"Vixen's really been getting out of hand, you know?" Scott said to the professor.

"I know she can be a littleā€¦frustratingā€¦ but she's one of us." Replied Logan who was leaning against the door. There was a silence in which Scott glared at him.

Xavier seemed to be suddenly distracted. "We have a guest, open the gates."

Scott, Jean and Wolverine looked at each other for a moment or so until Jean sighed and left the room.

The rest of the mutants went to the window to see who there was but it was dusk and all that they could make out was the figure.

The watched as the gates opened and the person entered. Jean held the door wide open for their guest. The young girl stepped inside, shivering.

"Hey, I'm Jean." She said to the girl and though the newcomer opened her mouth there were no words. The girl looked down in, what looked like, shame.


Xavier rolled out of his office where the new girl was still sitting on a sofa with her arms around her knees.

"She's called Jade Valentine, or Banshee. She has a certain power over sound and she seems to think it as a curse." The professor explained to Wolverine, Beast and Storm.

"Banshee; a cursed female ghost who screams terrifying cries of distress." Remarked Beast,

"Indeed." The professor agreed. "She's temporarily mute though, which could be a bore. She doesn't understand, let alone know how to use her powers."

The door opened and everyone looked. The young girl was quite tall; normal size really. She had long black hair that came down in front of her left eye. Her eyes were blue. Jade seemed anxious and shy, and they all remembered that they'd felt exactly the same.

"Jade, would you like to go and meet your fellow mutants?" Mr McCoy showed her the door to the living room and Jade went though.

"Hey! Jade, right?" Kitty asked her and she nodded. "Well, I'm Kitty, or Shadow Cat." She finished smiling to herself.

The hour that followed was full of people poking and prodding, question asking and introduction.

When Jade was shown to her room and left alone she finally felt easy.

She sat on her bed and looked around at her conjoined bedroom. Jade hadn't yet met her room-mate but she'd heard plenty from the others.

The elusive Vixen had been described as flirty, fun, a trouble maker, amusing, sexy and a general rebel; just the kind of person Jade could'nt be doing without at that moment.

After a few moments, the girl decided she was too restless to go to bed but still needed to be alone.

It was the first time Jade had been in a group of people her own age and it was painful; too similar to her before-life. She felt edgy.

Just then the door opened. It was one of the older kids; Scott.

"Hi, Jade. We're about to eat, you coming?" He asked and she replied with a sweet smile but still shook her head. He smiled half heartedly and left.

After a few moments, Jade was ripped out of her thoughts by a crash on the French windows. Curiosity pushed her to go to the creature's aid. As she was bending over to pick it up, the bird started moving. Jade flinched away from it and then, in a blink, the owl was gone and all the girl was looking at was a pair of bare feet.

"Nice to know someone cares." The owner of the feet spoke as Jade still stared down at them in awe. This voice was sweet and sultry but had an edge of cynicism. The girl crouched down to Jade's level and they locked eyes.

"Hey roomy, have they started eating yet?" Jade nodded, still looking baffled.

"Damn it!" Vixen stood up again and marched past Jade, pushing her on the forehead in the process and shoving Jade to the ground. She glared at the now empty door from the floor where she lay. Silently cursing this girl she could sense she was going to hate.