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Reno awoke abruptly to the sound of two people making out. He didn't know where it had come from, but it had woken him up successfully.

Then he huffed as he realised it was his mobile ringing. Without bothering to sit up, he reached over to his bedside table and fumbled with his fingers until he grasped the cold, hard object.

Flipping it open, he answered, "Yo. You called?"

As soon as he heard the voice on the other end, his spirits lifted, and he felt filled with a surprising amount of energy. Tifa's voice seemed to do that to him. It was his fuel for a long day at work. "Reno? Come have breakfast at my place this morning. I baked your favourite-choc chip cookies. Come straight away, before they go cold, okay?"

The frazzled redhead beamed at the mention of his favourite cookies, but then his expression turned rather puzzled as he fully comprehended her sentence. "It might just be my fuzzy-morning-logic, but aren't cookies snacks, not breakfast?"

He heard a giggle. "Is that a complaint, Sir?"

He blushed, surprised with himself for actually saying such a thing. "No, of course not! I'll be there in ten."

With that, he hung up and prepared for the morning, a small nagging curiosity hanging at the back of his mind. Why was she so eager to get him over to eat cookies?

Tifa must mean buisness. Reno decided.


Reno and Tifa were sitting in her rather spacious new loungeroom. Both were grateful that Tifa had decided to move out. The house was a nice one, and although it didn't have two playful children and a busy blonde, Tifa felt right at home.

Reno was awkwardly tapping his mug of hot chocolate, slightly worried as to what Tifa had brung him to her house for. It was a rare sight. "So, uh...Tifa. Did you call me over to eat cookies, or was there another reason?"

The brunette blushed. "I, um...wanted to give you this."

She handed him a gift wrapped in plain blue paper, a small white ribbon sitting on top perfectly. "It's not much...Just a thankyou present."

It wasn't every day a girl gave Reno a "thankyou present". Retrieving it from the woman's pale hands, he began to carefully unwrap the gift, his own hands trembling nervously.

He gave his girlfriend a puzzled look as he studied the item inside. It was a small, striped blue and white beanie that was as soft as a bundle of feathers.

Tifa giggled as Reno attempted to place the beanie on his shock of red hair.

Reno frowned. "It doesn't fit...Well, I guess it's the thought that counts."

Tifa rolled her brown eyes at her boyfriend's stupidity. "It's not for you, idiot."

That only confused Reno further. "But I thought-"

Tifa sighed and snatched the beanie from his hands, holding it up for him to clearly see. "See it now?"

His blank stare answered her question.

She hesitated, unsure whether to continue or not. "Uh, Reno...."

He looked up at her, warmly now, and motioned for her to continue. "Yeah?"

"I...well, I..." She stammered, unable to process the right words.

Reno blinked. It was easy to see the confusion and curiosity lurking behind his enlarged aquamarine eyes. "Spit it out, there's nothing I haven't heard before."

Tifa bit her lip and looked up at him as innocently as possible. "I'm pregnant."

She winced as she watched Reno's chair fall backwards and heard the sound of a loud thud. At least it went better than she had expected, though she came to the conclusion that he hadn't heard that one before. She carefully placed the baby beanie on the coffee table and walked over to her fallen soon-to-be-father.

Reno, thankfully, hadn't fainted, but instead he was in a state of panic, his face alert and almost frightened. "P-p-preg-pregnant? With...me?"

Tifa didn't feel the desire to repeat it, in fear that she would only cause Reno more stress. Instead, she nodded once, offering him a hand which he unintentionally ignored. He was in a daze now, nothing said to him would make any sense. Tifa decided to let Reno sort himself out, while she went into the kitchen to clean up. "Let me know what you think when you're ready, okay?"

Reno was still trying to comprehend her sentence. "Preg...nant? With...me? Baby?"

Tifa smirked, and in a playful tone replied, "Yeah, good one there Reno. I must say, I'm proud."

He fainted then. And Tifa giggled.

Month One

Reno wasn't particularily happy with the situation they had got themselves into. At 25 he wasn't ready to become a father, especially with the fact that he wasn't even married yet. He didn't mind as such, but he felt slightly guilty for Tifa, the woman who now had a human being growing inside her womb. If everyone found out she was pregnant before she was married, she wouldn't be the most popular bartender around. Yet still, through it all, she still seemed naturally cheerful and optimistic, as if nothing had happened at all.

