A Second Chance

It was the Light's last chance at winning the war and Minerva McGonagall was going to take it. In exchange for her life, one man was to be sent back to the past to change everything. Enemies beware, because Harry James Potter has a vendetta. SSHPLM

Main Relationship Focus: Harry Potter/Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy
Genres: Action & Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance and Suspense
Rating: M for violence, sex and language
Length: Epic
Warning: Slash, threesomes.
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VII: To Save a Black

Remus remembered Sirius Black as an angel, his avenging angel. Midnight locks and dark blue eyes that could see into your soul with a body and face to die for. He had redeemed Remus; made him feel worthy again, made him feel worthy of love.

Remus also remembered that he was the one who made him feel different, confident.

"I've been watching you. You are more than you appear or at least, you want more than you appear to." Azure eyes narrowed, and the werewolf witnessed the hardness his best friend had gained from his childhood, which was occasionally exuded, return.

"What do you mean? What you see is what you get." The defensiveness disappeared from the cerulean depths as Sirius relaxed and a chuckle escaped, not that it needed to be stopped, but the blue gaze that he loved so much darted slightly.

As if looking for a way-out.

Remus remembered that he had seen through the act; Sirius Black, playboy extraordinaire, was nervous. He also remembered the surge of confidence and arousal.

"I think there's a lot more under the calm cool and playful exterior you show others." Remus licked his lower lip and he saw the other boy follow the act with darkened eyes. The werewolf smiled. He had been watching Sirius and caught him watching. The feeling, it was more than just curiosity, intrigued him. It was about time for Remus to discover if his instincts were correct.

Remus never remembered what he ate or drank or did to own such a moment of boldness.

Three strides and Remus closed the existing distance between the two of them, his mouth lowered to Sirius's, and his scarred hands moved from his side to his face.

Remus remembered thinking thatif he was wrong, he'll be anticipating a punch. If he was right, however, he'll be expecting--well, he'll have to most of all, Remus remembered that it will be worth it.

Sirius was stiff and resistant at first, and Remus chalked it up to shock. He pressed his body against Sirius and trapped him, while his strong hands kept the other youth from jerking away. He was right. In the next breath, the brunet practically melted against Remus.

Remus remembered smiling into the kiss.

Sirius's delectable mouth opened, granting him entrance. Never once hesitating, Remus took full opportunity of what was offered. Not like him at all.

The kiss easily escalated. Remus's hands slipped from Sirius's angelic face, over his tense throat, down muscled arms, until they rested on his waist. Sirius's arms lifted and fingers threaded through honey-blond hair, almost massaging his scalp, before taking hold with his fists. Both young men groaned headily, lust clouding the pair. Sirius used the leverage to pull Remus closer and he didn't resist.

Remus remembered losing his virginity that night. On top of that, he lost the last part of his heart too. Sirius had always held most of his heart but that step gave away everything.

But he also remembered that Sirius was the one who broke his heart, crushed it into a million glass shreds and nearly snapped the bond by suspecting Remus to be the spy. Remus remembered thinking the same about Sirius too because they drifted apart.

But… but that was in the past.

The tawny-haired werewolf looked out of the window and into the clear night sky. Celestial diamonds winked back at him and amidst the gorgeous display of lights, right smack in the middle and the brightest, was Sirius.

Remus smiled, running a long finger across his lower lip, remembering the kiss and thinking that it would not be the last. He will see Sirius soon.

All will be forgiven because, at the end of the day, Remus loved Sirius.


Blue-grey eyes flashed in irritation as they regarded the blustering junior official with barely concealed annoyance.

"Take me to the Minister, there is something that I would like to bring to his attention."

The unimpressive man was stuttering, wringing his head nervously while avoiding the striking gaze. "I… I'm afraid that… that the Min… Minister is now occupied with… with some… something right now."

A thin black eyebrow arched mockingly. "I doubt it."

"Err… I…"

The useless Ministry employee was rescued by a pompous voice. "Is everything alright?"

