Hello and welcome to my new fanfiction! I hope that you like it and will continue reading it throughout the time it is being updated. Please stick with my story if you read this! Thanks!

Changes I've made in this story...

1.) Charlie and Renee both never got divorced, and they had lived in Arizona, never in Forks.

2.) Edward sort of uh... died.... from the Spanish Influinza *gulps in fear at the thought of Edward Anthony Mason Cullen dead... in the tecnical sense of the word* (KEEP READING!!! HE'S STILL ABLE TO INTERACT AND IS A MAIN CHARACTER IN THIS STORY!!!)

3.) Alice and Rosalie are Bella's sisters, Alice is 18 in this story, Bella 16, and Rosalie 14.

4.) Alice and Rosalie are not Cullens or Hales anymore, they are Swans, but that may change later on, who knows!

5.) The whole entire plot is mine!! Not S. Meyer's! Albeit, she doe's own the characters, but still...

Chapter One

Bella's P.O.V.

Hello, my name is Bella Swan, and sadly, I am moving. My sisters, parents, and I are moving from Arizona, to Forks, Washington. I didn't want to leave, but seeing as I am underage, I have to. Plus, I wouldn't leave my sisters for anything. Without me Rosalie would die from Alice's shopi-holic rage with no one to balance it out.

"Hey Bella? Do you want to go shopping when we get to Forks?" Asked Alice, as our plane landed.

"Er, no, I'll pass on that." I answered. I didn't have anything against shopping, unless people spent money on me, or if I was with Alice.

"Aww." She said, visabilly dissapointed.

"Hey guys, let's go call a cab and go see our new house! I heard it was built in the 1900's!" Said Renee.

"Yeah, come on Rosalie." Said Charlie, as Rosalie looked out the window. I snuck a peek out the window as well. I saw a tiny airport around us, then around the airport, I saw green. Loads of mushy green.

We all got out luggage, got into an available taxi, which wasn't hard in a town this small, and arrived at our new house. I noticed that the driver was really anxious to get away from the house. I briefly wondered why, but soon brushed it off. It wasn't my problem.

Only later would I see how very wrong I was. My life was about to change, and it would be very much my problem.


We all quickly found our rooms. Charlie and Renee's room was the biggest, it had a pale carpet, and light colored walls. Rosalie's room was a white carpeted room, with pale yellow walls. Seeing as yellow was her favorite color, she was delighted. Alice's really loved her room, it had the biggest closet in the whole house. Her room had pale purple carpeting, with dark purple walls.

My room, in my opinion, was the best out of all. I walked up a beautiful winding metal staircase. At the top, I found a white door, when I opened it, I found a beautiful room. It had a window seat that looked out over the entire property. It also had a glass door that led out onto a small balcony. From the balcony I could walk onto the roof if I wanted. The floor was covered with a thick golden carpet, and the walls were a slightly darker shade. One of the walls had many rows of shelves. I could only guess what they may have been used for previously.

Renee and Charlie had already furnished the house before we got here. In my room was an expensive looking stero, an exquisite grand piano, a bed with a black and gold comforter with filmy gold drapes over it. My room also a a dark, comfy looking couch. I loved my room. I'm not really sure what the piano was for, seeing as none of my family played, but it added to the room. After I finished unpacking, Renee asked me a question.

"Bella who got what rooms?" She asked after I had finished packing, and came down into the kitchen.

"Rosalie got the yellow room, Alice the purple, and I the gold." I answered.

"That's great! The tower room, as I call it, suits you perfectly. Though the piano couldn't be moved by previous owners, and It dosn't even play! It came with the house." She said.

"Oh okay then, well I think I'm going to go to bed, I'm exausted!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know, I am as well." Said Renee.

After we said goodnight, I headed back up to my room. The door was open. Funnily, I thought I had closed the door. Ah well.

I lay down on my bed, but even under all my blankets, I felt cold. I couldn't sleep, so I opened my eyes.

I almost screamed. A boy was sitting on the piano bench next to the bed, but he looked transparent, like a ghost.

"Who are you?" I asked, trying to sound brave, but failing miserably.

"You can see me?!" He asked, in a voice like velvet.

I only nodded.

"I'm Edward and you?" He asked.

"I'm Bella." I answered.

"Bella." He said trying the name, he smiled a crooked smile, "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said.

"Uh ya, um, I hope this dosn't sound rude or anything, but will you please explain to me why you are in my room?" I asked.

"Well, tecnically this is my room." He said flashing me that smile that made my heart beat irratically.

"I just moved here today." I said, "And this room appealed to me, so I chose it as mine." I said.

"Ah well, let us not argue! I havn't talked to anyone since the early 1900's!" He said.

"1900s!?! Are you a ghost?" I asked.

He sighed sadly, "Yes. I am dead and transparent." He said. I noticed that he looked ready to cry.

"Aww, there there, it's okay! We all die sometime!" I said patting his back, my hand went right through.

"Not at age 17." He answered quietly.

"You're close to my age." I said.

"How old are you?" He asked me. I now noticed that his eyes were green, a beautiful shade of green at it Bella! I mentally cursed myself.

"I'm uh 16." I said.

He smiled another breathtaking smile, "Almost driving then?" he asked.

"No, I already can. I'll be 17 in September." I said.

"I didn't get a 17th birthday celebration, I was bedridden." He said, looking sad once more.

"Edward, why can't I touch you?" I asked.

"Well you could, but I will not allow you to. Bella listen to me, do not ever give me permission to touch you at all please! Do not tell me that I can. If I get angry, I could throw things at you now, yes. But if I could touch you, I could strangle you or worse. Never let me touch you Bella. Never." He said.

"Okay Edward." I said.

"I will let you get rest now, goodnight Bella." Said Edward, floating up throught the ceiling.

I then lay there, dreaming of ghostly green eyes, and bronze haired boys.

Sorry it was so short!!! Really I am! But I just wanted to see if you guys liked the idea of this story! I know it went a little fast, but I HAD to bring Edward in. I would feel bad if I hadn't. Please update and tell me if I should continue this story!