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Pairings: Arthur/Merlin friendship, Merlin/Gwen

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Merlin was aware of someone standing over him, shouting his name but instead of getting up like he knew he should, he simply squeezed his eyes tightly hoping whoever it was would go away. Before he knew what was happening, he felt his blanket being ripped away from him, sending him crashing to the floor.

"Merlin, do you think you could get up once before midday?"

Without even opening his eyes, Merlin became aware of who had awoken him. Regrettably, he squinted through his eyes to see Arthur standing beside his bed. With a groan Merlin pushed himself up from the floor and stood opposite him.

"Sorry...big night"

Merlin knew Arthur wouldn't care about his excuse and once again he was right.

"Yes Merlin, I was at the feast too yet I still managed to get up before dawn. Now be ready in 10 minutes and meet me in my chambers"

Arthur was out the door before Merlin had a chance to respond. Another groan escaped his lips as the pounding headache he had made itself known. He had vowed he wouldn't drink anything at last nights feast but once Gwen has one drink in his hand, his vow had been completely forgotten. He pulled on his familiar blue tunic and red neckerchief before making his way down to Gaius's chambers.

"Morning Merlin"

A grunt was all Merlin could muster up as a response as he slumped down in a chair, his head in his hands. Gaius smirked, setting down a small glass in front of Merlin, the familiar stink telling Merlin it was his hangover potion.


Merlin hesitantly complied, downing the entire contents of the glass but not without the grimace upon his features.

"Thanks Gaius"

"You better get going, Arthur didn't loo too happy when he came in here before"

"I can imagine"
Merlin smiled at Gaius, thanked him once more and quickly set off for Arthur's chambers. He realized just how late he was when he noticed the stalls open, people already hurrying around to buy what they need. He quickened his pace as he rounded the corner, obviously not looking where he was going because a second later he had collided with someone. Wincing as he hit the floor for a second time that morning, Merlin quickly made to stand up, already beginning to apologize to the poor person he had hit.

"I'm so sorry, I just...Gwen!"

A grin spread across his face as he saw Morgana's handmaiden smile sheepishly, picking up her dropped clothes.

"Sorry Merlin. Morgana was desperate for her laundry so I wasn't really watching were I went"

"Oh no, it was my fault. Arthur is in his usual grumpy mood so I gather he wants to use me as his sword practise to make himself feel better"

Merlin handed her the last dress that had fallen to the floor and watched as a small blush crept over Gwen's cheeks. After a moments pause Merlin remembered the reason for his rushing.

"Well...better be going then"

"Oh...yeah... right. Good luck with Arthur then"

Merlin grinned before continuing down the hall towards Arthur's chambers leaving a flushed Gwen behind him.

Gwen watched Merlin's retreating back as she tried to steady her breathing. Whenever she saw Merlin, she couldn't stop the smile or blush that suddenly overcame her. She was sure he could hear her pounding heart that always picked up whenever she caught a glance of the young servant. She had hoped maybe last night at the feast she could work up enough courage to tell Merlin how she felt but she quickly found Merlin to be drunk, meaning he would either take her confession as a joke or completely forget it the next morning.

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she tightened her grip on Morgana's clothes and set off towards her chambers. She was careful not to bump into anyone else in the short walk. With a soft knock on the door, she heard Morgana's soft voice telling her to enter.

"Your clothes. Sorry I took so long, I ran into...someone"

Gwen placed the clothes on the table where Morgana could pick her desired outfit.

"Oh thank you so much Gwen. I don't know what I would do without you."

Gwen smiled politely before moving over to make up her bed. Morgana quickly chose out a jade green dress and pulled it on behind her screen. Her hands tried to grab at the strings to tie it up but had no luck.

"Gwen, could you please help be with these strings?"

She paused, waiting for her handmaiden to appear to help but after a long silence she began to wonder if Gwen had already left.


Morgana stepped out behind the screen to see Gwen, halfway through making her bed, standing there with a blank look upon her face.


She repeated louder, stepping forward into her line of sight. Suddenly Gwen snapped out of her trance to see Morgana staring curiously at her.

"Oh sorry milady"

She hurried over to where Morgana stood, hastily doing up the strings. She returned to making the bed but saw Morgana still standing there, staring at her. Avoiding her gaze, she picked up a pillow and quickly tucked in the sheets but Morgana didn't move.

"Gwen...are you alright?"

Gwen looked up from her work, smiling slightly to try and convince Morgana nothing was wrong. She knew it would only be a matter of time before she caught on.

"Yes, I'm fine"

Morgana wasn't convinced. Suddenly it hit her why Gwen was suddenly so quiet. She had seen the way Gwen gazed at Merlin whenever he entered a room, or how she blushed when she stumbled around him. She thought it might just be a little crush but something told her it was different.

"Its Merlin isn't it?"

The shocked look on Gwen's face told her she had gotten it right.

"What's he done?"

Gwen's eyes trailed back down to the bed as a blush spread over her cheek.

"Nothing. He hasn't done anything"

"But that's the problem isn't it?"

Morgana sat down on the half made bed and motioned for Gwen to do the same. As her handmaiden slowly sat down beside her, she smiled softly at her. Over the many years that Gwen had served her, she had turned from a servant to a friend; she knew she could talk to her about anything.

"Well, yes. I thought once I...kissed him after he recovered from that poison that he would...I don't know...notice me?"

Morgana gave her a sympathetic look as she placed a hand upon her shoulder, causing Gwen to look up with tears that threatened to spill over.

"Gwen, Merlin likes you. I can see it when he looks at you. Whenever he sees you, he grins so brightly, just like you do when you see him"

"You noticed that did you?"

Gwen bit her lip, slightly embarrassed, as Morgana nodded. She had hoped she hadn't been that obvious.

"But do you really think that?"

"Yes I do"

Gwen couldn't hide the smile at the thought of Merlin liking her back. Morgana stood up from the bed, satisfied that her friend was happy before going back to getting ready.

"Merlin, finally!"

Merlin stepped into Arthur's chambers to find him slumped in his chair, a bored look on his face. He stood up quickly, grabbing his favourite red jacket before walking straight out past Merlin.

"Wait...I just got here and now we're leaving?"

He ran up to where Arthur was striding down the hall, just one of his steps making Merlin take three to compensate.

"Yes, we are going hunting"

Merlin stopped the groan that was a natural response when Arthur announced another hunting trip, knowing he would suffer for it later if he did. He hated being dragged along to watch poor animals die because Arthur was bored. But of course, he simply had to deal with it, unless he wanted to be called a girl his entire life.

"Well why couldn't I just meet you down at the stables instead of your chambers?"

Arthur grinned over his shoulder with a shrug to where Merlin was trailing behind.

"Just having some fun with you"

Merlin rolled his eyes, glad Arthur couldn't see.

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