A tall brunet with a pair of horn-rimmed glasses sitting on an upturned nose entered the conversation. "Hello, how may I help you? I'm Jonathan Howard, Assistant to the Minister."

"You could make yourself useful and show me the way to the Minister's office for one." The man frowned, as if the request had ruffled his feathers of propriety. He then replied in a condescending voice.

"I'm afraid the Minister is a very busy man, not everyone or anyone could just waltz into the Ministry and request for a meeting."

The unusual gaze narrowed dangerously, "If you were to take a look at the Minister's agenda for the day, you will find that he has a meeting with the Rowan Head of House at eleven o'clock sharp."

Blue-grey eyes took a look at the large clock that was hanging on the wall and then a cutting voice drawled, "I believe I am three minutes late for my meeting, Junior Assistant."

A Lordship signet could be seen on a long pale finger. The man flushed unattractively and his demeanour changed immediately, "My apologies, the Minister's office is this way."

The pair left, leaving the insignificant Ministry employee distraught and worrying about his job.

How Cornelius Fudge came to be the Minister, even he himself would never know the true reason but he was resolved to use his powers to bring back the Old Ways, when blood purity reigned supreme and true.

He settled comfortably into the high-backed cushioned chair, content with the lack of work for the day. He was about to enjoy a cup of aged whiskey when the door to his office opened and a brunet with spectacles, whom he recognized vaguely as someone in his personal team but couldn't recall his name, entered.

"Minister, there is someone here to meet you. The appointment was scheduled at eleven."

Cornelius immediately sought to hide the glass of whiskey he had in his hand before the other person came in but he was too late.

A regal woman in her early thirties entered the office and Cornelius balked visibly before smiling weakly.

"Hello and welcome, Lady Rowan."

The Rowan family was one of the most powerful families in the pureblooded social circle and also one of the most obscure. The woman inclined her head elegantly and when she saw the glass of whiskey, a subtle lift of a dark eyebrow caused the Minister to flush slightly before laughing nervously.

"So how may I help you today?"

Athena smirked slightly and Cornelius couldn't help himself but to feel uneasy at the decidedly worrying facial expression.

"Why, Minister, I thought you'd never ask."

Her eyes glittered and Cornelius gulped, clearly intimidated by the woman half his age. The striking Rowan smiled softly, looking every bit like the perfect demure pureblooded wife, but Cornelius knew better. His worst fear was confirmed with the next words that came out of the attractive woman's red lips.

"I would like you to give Sirius Black the trial he deserved but was never given."

Cornelius gasped and then spluttered indignantly.

"What?! The man's a convicted criminal and a Death Eater! He was a betrayer of the Light! He does not deserve the right to a fair trial!"

Athena rebutted coolly but her ire was displayed clearly for all to see in her diamond-hard gaze.

"I would agree with you, Minister, if it had been proven in a trial that he was guilty of all the crimes and labels you've just brought up. If not, you are quite liable for libel, Minister."

Cornelius gulped and Athena went in for the kill as she stood up and leaned in, hands resting on the magnificent oak desk with her eyes narrowed dangerously. With a softened voice, she relayed the rest of her message.

"There is sufficient evidence that my client, Sirius Black, is actually innocent and unless he is officially given a fair trial and justly compensated for the wrong he has suffered, I can assure you, Minister," Athena's eyes flashed, "that charges will be brought against the Ministry for violating Section 6, subsection 3(a) of the IWC Human Rights Charter of 1889."

The Minister nodded, face pale and sweating. Athena smirked and then inclined her head once more.

"I am glad that this meeting achieved its aims, since there's nothing else, I shall take my leave. I wouldn't dare to hold up the Minister from his busy schedule." She turned to make her leave and walked to the door but just before the woman turned the golden doorknob, her voice rang out again.

"Oh, before I forget. Please don't scrooge on this case, find an actual, competent Arguer. I do like a challenge after all."

