For xoStarlightAddiction.
She suggested I do Beauty for Shane for the 101 Prompts.
Here you go!

Prompt 16 – Beauty.

Shane Gray doesn't see beauty everywhere he goes. He isn't like Jason, who sees beauty in everything and everyone. He isn't like Mitchie, who sees beauty in the simple things like waking up to birds singing in the morning. He isn't like Caitlyn, who sees beauty but pretends not to notice. He isn't like Nate, who sees beauty in music. He isn't like Tess, who sees beauty in herself.

He just doesn't see beauty everywhere. It's just something he doesn't notice. He notices pretty (Mitchie), he notices happy (Jason), he notices serious (Nate), he notices angry (Caitlyn) and he notices sad (Tess). So why can't he notice beauty?

It was the fifth of August when Shane finally got a dose of beautiful. He was sitting under an oak tree with his guitar, humming to himself. He had stopped playing a while ago when he decided to relax in the summer sun of Camp Rock.

"Hey, Popstar."

Shane cringed at the nickname and turned his head to see none other than Mitchie sitting down next to him.

"Hey, Mitch." He greeted, though he was tempted to use a nickname she'd hate to get back at her. He'd told her at least ten times in the past week that he is a rock star not a pop star.

"Why are you alone? Where are the fan girls?" Mitchie asked, pretending to be horrified at seeing Shane by himself.

"Haha, funny." Shane replied, sticking his tongue out.

The two sat in silence for a few moments, both staring ahead. After a few minutes he turned his head to ask Mitchie something when he stopped. The way that the sun beamed down on her made her look different. He searched her face before smiling. Mitchie turned, giving him a confused look.

"What?" She questioned, unsure.

"Nothing." Shane replied. "But I think I just found beauty."

Cheesy fluff! Yay! It's been a while.