Three Years Later...

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Reno loved mornings.

Tifa in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, Holly dancing to the Wiggles, and himself, playing an intense game of Space Invaders on his mobile phone, all added to the comforting atmosphere of a morning. And a Sunday morning, too.

How can it get any better than this?

"Daddy, where do babies come from?"

Tifa spat out her chocolate milk she was taste-testing, which now soaked Reno's plate of pancakes. Reno happened to see this as he looked to his wife for help, and only recieving a mortified, panic-stricken expression on the woman's face that wasn't at all comforting.

A horrid silence filled the air, and Reno could feel the tension letting all his hopes of a good Sunday morning drain away.

"Game over-You lose!"


"Erm...It's not chocolatey enough." Tifa stated firmly, trying to justify her actions but failing.

Reno flipped his phone shut and smirked, ruffing up his daughter's chocolate-brown, ponytail clad hair. It happened to have changed in colour since her birth, though it was quite expected.

"Holly," He said simply, "they come from your mum's ass."

Tifa wasn't too happy with his answer.

"Reno..." The brunette snapped through gritted teeth.

The redhead flashed her an innocent glance. "What? You always said to be outright and honest, so I'm obeying. If anyone's to blame, it's you."

Tifa felt the urge to throw a fork at Reno, but she didn't want to give Holly any bad impressions. "She's not even in school yet Reno. She doesn't even know how to count to ten, let alone know what an ass is."

The young girl looked from parent to parent, taking in every word. "But Mummy, I do know how to cou-"

Reno slumped back into the couch. "Hey, it takes more brains to count to ten, that's for sure. Look at me. Look at the high-school drop-outs. Look at the prostitutes. Babe, there's proof everywhere you look."

Tifa closed her eyes and sighed hard at her husband's stupidity. "Reno. Shut. Up. Now."

"Mummy?" Holly asked innocently, her colour spiralling eyes blinking at her mother, "What's a prostitute?"

"It's a-" Reno began.

"Holly, come-" Tifa interrupted, desperately trying not to let the redhead poison their daughter's pure young mind.

"Sex dr-"

"Get your panc-"

"Mummy, Daddy? What's sex?" Holly interrupted the two of them, her eyebrows furrowed in a line of confusion.

Tifa fainted, and Reno smirked, giving his devious daughter a hi-five.

"Good job Holly. Now let's eat those pancakes before Tifa wakes up."

Three years and she was already Daddy's little devil.

25 Years Later...

25 years had passed and so much had changed. Reno and Tifa shared their 27th anniversary in their small yet cozy cottage of the Chocobo Stables, where the couple had bought their first home, along with several chocobos. Reno was in charge of looking after the farm, where Tifa gave free chocobo riding lessons to the less wealthy families and orphans. It was a lovely setup-much nicer than the now barren streets of Midgar that had been abandoned over two decades ago. Not a soul lived there. Instead, people moved out into rural areas and towns, and the now thriving Wutai where Yuffie Kisaragi ruled.

There was no longer any need for either Avalanche or the Turks. The members of both organisations had moved on, and made their own families. And the past generation: Cloud, Tifa, Tseng, Elena and the others, were being overrun by the new generation. Their time had passed. And now Midgar would be nothing but a historical city, a place where only the old would remember the memories they had lived in.

Holly's twins were amazing, in their grandparent's now wise eyes. Tifa could only admire their mother's unique gift with children. She had been so fond of them, that she had become a school teacher, and not long after, she had raised her own two children-Yuffie, who she had named after her loving 'aunt', and Cloud, who she had named after her loving 'uncle'. The new generation, only two years old, who would soon replace the old on the surface, but never at heart. Avalanche, Shinra, they were all historical figures now-people to be looked highly upon. When their time came, Holly knew she would be teaching the children history lessons about them, and with great pride too.

"Granny, Granny!" Yuffie the blonde cheered, clapping her hands at the 52 year old.

Ugh, I feel so old... Tifa thought in mutual distaste, trying hard to ignore the fact that she was being called such a misleading name as 'granny'.

Ky, Holly's husband, scratched his short blonde hair awkwardly, seeing the grimace on his mother-in-law's face. "Heh, you don't like Granny? We trained her to say that. Sorry."

Tifa blushed, picking up her eager granddaughter as she did so. "Oh, no, it's fine, really-"

"She can't stand being an old fart." Reno interrupted from his position on the couch. He hadn't really changed much, despite his growing 'wisdom'.

"The irony, Reno, the irony. You just contradicted yourself there. I believe you're exactly three years older than me, am I right?" Tifa retorted, her crimson eyes sparkling with mischief.

The redhead, who had only managed to stay a redhead by the use of hair dye, chuckled as he replied, "You're right, Tif'. But you see, I don't mind being old. I'm-"

His redheaded grandson poked at the back of his head, giggling. "Grey spot, grey spot!"

"WHAT?!?! WHERE?!?!?! CALL THE AMBULANCE!!!" Reno bolted up and ran for the bathroom, whining as he did so.

Tifa and her loving family looked at each other and laughed.

Reno would never change. And perhaps that was a good thing.


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