With a parting smirk, the Rowan bowed. It was the customary gesture but Cornelius couldn't help but to feel utterly mocked. As the door clicked shut, the pudgy middle-aged man dropped into his seat, completely floored and exhausted. He pulled anxiously at his suddenly tight collar, eyes wide and fearful.

With a trembling hand, the portly man forced himself to grab a piece of parchment and dipped an eagle-feathered quill into a well of expensive before scribbling frantically. He quickly sealed the letter with his personal wax seal before summoning an inconspicuous tawny owl.

Cornelius watched as the bird flew away with the message tied to its leg and he couldn't help himself but wonder exactly what had he gotten himself into.

"Harry," Kyle gently pushed the young Potter child forwards. Harry refused to look up, instead choosing to keep his gaze firmly on the ground, refusing to meet the gazes of his uncle's guests. Kyle sighed inwardly, looks like Harry was still quite wary about strangers. An iron hand of anger gripped tightly at his heart, knowing that it was the Dursleys' fault. The Peverell Lord smiled apologetically at his young guest and her mother.

"I'm sorry but Harry's a bit shy."

Violet eyes blinked curiously at the bashful boy who looked to be around her age. The young girl took a step closer and stuck out her hand.

"Hello, my name is Rhiannon Rowan and I hope we can be friends. Just like your uncle and my mom, and you can call me Rhian."

At the mention of his uncle, Harry looked up and straight into open amethysts. The young boy stared, not having seen that particular eye colour before.

"Friends?" Harry asked in a small voice and the black haired girl nodded. Then slowly, the boy lifted his hand and clasped the offered appendage. The young Rowan girl broke out in a dazzling smile and Harry smiled shyly.


Athena smiled softly, inwardly cooing at the adorable sight of the two children bonding. She had a feeling that the friendship would be a long, enduring one. The Rowan matriarch shared a look with the Peverell Lord, who nodded with a sparkle in his green eyes.

"Harry, why don't you show your new friend around the castle? I am sure there are many things you'd want Rhiannon to see. I'm going to have a little chat with her mother. Make sure you both show up for dinner, all right?

Harry nodded eagerly, seems like the child only needed to get pass the first barrier of introductions to warm up to another.

"Okay!" The boy then turned to his new friend, "Come on! I'll show you the Ancestry Hall!" The pitter-patter of small but fast footsteps soon faded down the hallway. Kyle then turned to Athena, gratitude shining in his eyes.

"Thank you."

The elegant lady inclined her head, "It was nothing. Besides, I quite enjoyed the sight of the Minister squirming."

Athena's loathing for the Minister was not unknown by people she kept close to her. Kyle smiled predatorily, "I'm sure you will have more chances to relish in his squirming in the near future."

The older woman flashed a similar smile, "I do hope so."

"Let's convene to my study." Athena nodded, following the other Lord. When they entered the tastefully decorated room, the sight of exotically handsome man with dark red hair and violet eyes sitting in one of the cushioned chairs caused the elegant woman to widen her icy gaze, break out in dazzling smile and rush forward to envelop him in a heartfelt embrace.


The man smiled softly and bent his head down to kiss his beautiful wife on the mouth. Kyle grinned, "Alright, enough with the public displays already. We've got business to talk about."

Athena shot the younger man she was slowly regarding as a younger brother a dangerous glare while still in the embrace. Kyle chuckled, understanding her ire for she hasn't properly laid eyes on her husband for more than two months now. It was partially his fault for he was the one who sent Declan on a mission.

"You will have time to catch up later but right now, it's quite important that we get down to business."

The married couple broke the hug and settled into comfortable chairs near the unlit fireplace. For a few moments, Kyle contented himself with just looking at the handsome couple before him.

Merlin knows how many plans would have been undoable had not been for the efforts and the skills of the pair sitting directly across him.

Unknown to most and forgotten by the Old Houses, the Rowan family always stood unwaveringly loyal by the Peverells. It was an ancient promise, after Ignotus Peverell saved the wife and children of Rhys Rowan, the first Rowan Lord. The bond was buried under layers of forgotten history after the Peverell name was seemingly lost but from one Rowan Head to the next, the pact and story were passed down dutifully and the chain never broke. She was already training Rhiannon to be what she was to Kyle to Harry.

