Title: Father

Author: Caz251

Summary: A mistake of Gwen's gives Jack and Ianto some extra responsibility.

Characters: Team Torchwood
Spoilers: General Spoilers nothing specific

Authors notes: Gwen bashing. Not for Gwen fans. MPREG mentioned.


Owen was looking over the results of the test he'd just performed in a sort of perplexed confusion, glancing quickly at Jack who was hovering at the side of the autopsy table that Ianto was sat on, he called for Tosh to join them.

Handing Tosh the test results he spoke, "Tosh, look over that for me, please. I need a second opinion, because I think I've lost my mind, this is impossible."

"What? What's wrong, I've not picked up some alien disease have I?", Ianto asked, whilst looking at the resident Doctor who was looking very unnerved.

"No. Nothing like that, it's just, you're pregnant, Ianto. I really don't know how, but your three months pregnant.", Owen spoke.

Jack staggered backwards and fell into a chair, he looked as if he was about to pass out, he stared at Ianto in disbelief. "Pregnant, how, I mean, no recorded cases till 3018." He muttered quietly before gasping, "Of course, three months."

Tosh and Owen looked at their boss when he seemed to have finished his mad ramblings, waiting for whatever explanation he seemed to have come up with. Ianto however sat on the autopsy table staring down at his stomach in shock, he couldn't be pregnant, he was a man, but he was pregnant and he was scared shitless over what was going to happen to him.

He quickly tuned in to the conversation taking place, "Three months ago a device came through the rift that I told you was not to be touched. Remember the one I'm talking about, the one Gwen decided she would play about with in an attempt to show her superior knowledge. I think that when she activated it she gave Yan the ability to carry children."

"So, what are we going to do, Jack?" Ianto asked, looking at his lover and his two friends, while Owen muttered about the stupid cow who couldn't leave things alone when she was told to.

"Well, first Owen's going to recheck you completely to check both yours and the baby's health. Also, this stays between us for now, Gwen doesn't find out, she may have caused it, but think of the problems she will cause if she knows. Yan, no more fieldwork, you can drive for us for another month, then that's it, no heavy lifting, take it easy, ok love." Jack said.

Standing he quickly made his way over to Ianto and pulled him to his feet, placing his hands on Ianto's still flat stomach he spoke, "We're going to have a baby. I'm going to be a father.", before pulling Ianto into a passionate kiss.

Jack pulled back and just held Ianto close to him whispering to him quietly about their baby when someone cleared their throat. Looking up and stepping away from each other it was to see Gwen staring at them from the entrance to the autopsy room.

"Jack, are we going to do any more work today or are you all going to stand around doing nothing all day." She asked with that sickeningly sweet voice she always used when trying to get Jack to do as she wants.

The rest of the team looked at each other and Jack nodded, "We're just coming Gwen, can you start work on that pile of reports I gave you. Tosh, I need you to continue with those translation devices. Owen, Ianto, if you finish Yan's routine check-up, then I want a copy of the report. I'll be in my office if anyone needs me."

A while later in Jack's office, Owen was repeating to Jack everything he'd told Ianto, such as eating proper meals, getting enough rest and not overworking. Ianto meanwhile was talking to Toshiko discussing different technology that could be used to create the translation devices.

Gwen's perky voice suddenly jumped into the conversation, "Ianto, seeing as you're sitting about doing nothing make me a coffee, then help me with these files."

Ianto looked at Tosh who had a look of disbelief on her face before answering, "Gwen, Jack gave you those reports to you to do and you know how to make your own coffee and where the kitchen is, I'm busy."

Gwen sat stunned that Ianto expected her to make her own coffee, "Listen teaboy, just because Jack is currently shagging you doesn't mean you are better than me, your just sitting about talking to Toshiko, not busy at all."

"No, you listen to me Gwen Cooper, you know nothing, got that, nothing. It's one mistake after the other with you. You have no idea what you are talking about, so back off.", Ianto yelled before walking through the cog door, back up to the tourist office.

Owen who had been standing watching with Jack turned to whisper to him so Gwen couldn't hear, "I forgot to mention, his hormone levels will be all over the place."

Jack nodded before speaking, "Tosh, go after him, check he's okay for me, please. Gwen, my office NOW! Owen, can you sort out that list of medical supplies we need, please."

Once sat behind his desk Jack looked at Gwen and sighed, "Gwen, what the hell is your problem with Ianto? He has done absolutely nothing but be polite to you since you first arrived. Ianto was right, I gave you those files to work on as you've been ignoring them for weeks, even Owen's done all his paperwork. You need to start pulling your weight Gwen, you are not the only, or the most important, person on this team and you need to realise that."

Gwen looked at Jack's angry face and thought of how she could get out of this one, "Jack, it was him who started to yell at me. He needs to do something about that temper of his. I mean it isn't healthy for him to go around snapping at everyone, I think he should see a psychologist.", she said, hoping he'd see her earlier outburst as concern for Ianto.

Jack just stared at Gwen as if she was the one who was nuts. "Gwen, finish those reports, then go home.", he said as he left his office, grabbing his coat on the way.

"Owen, I'm going to take Yan home, you're in charge. I'll see you tomorrow." Jack said as he walked towards the cog door, Owen nodding in acknowledgement.

He entered the tourist office and thanked Toshiko before telling Ianto they were going home. Once they were at home Ianto turned to Jack, "I'm sorry for earlier I didn't mean to cause problems."

"Hey, it's okay, it's your hormones. We're having a baby, Yan. We get to be parents, I'm going to be a father." Jack said, as the news fully sunk in.