Destiny Island's Master Chef!!!

By: Jalooloo

Summary: Destiny Islands is looking for their Master Chef! Is it your destiny!!! So what will happen when friends have to compete against each other to win the Master Title? You'll have to see!

Disclaimer: I totally don't own either kingdom hearts or master chef!!! I don't even own any of them chef hats or white chef aprons... i don't think anyway. And i don't own any kingdom hearts figuires.


Chapter 1: The auditions

Day 1

On a little island a big contest would be held. It was about to start too. Everyone gathered around the palmtrees that made their surroundings.

"Welcome to Master Chef, Destiny Islands, I am Yuna; today we will see auditions from people who want to become Destiny Islands Master Chef. But over here it is pretty different to the other Master Chef series; twenty people fight for fifteen spots!" Yuna said with excitement.

"Okay, let's introduce the first judge, Marluxia: The best Pastry Chef this Island has ever had!" Yuna continued. "Hello there." He said.

"And, this is Cid: One of the finest critics in the food industry" Yuna continued her announcent. Cid held his hand up signalling a hello.

"Last but not least, Larxene: One of the hardest working chefs in all the worlds. She is pretty hard to satisfy as well" Yuna had finished introducing the judges. Everyone went silent. *cricket, cricket* Then expectedly, Demyx started clapping, which started a large round of applause. *claps*

"Okay first audition… Sora!" Yuna said, "Please present your dish for today".

"Sora, what have you prepared for us today?" Marluxia and Larxene said in sync.

"Spaghetti Bolognaise." Sora said nervously while looking at the judges.

All the three judges gave Sora a 'dead' look, until Cid spoke. "WHAT! That is a really simple meal! Why did you pick that?" He shouted. "It is one of the finest things I can cook" Sora replied with a goofy smile.

The first judge to test the dish was, Marluxia. "Sora, these are the best meat balls I have ever tasted!" Marluxia said with a serious voice. Sora started to get excited. "Young boy, don't get too excited because, the noodles, well, were under cooked! How long did you cook them for?" Marluxia asked. "38 minutes…" Sora replied. Marluxia looked at him strangely.

The other judges took a bite of Sora's dish, and immediately went back to there seats. Marluxia said, "It is a no for me." Cid said, "It is a no for me." And strangely, Larxene said, "it is a yes from me." Larxene stared evilly at Cid and Marluxia. "Actually, it is a yes from all of us" Said both the male judges. Sora did a little dance, and then collected his apron: he was through.

Larxene gave a slight smirk as she was pleased.

"Okay second audition… Olette!" Yuna said, "Please present your dish for today".

"Olette, what have you cooked for us today?" Cid said speaking after Yuna.

"Poached Egg Salad." Olette said confidently.

During all the deliberating time, the judges came to a conclusion. Olette got through.

"Okay third audition, Kairi!" Yuna said, "Please show your dish for the judges".

"Kairi, what have you got for us today?" Larxene said.

"Pain Perdu with chocolate mousse." Kairi replied. All the judges were stunned to see how beautiful Kairi had cooked this dish.

It wasn't long until Kairi got her answer; she got what she expected and what she deserved, an absolute YES! YES! YES!

45 minutes later… In the judges room

Larxene awaited for Cid to speak.

"Marluxia, Larxene, we have got our 15 chefs!!!!!!" Cid exclaimed…


Authors Notes

Okay, this is my first story ever! I hope you liked it… Feel free to guess who got through. All we know for certain is that Sora, Olette and Kairi are the first three through.

This is just in Kingdom Hearts because i couldn't find master chef in the catergorys.

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P.S: It's a bit short but it would get really long if i did all the auditions so that is why i only did three auditions.