaming.

"I wonder what's wrong with Ryoga?" Akane said.

"Beat's me," Nabiki responded.

"The flight leaves in an hour lets head to the airport," Genma said. Then Happosai leapt in and jumped at Ranma only for Amy to club him out of the air with her umbrella.

"What are you doing you crazy old freak?" Ranma said.

"The removal of Ranma's curse cannot be allowed," Happosai said as he closed his eyes and pictured Ranma's girl form. "To destroy those wonderful breasts that bounce so perfectly, those silky long legs that go on forever, that spectacularly sculpted firm ass, the tone flat thin waist, those ruby red kissable lips and those eyes with such long lashes that seem to have eye shadow even though Ranma doesn't use any. The end of such a beauty is something I cannot allow." Happosai looked up to find that only Soun, Nodoka and the Tendo sisters were still there.

"Where is everyone?" Happosai.

"They all left around 'bounce so perfectly'." Nabiki said. Happosai tore out heading in the direction of the airport.

The four cursed people and magic doll all ran for the airport. The pervert midget chased after them.

"For the sake of preserving that beauty I'll destroy everyone of those tickets." Happosai said. He tried to jump kick Ranma only for Amy to knock him aside with her umbrella, Ranma followed up with kick to the head. Happosai flipped away only for Amy to switch to holding her umbrella by the tip, hook the back of his neck and pull him hard into her knee. Hitting him right in the face she then flung him at Ranma who hit him Right back at her with a snap kick Amy then axe kicked Happosai right into the ground creating a large crater.

"Alright let get going," Ranma said as he and the others ran to the airport.

After a short flight to China hampered by only a hurricane, three dragon attacks and two terrorist hijackings that were completely unrelated to each other. They landed in Xining then headed off towards Jusenkyo.

Then they saw it over the hill the pools they headed down.

"Hello mister customers." The guide said. "What can I help you with today?"

"Where is the spring of drowned man?" Ranma said.

"I take you to Nannichuan," He said. "Is very tragic story of man who drown there five hundred year ago now what ever fall in spring take body of a man." He led them to a spring here is the spring you want. Mousse and Genma jumped in then both shouted out loud: "I DON'T CHANGE!"

"I guess this is it." Ranma said. "Wish me luck Amy." She smiled at him as he dove into the pool then she collapsed on the ground.

"I'M FINALLY CURED." Ranma shouted as he surfaced then he saw Amy lying on the ground. He dashed out of the pool.

"Amy are you Okay?" He asked. She didn't move he picked her up cradling her in his arms. "Amy please wake up."

"So she's just a regular doll now?" Genma said. "I guess it was for the best."

"How can you say that?" Ranma asked. "She was the reason you got to come to China to get your curse fixed."

"Maybe Amy was supposed to fix Ranma's curse now that it done she no need to be alive?" Shampoo said as she moved closer to give Ranma support. You be sad about Amy so Shampoo can make you feel all better she thought.

"I see so that's what she was," Ranma said as he cradled Amy in his arms.

"Now Shampoo want see Spring of Drowned Girl." Shampoo said to the guide as she patted Ranma comfortingly on the back. The guide took Shampoo to the spring of drowned girl she stripped down jumped in a joyfully squealed at how she was still her voluptuous self and not a furry little cat.

"Well I guess everybody's cured now." Ranma said sounding a little depressed a single tear moving down his cheek.

"Boy what is the matter with you?" Genma said. "Crying over a doll like a girl. You finally became a full man again stop acting like a little girl."

"That's it" Ranma said. "She was only alive when I was part girl, so if I get cursed again then Amy will come back to life but I'd have to give up on ever being all guy again."

"Think what you're saying son!" Genma said. "Could you really live with being a girl?" He grabbed Ranma by the shoulders and started shaking him causing Ranma to drop Amy she hit the ground rolled over and landed in the Spring of Drowned Girl. Then she came up coughing and sputtering.

"Amy is that you?" Ranma asked joy in his voice. Amy nodded her head. Ranma got ready to jump into pull her out.

"STOP" Amy yelled her voice was incredibly beautiful.

"Huh?" Ranma said.

"Wow this is the first time I've heard my own voice." Amy said. "Don't try to help me you'll get cursed again." She dragged herself out of the water, looked at her beautiful black dress now soaking wet. She opened her umbrella. Waived it in front of her and instantly her dress was dry.

"Time to catch our flight back to Tokyo." Ranma said. As he and Amy led the way back to the nearest city so they could get to an airport, Shampoo looked at Amy with a look of pure venom in her eyes.

A/N I considered ending this chapter with Ranma standing over the spring trying to decide whether he should re-curse himself but I realized most of you would have seen her becoming human coming as easily as guessing that Gibb Smith would die in Freddy Vs. Jason. I intend to continue this story though it may be on hiatus while I'm writing a new crossover fic Conquest of the Emperor.