He was proud to be her boyfriend.

Despite Tifa denying any regrets, he felt the desire to make up for the burden, as he saw it, that he had placed on the brunette's shoulders. But really, he didn't know how. He didn't have any experience with things like this; it was a first to his collection of lifetime events. He was definitely no expert.

The idea of leaving had crossed his mind once or twice, but he knew he would never be able to cope with doing such a cruel thing. Leaving was not an option. He was going to stay by Tifa's side until the end-after all, it was his doing.


Tifa slumped into her soft matress and sighed, a long, tired and thoughtful sigh. Staying perky at times like these wasn't easy, but she knew that if she got depressed, it would only make matters worse-for herself and for her boyfriend.

She practiced smiling at the cold, white roof as she lay there, until her cheeks began to ache. She knew there was only a fake emotion behind that smile, but it still made her feel the slightest bit better.

Then she remembered the baby inside her and gave a genuine smile that warmed her own heart. She was going to make the most of the situation, and keep in mind that she had the baby's own future to think about, not just her own.

Placing the palm of her hand on her belly, she closed her eyelids and breathed in deep. "We're gonna get through this together, sweetie. You and me. You're new to me, but I love you like I've known you my whole life. I-"

Her soft, soothing murmur was interrupted by the booming voice of her cocky redheaded boyfriend.

"Baby's, we're goin' to Costa Del Sol!"

Tifa bolted upright, a wide grin spreading across her pale face, lighting it up like the summer sun. "You serious!?"

Reno had that twinkle in his eye, and she knew it was true. "Serious as I'll ever be. We leave next week."

He walked over to his excitable girlfriend and kissed her lightly on the lips, stroking her belly as he did so. "My babes. Love ya's."

Tifa giggled, feeling better about everything already. With a boyfriend like Reno, she had nothing to worry about. Except maybe cravings and blood tests.

Month Two

The beach was beautiful.

The white sand sparkled like glitter from the sun's youthful rays, contrasting against the fiercly blue sky that was completely free from clouds. It was a magnificent day. Children laughed and played in the sand, some splashing in the water throwing beach balls in and out. Their giggles filled Tifa's heart with joy, just in knowing that soon, very soon, she would have her own unique child laughing like they did. But only better. Her child would have the most wonderful voice in the whole Planet, she knew it.

She heard a young child cry suddenly, and as she looked over from her place beneath the beach umbrella, she saw that a girl had dropped her ice-cream and her parents trying to calm her down. So motherhood wasn't going to be all fun and games, it seemed. Not that it mattered. A child would make up for all the dramas.

Tifa had tied her brunette locks in two long plaits that fell across her green beach towel, making her seem all the more youthful. and her face was alight with an unwavering smile. She was so thankful for the trip Reno had arranged.

Speaking of Reno...Where is that guy? Tifa wondered, peering towards the ocean in search for him, but with no luck.

As if on cue, she heard familiar footsteps walk towards her, and suddenly, a mouthwatering chocolate ice-cream appear in her line of sight. With a playful smirk, she looked up at the shirtless man looming over her, a wide grin dancing on his face. Without hesitation, she took the ice-cream and began to nibble it delicately.

Reno took his place next to her, sitting with his legs crossed. He chuckled as he watched her eat. "You're pregnant, Tif', not a princess. Go for it!"

Tifa just looked at him, the same playful expression evident on her face as she took an innocent lick.

He rolled his eyes. "Geez, anyone would think you're trying to make me tackle you...Should I show you how to eat it?"

That didn't sound like such a good idea. She could just see the ice-cream going everywhere, including on herself.

"No thanks, I'm fine." Tifa replied quickly.

Reno's grin widened. "Too late, mate!"

He began shoving mouthfuls of the food into his mouth at once, liquid falling onto the perfect sand beneath him. "This...is...mmm.... good!"

Tifa grimaced in disgust at the Turk, and snatched the cone from his grasp, taking a monstrous bite, just for kicks. "Yeah, it is."

Reno's eyes lit up in mischief, and Tifa's stomach lurched. When he had that look on his face, she knew trouble was coming.

And coming it was. He literally pounced onto her, snatching the cone and smearing it thickly onto her face and neck. "Take that!"

