Who is this Demon in my soul?

The demon that whispers.

The whispering madness.

In the darkness.


Who is this Demon in my mind?

The Demon with white hair and gold eyes.

That I can see laughing.

In the mirror of your eyes.


Who is this Demon in my room?

The Demon that hurts.

Hurts you.

Crimson blood falling to the ground.


Who is this Demon in my house?

The Demon that kills.

Kills everyone.

The screams echoing in the rooms.



Who is the Demon?

In a mirror splattered

With dripping red.

I spot myself.


Liquid gold surrounded.

By black shadows.

In my eyes.

Snowy white bone.

Sprayed crimson.

On my face.

A wide maniacal grin.

Stretching my mouth.

Teeth glinting in the dark.


Crazed laughter resonating

In an empty house.

It seems like the Demon.

Is Me.