She lay there, wide awake. Dreaming. She checked her old steel alarm clock; 6:30. Still 30 minutes before she had to get up. 30 more minutes of bliss. Warm in her bed.

Jade Valentine; mutant. Parents; deceased. Living in Xavier's institute for the gifted. What would mom think?

All the while savouring the comfort and warmth of her bed, Jade detested -with all her might- not doing anything. Because not doing anything lead to thinking and thinking lead to that day, that horrible day. And thoughts of that day lead to images of their faces. Their distorted, dead faces.

The entire mansion was awakened by a terrible noise; a scream, only amplified by hundreds, thousands. Everyone was woken up, covering their ears in pain. And then it stopped. The students and teachers alike were all shocked. "What just happened?" Kitty asked Rogue. "Don't ask me!"

The professor made his way towards the new girl's room, only to find her weeping in her roommate's arms. This was even more shocking; Vixen had never been known to make female friends.

"I saw them! Their faces! That day! They're gone!" Jade sobbed between tears and sniffs.

Vixen held her tightly against her.

"I know it's hard. But you're okay now, I promise. And they're in a better place.."

A few moments later, Jade was wiping away the last of the tears.

"Thanks you.. Vixen."

"Dude, you were gonna deafen everybody, including me!" Jade chuckled, blushed.

Charles then said "Jade, would you mind coming into my office? Seeing as you now speak it might be easier to help you." He finished with a smile.

Jaded nodded agreement and left the room with the professor.