Athena returned the look, secretly in awe of the young man's prowess and at the same time, relieved. She did not have to think twice about serving him; she trusted him with her life. At the mere age of twenty-one, Kyle had already achieved what most would wish to have at the end of their long lives.

However, there are times where the Peverell seem much older when his viridian gaze would reflect guilt and take on a haunted glaze. Athena often wondered about his history but refrained from prodding, as it was none of anyone's business but his own.

"So Declan, how was the trip?"

The man smiled, this time revealing his abnormally long canines, and replied in a smooth voice. "It was a success, milord. I've persuaded the vampires from aligning with Voldemort. The Vampire Court is now aware of the potential threat the monster poses if he were to win."

The Dhampire, as one would call a child sired by a vampire father and borne from a human mother, had been on a diplomatic trip for the last ten weeks. Kyle nodded in satisfaction.

"However," continued the half-vampire, "there is a rogue clan on the loose and I fear that the chances of Malkavian clan joining Voldemort in the future is quite high if he can assure the defeat of the Ventrue and install them as the new rulers."

Kyle frowned and replied after a moment, "I'm afraid there isn't much we can do, what we can do is to prepare for the possibility."

Both of the Rowans frowned but nodded. After all, even if the rest of the world doesn't know it, they were at war.

Amber liquid swished around a crystal glass as an elegant hand titled the cup. Half-hooded molten silver eyes stared into the remaining ambers of the controlled fire in the fireplace.

Glimpses of poison green eyes and cupid-bow lips teased easily from his memories flooded his mind.

It has been six months since he first laid eyes on the younger man in Madam Malkins' when he brought Draco to be outfitted with a new wardrobe. Even at first glance, Kyle Peverell was a stunning piece of art. After the dinner they shared, the other Lord was unforgettable.

Who was this man, to have Lucius pining over him like a love-struck teenager?

He even managed to sucker him into helping with Sirius Black's re-trial. Everything he did concerning Kyle Peverell went against everything he believed in.

The mysterious young Lord had a gaze old fit enough for someone thrice his age. More often than not, that beautiful gaze was knowing, piercing enough to see right through him and into his tainted soul.

And yet, he still maintains a thread between him and Lucius.

Why did he feel like the other man was giving him a second chance?

A chance to leave his sinister past, protect his family further, be a better father, redeem and bring the Malfoy name to greater heights, clear his long-buried conscience, and take control of his life.

Take control of his life.

Contrary to popular belief, Lucius Malfoy did not join Voldemort out of respect or awe. He was forced by the coward of his father to serve and kiss the hem of a charismatic sociopath. However he was impressionable as a youth and was soon pulled into the smooth, addicting allure of the Dark Arts and Tom Riddle alike. Lucius tumbled into bed with a handsome, more experienced Dark Lord. At one point of his life, Lucius fancied himself in love with the older man but it started fading as Voldemort's mind spiralled into insanity.

Then he got married to a beautiful Narcissa Malfoy, courtesy to his parents' machinations. But he had been expecting that; arranged marriages were inescapable. So once again, Lucius yield to pressure. He had a loveless marriage but there was a mutual respect that slowly became a strong kinship. From that union came Draco, Lucius's son and life. The youngest Malfoy's birth had saw to a resolve in Lucius to never be the father Abraxas Malfoy was to him.

Then came the historic defeat of the Dark Lord by the hands of a mere babe. Lucius witnessed Harry Potter survive an Avada Kedavra and Voldemort vanish into thin air. He had stumbled into the Manor, shell shocked and shivering. In his mind, the scene of Voldemort pointing his wand at the infant kept replaying, often replacing the dark-haired baby with a blond-haired one.

An amber flared, reflecting the light in dark grey eyes which flicked to rest on a silk covered left bicep. The man took a sip of the drink, liquid courage flowing down his throat. Then Lucius's grip tightened around the glass and his quicksilver gaze hardened.

