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Tomb Raider

Beneath the shadow


"And Lara croft is once again seen running rampant across Britain" said a T.V. reporter. "She was last seen in Nottingham." Lara turned off the T.V.

"Damn that clone" she snapped. "Its going to cause the cops to come after me. What the hell does it think its doing?" Zip shrugged and said

""Its free, its doing what it wants to. Like you told it, it serves no one. Lara sighed

"What am I going to do? I cant stop it."

"Why dont you try and talk to it?" suggested Zip. "Your probably the only one who could." Lara thought for a moment and then said

"I mine as well try." I'm going to get ready now, please get everything ready." Zip nodded and headed off to the computer room.