He tried.

Oh, God, how he tried.

So hard...

But it never was enough, was it?

He tried to be there, to help. But all he was rewarded with was the plain and simple fact that he was just not needed.

No one would care if he was gone...

If he left...

Sometime people run away just to find out if anyone would come running after them.

He was on the verge of doing so. Everyday his doubts grew stronger, with every teasing comment and every put down thrown in his direction.

After all, if something goes wrong, it's always his fault, isn't it?

It has been.

Since he was born.

Maybe he wasn't smart. Maybe he wasn't truly funny. Maybe...he just wasn't as strong as he made himself out to be.

What if he really was...hurt?

What if he wanted to break down and cry?

What if...

What if his whole world was falling apart?

And what if...what if he was too proud to admit it...

It was eating him up, from the inside out.

He couldn't take it anymore.

He needed...


He was begging for help.

So it might be easy to guess who this is about. You can use your imagination if you want, though.

Just random thoughts on my part. R&R.