Perhaps it's time to take control.

The bell of her modest house rang and Minerva frowned, curious about just who would be looking for her at this time of the year. Her summers were usually spent in private, relaxing or preparing for the next academic year.

The formidable witch swiftly reached the door and opened, only to come face to face with the greenest eyes she had ever seen. There was something very familiar with the gaze but she did not recognize the face of the richly dressed youth before her.

The extremely handsome young man smiled affectionately and greeted her, "Hello, Minnie."

Then her vision went white and she heard a female voice, laden with palpable power, whisper. "It's an honour to meet you at least, Minerva Branwen McGonagall. In a way, my existence is secured because of your sacrifice. Thank you and this is your gift from me."

Images and disjointed pieces of conversations swamped her mind as Minerva observed with awe. Information poured into the recesses of her brilliant mind and she gasped as the information was absorbed immediately. As soon as it started, the process was over.

"You have my eternal gratitude."

Minerva's eyes snapped opened and she gasped, drawing a big breath as memories of the future registered. She looked at the person standing at the door and recognition mixed with relief flooded her entire body. Minerva reached out with a trembling hand and touched the young man's cheek.

"It worked…" The deputy headmistress of Hogwarts trembled with relief, "Oh thank Merlin, it worked!"

The young man smiled softly and enveloped the older woman in a warm embrace, "Yes, it did. Minnie, you did it. You sent me back. And now, we're going to change the future."

Minerva, filled with relief and immense pride for the young man before her, returned the hug and when she broke away from the embrace, it could be seen that a streak of white marred the otherwise previously black head of hair. She seemed visibly younger with less lines and brighter skin but her grey gaze seemed wiser and more determined as she took in the new appearance of her protégé.


Green eyes sparkled as he shook his head, "Harry is my nephew. I'm now Kyle Peverell, his legal guardian after I retrieved him from the Dursleys."

Minerva's eyes darkened at the mention of the Muggle family; she had never supported Dumbledore in his decision to send Harry there. Kyle smiled and said, "It's in the past, let's concentrate on the present and the future. Besides, there are some more people here to meet you if you were to lower the wards slightly."

Just as Minerva did so, two figures appeared in the distance, one much smaller than the other. The Animagus witch recognized Remus Lupin, looking much younger and healthier, and was about to say something but was distracted by the loud cry of a child.


Minerva turned at the child's voice and saw bright green eyes of her brightest student and dishevelled ebony locks of her most favoured student. She looked at Kyle, "Is that…"

The Peverell's cupid-bow lips curved into a soft smile.

"He's here to see his Aunt Minnie."

Another pair of acid green eyes looked up with innocence and curiosity. Harry made an adorable picture.


The little boy cocked his head to the left slightly and smiled shyly, "Hi, Aunt Minnie."

Minerva felt tears prick at the corners of her eyes as she swooped down and hugged the young child tightly. Harry merely returned the hug as he basked in the maternal affection so freely given.

There was now hope.

Lots of it.


Sirius Black woke up with a start and turned his unkempt head to side to peer blearily. He could see the outlines of two people; one had a baton and was cooking up a din by hitting that against his cell bars while the other seemed to be waiting for something. Damn, what has he done now to attract such attention from the guards?

"Hey prisoner! There's someone who's here to visit you! Wake up, you lazy son-of-a-b—"

"That is not necessary, as you can see, he is up." A cool voice edged with steel shut the guard up.

Someone's here to visit him? Who?

The Animagus grimaced as he tried to sit up, long unused muscles protesting painfully. Unfocused blue eyes squinted in the dim light.

"Hello, Sirius," the visage of a familiar pair of blue-grey eyes from his childhood flooded his vision. Athena Rowan smirked down upon her cousin and once constant companion at boring functions during their shared youth; "looks like you'll have quite a bit of showering to do once I get your perverted arse out of prison."


Coming Up Next: The Trial of Sirius Black

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