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There she was. The lavender-eyed girl with dark-dark purple hair. Even when we were little kids, she was shy. But I loved her...........I loved my sunny place that saw all.

Five years ago. An arrangement between Hyuga Hiashi-sama and Uchiha Fugaku-sama.

" This would be an excellent thing to do, marrying my eldest daughter to your youngest son, Fugaku-kun. We Hyuga's would not only get the sharingan, the two strongest clans of Konohagakure woul be joining in to one! Splendid idea."

" Well, Hiashi-kun, my son and your daughter get along exeptionally well....... But, Hina-chan is just so cute!!!!!!"

Sasuke, Hinata and Neji were learning how to cook with Mikoto, Sasuke's mother. They were in the Hyuga main house.........After they had finshed thy're lesson with Mikoto, Hinata fell asleep in her lap and Sasuke snuggled up on her left side. Neji went to his father.

"Sasuke-kun..........what do you think of Hinata-chan? I know you two are very good friends. Would you like Hinata-chan to be the next Lady Uchiha?" asked Mikoto. She was sure what Sasuke's answer would be. She personally liked Hinata, she thought of her as her own daughter. She would absolutely love for Hinata to be her daughter in law someday.

"........Mommy, I like Hinata-chan very much! I promised her that we would be together forever!"

Mikoto was glad to hear that.

Two years later. The Uchiha Massacre.

Sasuke was runnig for his life. He had just learned who murdered virtually everyone in the clan, his brother........Itachi Uchiha. He didn't want to believe it . He really didn't want to believe it. But Itachi used his Mangekyou Sharingan on Sasuke to force him to believe it.

It was horrible. He made Sasuke watch him kill everyone. Sasuke was so stunned, he collasped on the floor. Tears were in his eyes. Slober was coming out of his mouth. He begged his elder brother to not make him see this. He begged.

Sasuke was confused, angered and shocked at what His dearest elder brother made him see. Sasuke asked why he did.

"To test my strength; measure my abilities."

"To measure your abilities.....?........Just for that?"

Itachi said nothing.

"Are you saying that........Just for that, you killed them all?!"

Itachi closed his eyes. his reply was:"That is of great importance."

"What do you mean...?", Sasuke asked as he was struggling to get up. He then charged at Itachi.

"Don't say such things!!!!!!!!!!!"

Itachi, of course, saw through him. He intercepted his attack with a punch to the stomach. This caused Sasuke to spit up more saliva. He fell to the ground again. Face to face with his dead father, he started to cry.

"I'm scared!!" He said as he got up and ran away from his brother. He didn't want to suffer the same fate as the rest of the clan. He kept running untill he realized Itachi was right there in front of him.

With his tear-steaked-scared face he yelled, "D-don't kill me!"

"You are not even worth killing......" Itachi replied blankly. He then continued. "Foolish little brother. If you wish to kill me, hate me................and in an unsightly way. Run. Run, cling to life!"

Fifteen minutes later. The Hyuga main house.

"What?! They're all dead?! How could this have happened?!" Hiashi yelled as an ANBU told him.

Hinata was on the other side of the wall. But she could hear them clearly.

"Sasuke is the only survivor?!"

'No.....no! How is Sasuke-chan the only survivor? Who did this? Why did they do this? Is Fugaku-san or Mikoto-san dead too?'

Then suddenly, the masked ANBU appeard in front of her.

"Little girl, you've already heard too much. But you are part of the Hyuga clan and the Hyugas are very close to the Uchihas. What you've heard is all true. But, I was ordered to only tell Hizashi-sama, Hiashi-sama and elder Hyuga-sama who destroyed the clan."

Hinata was confused. No one answered her questions about the culprit and his goal. She remained unknowing for now.

Four years later. The academy.

Iruka-sensei was choosing squads.

"Squad 7!"

Naruto's name was called first.

"Sakura Haruno!"

Naruto jumped for joy. Sakura looked Depressed and annoyed. Lastly, Sasuke's name was called. He was on Squad 7 too. Sakura jumped for joy while Naruto looked depressed and annoyed.

"Squad 8! Hinata Hyuga! Kiba Inuzuka! Shino Aburame!"

Hinata was slightly depressed and annoyed at the fact that Sakura got Naruto and Sasuke.

After everything is done, Hinata walks with Sasuke to his house. They kept their friendship over the years........

"Sasuke-kun.....are you ready to train me yet?" Hinata asks.

Sasuke looked Hinata up and down and then focused his eyes on her eyes. God, she was cute. And she had a killer body. Her breast were begging to be touched. Her lips begging to be kissed. And her eyes begging Him to do it.

She'd tooken off her jacket, revealing her black shirt. The shirt showed off her chest. He gulped. He also had a few sweat beads rolling from his forehead.

"Yes, Hinata-sama."

They begun training. The gentle fist versus......his fighting style.

They sweat alot. Sasuke was able to cop-a few-feels. Hinata noticed.....but didn't say anything. She just hit a preasure-point in his throat. At the same time, She was knocked off balance.

They were both laying on the lush grass of the Uchiha training grounds. Trees surrounded the two. Sasuke figured that no one could see them nor hear them..............

"Hinata-sama............" Sasuke said as he turned his face to her ear.

"Y-yes?" Hinata replied when turning her head to face him.

They both started blushing. Hinata was more noticable, though. Sasuke gulped again. he leaned forward and touched her mouth with his mouth.

Hinata's first kiss.