"I saw you there last night
Standing in the dark
You were acting so in love
With your hand upon his heart."

Gavin Degraw- Just Friends


The First Cut Is The Deepest

Chapter 1- Just Friends

I saw you two there last night. You both were sitting on a dark, wooden bench, secluded by nearby small, green trees. It was late, and the place didn't have a lot of people in the area except stragglers who occasionally walked by in order to get to their destination. Your knees were mere inches a part and the both of you were laughing, having a heart to heart. He was consoling you over your stolen editor position, and informed you that he frequently updated his Facebook so you wouldn't miss each other while he was in New York. He even had the correct amount memorized to 3 days, 11 hours, and 27 minutes until you replied. You were smiling and told him you weren't good with technology. He teased you back saying you were.

There was a moment where it appeared that you were gathering encourage for some reason since you had your head downcast. And then you looked at him straight in the eyes, it was during this time that you said, "I'm moving in with Matt." The tone of your voice implied how hard it was to say to him and of slight doubts you had.

He was taken a back and interested, "Oh," shook his head and asked a particular question that an ex should never ask about someone's current boyfriend. "Do you love him?"

"I do." There was a sad, yet resigned emotion to your eyes. "Henry, what we had was amazing, and exciting, probably because you were my first love, and probably because it always felt so impossible. What I have with Matt is totally different, but it's really good."

The whole time she was saying how she felt about him and I, he was lost in thought, trying to not let her words affect him too much. I could see that. She sought to be sure of her feelings, but they sounded rehearsed like she was supposed to say them as opposed to meaning them, aspiring to convince herself of how exactly to feel. If you asked me, she didn't seem too sure of how she felt. That is what worries me.

"Matt's a great guy."

"He is."

"And Chloe is a great girl."

He suddenly came to a realization, and said, "I don't know why I'm with her. The only thing we have in common is that we can both do one arm push-ups."

"She does look strong."

There were staring and accompanied carefree laughter.

"I don't know if I'm going ever feel this way with anyone else," he abruptly announced, becoming serious.

"Me neither," she replied.

"So what do we do?" he asked with some hesitation.

"Well, I guess I just to have to accept that I'll always be a little bit in love with you. And that's ok as long as it doesn't keep us from moving on. "

"You're pretty damn smart. Did you know that?" he teased. "So this is goodbye, again."

He didn't want to leave. She didn't want him to leave.

"I guess so," you answered while smiling.

The two of you, stood up, hugged, and behaved very innocently. He pecked your lips once, in the midst of pulling away, before both of you closed the gap that existed in front of you, so enthralled with each other that you two ignored the fact that you were in other relationships. I knew you guys weren't 'just friends.' They held one another like they were so in love or rather, like they never stopped being in love with each other. Countless, cherished kisses later, both broke away, faces filled with guilt. He took half a second to compose himself and left. She froze, distressed before walking in the counter direction.

What a strange feeling, having your heart agonizingly sink to the soles of your shoes. The sting so fresh you're still reeling from the loss of security, of belief, of love for your relationship, and trust in the girl you shared your world to. I also paused with a bouquet of sunflowers in my right hand, turned around, and disbelievingly walked to my limo. I don't know anything right now.


A/N: Title from Sheryl Crow's The First is the Deepest/originally the song came to mind from One Tree Hill. It was a season 1, episode title. Referenced and modified lines from artists like Gavin Degraws' 'Just Friends,' for my first sentence of paragraph one, A Fine Frenzy's 'Near to You" for second sentence of the last paragraph. The second and third song that inspired me is brilliant by the way, and you should check them out. Also the first chapter's title comes from Secondhand Serenade's Like A Knife; thought it was appropriate. I've never listened to Crow so I can't form an opinion there. I also used a lot of actual quotes Betty and Henry used from episode 23. The details and description were mine though.

This is my new Ugly Betty fic. I've never written a UB fanfic in this universe so I'll see what people think.

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