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"Auntie Tosh, Auntie Tosh." A small voice yelled as the body it belonged to ran towards her.

Tosh smiled down at her small niece, "What is it, Rhosyn?"

"Daddy's being mean." The small girl pouted up at her aunt, "He pulled my hair."

Tosh smiled, "I'm sure he didn't mean it sweetheart, but he needs to brush it, look it's tangled."

The young girl seemed to think for a moment before replying, "You do it." Then quickly added, "Please."

The look on the young girls face was impossible to resist, she certainly had Jack's charm, but Ianto's puppy dog eyes were what clinched the deal. Tosh nodded, leading the young girl back into the house, only to find Jack and Ianto sat in the kitchen and Owen in the living room playing with three year old Gwillym.

Tosh sat on the couch while Rhosyn ran to get her brush from her dad, the little girl bounding back into the room a moment later, "Bunches, please, Auntie Tosh."

Tosh nodded before setting to work, it had been just over five years since Rhosyn had been born, and today she started school, the time seemed to just fly by. She thought back to that day over five years ago when they had been graced with the little bundle of joy, as loud as she sometimes was. They had left Gwen in the cell for almost a week, unsure what to do with her, well she, Owen and Jack had wanted to shoot her but Ianto wouldn't allow it.

In the end it was decided that as she had wanted to permanently cripple Ianto they would do the same to her, without Ianto's knowledge of course. It had been decided as a team that Gwen's time at Torchwood would be wiped from her mind, not retconned but completely wiped. Ianto had agreed to this, after all you couldn't have civilians wandering about with the knowledge that Gwen held. The others had decided to take it further though and wiped her mind back to infancy before Owen took her home to Rhys and retconned him so that he wouldn't remember Torchwood either.

Once they were rid of Gwen they needed to replace her, especially as Ianto was still out of the field for a time. That was how Detective Inspector Kathy Swanson and PC Andrew Davidson ended up in Torchwood, providing the police skills Gwen had been hired for, but they also worked well with the rest of the team and were able to do other tasks as well, showing that it was just a 'Gwen Cooper' thing and not a 'all police are idiots' thing.

She couldn't help but smile at her thoughts, when Rhosyn had been just over a year old Jack had decided that it was unfair for her to be an only child, she still remembered Ianto's face when he asked Jack what he was thinking before he refused to carry another, which led to nine months of hormonal Jack. Now that was fun. Hormones in a woman or in Ianto were bad enough, but hormonal Jack was enough to have the Torchwood team trying to hide in the sewers with the weevils for a bit of a reprieve. They were all grateful when Gwillym Harkness-Jones was born and Jack was back to normal.

As the group stood outside the school gates to watch Rhosyn make her way in for her first day of school Tosh couldn't help but think that if it wasn't for the stupidity and pigheadedness of Gwen Cooper none of this would have happened.