Destiny Island's Master Chef!!!

By: Jalooloo

Summary: Destiny Islands is looking for their Master Chef! Is it your destiny!!! So what will happen when friends have to compete against each other to win the Master Title? You'll have to see!

Disclaimer: I totally don't own either kingdom hearts or master chef!!!

Chapter 5: Big prize

Day 4

"Namin'e," Cid said…

"Your dish," Marluxia added…

"Was the best dish so far in the competition!" Larxene finished.

Namin'e was speechless!

"Your prize is huge!!!!!!!!!" Yuna exclaimed, "You get to eliminate some one here, and now!"

"Wow!" Namin'e replied.

All of the other contestants were shocked.

"Ready?" Marluxia asked.

"YES… I… AM…" Namin'e grinned.

"I am definitely NOT eliminating Kairi. So, Kairi, you're safe… Roxas, you're safe too… Sora, you're also safe. Aerith, girl, come over here!!!! Saix, Tidus, you's too!"

Olette, Xion, Cloud, Selphie, Rikku and Riku are left.

"Selphie, your not eliminated."

"Xion, why would I let one of my besties leave?!?!?!"

"Oh, this will be hard… Riku, your not eliminated"

"This all comes down to Cloud, Selphie and Olette… Cloud, I'll spare you another week!"

"Now, should I eliminate my biggest threat in the competition, Rikku…? Or… The girl who makes me M-A-D on the outside world, Olette…? I am not a revenge type of girl so… Rikku, you are out of the competition… Sorry…"

"Okay… I am not that sad; I came twelfth and got eliminated because my biggest threat said I was her biggest threat… It was a great experience!" Rikku said.

"Bye Rikku!" Larxene told Rikku.

"In a few days you'll see my cookbook!" Rikku boasted, "It was more then half done before I even auditioned!"

"Can't wait…" Cid said in monotone.

Rikku walked out of the door boastfully.

"Now, with N-O… NO breaks, we're going to start the next challenge!" Yuna cheered.

25 minutes later…

"What are you cooking Namin'e, our special little winner for today…?" Marluxia asked.

"Chocolate Mousse Cake," Namin'e replied while cooking the meal, "Right now I am cooking the Salted caramel layer. It has three hundred grams caster sugar, sixty grams glucose, one hundred milliliters water, two hundred and twenty grams of cream, five grams gelatine leaves, one hundred and twenty-five grams butter unsalted and two grams of sea salt flakes!'

"You really know what you're doing there!" Larxene said intrigued.

"Yeah, but a lot of things could go horribly wrong!" Namin'e added.

On the working station behind Namin'e was Xion…

"Hey Xion, what is that?" Cid questioned.

"Filled Crepe with Ricotta, Chocolate and Strawberry!" Xion took a breath… "Like it?"

"Definitely!!!" Larxene said.

"What does it have in it?" Marluxia asked Xion.

"Two hundred grams ricotta, one quarter cup icing sugar, one hundred grams dark chocolate - roughly chopped, eight strawberries – diced, half a lemon - rind finely grated, one hundred and fifteen grams plain flour, two tablespoons caster sugar, two eggs, three hundred milliliters milk, twenty-five grams butter, melted icing sugar to serve!" Xion replied happily.

In the back work station…

"Cloud what are you cooking?" Larxene whispered.

"Fried Tofu with Mushroom and Ginger Broth!" Cloud replied. "What is in it?" Cid asked. "There are a lot of ingredients, but I will only name a few." Cloud said, "Two green onions, cut into five centimeter pieces… Three tablespoons of Chinese rice wine, six Szechuan peppercorns, two star anise, two hundred grams firm tofu - cut into three centimeters diced, and one thinly sliced garlic clove."

At the taste testing time…

"The first dish we would like to taste belongs to Cloud…" Marluxia announced.

"I am the first to taste," Cid said, "UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! That, that is horrible! I just chewed on a fly! I eliminate you immediately!"


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