Tifa squealed in horror, taking her own cone and thrusting it onto Reno's bare chest. "How do you like them apples!?"

The tackle began then, several children forming a circle around the laughing couple-though a fair distance away as to not get caught up in the...mess.

They were completely soaked from head to toe in chocolate ice-cream, and gasping for breath. Both had fallen flat on their backs, giggling like schoolgirls, waiting for the other to react.

Reno turned his gaze towards his girlfriend and smiled, recieving a grateful smile back-until he leant over and licked the ice-cream from her face.

"Mmm...Best flavour of them all." Reno commented, smirking devillishly. "I always did wonder what it would be like to lick a chocolate covered Tifa."

Tifa blushed madly and punched him playfully in the shoulder. "I'm going in the water to wash myself off..."

Reno wasn't finished teasing-not that he ever was. "But I've got a better idea!"

"Don't wanna hear it!" Tifa called back as she ran towards the shimmering shores.

Reno couldn't help but admire the way her brown plaits fell across her pregnant curves. He whistled charmingly after her, just for fun. "Hot baby!"

Several heads belonging to parents turned to face the rather rude redhead, casting him dirty glares. "Save it for later!"

Chuckling, Reno ran after her. Would his child be proud of his parents, he wondered?

Month 3

Tifa hated pregnancy already. At 5 in the morning, her body clock had gone off and she had instantly and subconsciously rushed to the bathroom to deal with her early morning sickness. And then Reno had woken up, trying to comfort her but instead being rewarded with a snarl from his moody girlfriend.

He didn't like pregnancy either.

It tended to happen practically every day. She would wake up in a sweat from some odd dream-usually about giving birth to a chocobo, or mini Sephiroth, or something along those lines-and then start vomiting for the next 15 minutes, swearing and cursing as she did so. It was literally impossible for the redhead to stay asleep. In the end, he had decided to sleep in the loungeroom each night, much to Tifa's own discomfort. Being a Turk, he needed all the rest he could get.

But this morning was different.

Instead of waking up and sprinting for the bathroom, Tifa was smiling. Her baby bump was visible now-still small, but noticable enough to know that a new being was on its way. And to her, knowing that was enough to forget the troubles of pregnancy. At least, for a little while.

Luckily, Reno had decided to sleep in the same bed as her that night. His back was aching from sleeping on the couch for 5 days in a row, and he had been missing the late night company of his girlfriend.

Tifa gave a soft, startled gasp as she felt a warm hand touch her belly. She turned her head towards Reno, who's face was just visible in the early morning sunrise. His touch was soothing, making her stresses ease away gently, like a cool summer breeze in the dusk.

"I can feel the life in there..." Reno murmured, his sharp aquamarine eyes glistening with a keen interest. "...It's amazing."

The brunette laughed almost silently, placing her pale hand on Reno's. "Isn't it? Just knowing there's a kid growing inside me is a miracle in itself. This was no mistake, Reno. It was meant to be. And you know what? I don't think we need to get married just yet."

Reno was surprised that she had raised the subject so suddenly. "Why's that?"

"People expect it of us, but I don't really care. I want to wait until we're both ready. And...preferrably when this baby is born so my wedding dress won't pop." Tifa smirked, and Reno chuckled lightly.

"You want our son to be called a bastard?" He asked playfully, and recieved a gentle nudge from his girlfriend. "Suit yourself."

"Who says it's gonna be a boy, huh?" Tifa muttered, resting her head on Reno's slightly bony shoulder.

Another confident chuckle was his reply. "We have our own links of communication. It's kinda..." He trailed off.

Tifa raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "It's kinda a Hojo thing, I'm guessing?"

Reno seemed to be in a chuckling sort of mood today. "Nah. I've got a hunch."

"And I have a hunch that it's a girl." She poked her petite tongue out at him, but quickly slipped it back in her mouth as he attempted to bite it.

They lay in companiable silence for a few minutes, thinking over what had happened and what was yet to come. Well, Tifa was. Reno was just staring in admiration at his girlfriend's gorgeous baby bump, smiling at it without her noticing.

Even when she's pregnant she's hot. Reno decided, grinning at his own observation.


To be continued in chapter 2, where we go from month 4 to month 7! So, how'd it turn out? ;)