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The waves broke on the shore and retreated, leaving the sand dark brown. Kanda sat on rock, hands clutching tightly to the little bottle he held in his hands while the wind blew his hair away from his face. Behind him, a festival continued as usual. The town he was currently living in was rather nice. Komui and Lenalee had taken the trouble to find a place that has Japanese people living there. As such, there were yearly events that he sometimes went to. This time, it was the Summer Festival. Lenalee had accompanied him there since Allen attracted attention. Allen was a little to famous and Central would be able to recognize him straight away. Lenalee had left saying that she saw someone from the Vatican and they better split up. So here he was, sitting on a rock staring out at... nothing really. The lotuses that clouded his vision had multiplied more severely. In an open space, there was room for them to scatter and he could see his surroundings. In an enclosed space, he was blind.

Standing up, he slowly climbed down the rock as best as he could with his geta and yukata. When his slippers touched sand, he took them off and put them away, in a spot where he could see later. He was mad enough when he realized how many more blind spots he had gotten. Still holding that bottle, he walked into the shallow water. When the water reached a little above his ankles, he stopped. Bending down, his hand touched the water and he let go of the bottle. It seemed like a stupid thing to do. A 20-year-old man letting bottles go into the sea where it would never return. Kanda watched the bottle bob along the waves until he could not see it anymore.


Kanda glared at the redhead who had taken the chance to lose the Finder looking after them at the inn. He dragged Kanda along, claiming that he had something to share with the other.

"I swear, Lavi, if it's sex you want again.." but the other just hissed a 'Keep Quiet' sound at him. Lavi pulled him down all the way to a beach. He watched as the taller Exorcist threw a bottle into the ocean. His eyes captured the flash of paper white inside the bottle. "Are you still a kid?" he said uninterestedly. "You still believe in the sayings that writing something down on a piece of paper and setting it free into the sea in a bottle would fulfill wishes?"

Lavi smiled at him. "If this method has a higher probability than shooting stars, Yu, I'll take this chance," he explained. "Besides, being out in the sea, it can be eaten by giant sea creatures, or smashed against a rock, or buried in sand forever. Want to know what I wrote?"

Kanda huffed and crossed his arms across his chest. "Do I look like I want to know?" he asked, irritation starting to creep into his voice.

Lavi laughed and kissed Kanda. "I wish that I can be with Yu forever," he said softly.

Kanda rolled his eyes. "That was cheesy," he commented. But Lavi drained out his irritation. For a few missions, Lavi had begged Kanda to do the same. They rolled up the papers and stuffed them into bottles, ditched the Finder and threw the bottles into the sea.

End of flashback

Then it happened. Central discarded the Black Order in favour of their Crows. Before that, Komui got wind of the news and proposed that everybody within the Black Order to scatter. Lenalee had insisted on taking Kanda with her. Before he knew it, he was being taken to China along with Lenalee, Komui and the bean sprout.

He realized he had been standing in the water for quite some time. Also he heard Lenalee calling him. He found his slippers with some difficulty as the lotuses kept obstructing his view. He put them on just as Lenalee came and dragged him away.

A tall shadow strolled down the shoreline of a desolate beach. His single green eye remembering all the details while his part of the brain that was not doing anything was wandering elsewhere as the wind played with his fiery red hair. The days had been boring since they went to the Black Order Headquarters to find it eerily empty. Lvellie had not been too happy about not getting Allen Walker tried for heresy as, according to him, masterminded the whole plan to get the people here to leave before Central arrived. Lavi thought the Inspector was joking but of course, did not say that to his face.

They had to check the rooms too. The first room Lavi checked was his room. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the room had been thoroughly emptied. He went in and sat down on the bed, recalling all his memories with him. It was not until he leaned against the wall and his head had hit the wall pretty badly. He held his head while the hollow sound where his head connected to the wall jolted his brain. He brought his hand up and rapped the brick with his knuckles. The hollow sound greeted him back. Pushing his headband up a little, he tapped the surrounding bricks. All sounded high and shrill. Lavi let out a laugh that sounded dejected. He dug his fingers into the cracks between the bricks and tried to pull out the odd-sounding brick. It slid out easily and behind it, a small hollow. There was a bottle inside when he squinted due to the lack of light infiltrating the hollow. Lavi pulled out the bottle.

Inside was a rolled up piece of paper. Curiosity got the best of his mind as he opened the bottle and pulled out the paper. On it, Kanda's lopsided handwriting spelled out a heartbreaking message:

I want to see Lavi again

And like Kanda, he put his name in a smaller font size from the message. Lavi kept the paper inside his pocket as he capped the bottle and put it back where he found it.

And the days went by. He often brought out the little piece of paper that Kanda had left in his room to stare at it. And sometimes he went down to the beach to release a bottle. And today, Panda had not given him much work and he had some free time until dinner. He gazed at the sun until a flash of light caught his eye. Trapped in a rock pool, a bottle was reflecting the setting sun's rays. Lavi half ran, half walked over to the bottle. The first thing he noticed about the bottle was not the type that he usually used. In fact it looked like the same type of bottle he had found in Kanda's room. Inside was a rolled up piece of paper. Lavi uncapped the bottle in case it was a real case of some lucky soul in need of rescue. When he opened the paper, his heart skipped a beat. On it was written:

I wish to be with Lavi forever. If it's possible, let this bottle return to China. Kanda Yu

His eye was open so wide now. Somehow, through sheer luck Kanda's bottle had drifted back to him. And with any luck, Kanda would not know where it had gone to. Ecstatic, he stuffed the paper back into the bottle and stored it in a pocket somewhere in his jacket and went back to where Bookman was. It seems like he did not need to set his bottle free anymore.

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