It was a bright Summer day, cool wind was blowing, people were meeting for lunch, chatting, or just doing something fun with there families.

In the backyard of a white mansion laid Silver the hedgehog, in a chair laying back, drinking kool-aid and eating skittles while listening to his I-pod.

"Ah this is the life" Silver said taking a sip from his fruity drink "Just me, myself, and I, isn't this just peaceful, no worries, no worries about anyone since no one is here, well except Shadow but that doesn't matter he never comes out"

Then something hit him like a ton of bricks

"Shadow never comes out, it's not good for him, even though I'm enjoying my time alone I feel bad for Shadow" so Silver got up and walked into the house

"Shadow do you want something to eat?" Silver yelled from in the kitchen, there was no answer, Silver sighed "Shadow do you want something to eat!" Silver this time yelled still no answer, Silver grumbled and stampeded up the steps.

Silver got to Shadows door

"Hello this is the 12:30 pm Special and this song and dedicated to Shadow" Silver said talking like he was on the radio "and it's called WAKE THE HELL UP!"

"Hell wake up!" Shadow yelled from inside the room

"Oh har-de-har-har" Silver said sarcastically, at that time the wooden door opened to reveal the ebony red streaked hedgehog.

"What do you want?"

"Do you want something to eat Sugar" Silver said mimicking bunnie

Shadow stared daggers at him

"I'm just kidding geez"

"Oh um do you here anyone laughing?"

"My insides" Shadow was about to "Bitchslap" Silver but decided against it

"So what do you want for lunch?" Silver asked while walking towards the steps

"Food" Shadow said

Silver stopped then looked at him

"I'm just kidding, I don't care"

Silver started walking again with Shadow on his tail; I mean right on his tail, his tail was touching his abdomen he guessed maybe his legs.

"Hey you know Shadow there's this new thing it's called "space""

"Hey Silver there's this new thing it's called "deal with it""

"Hey Shadow there's this new thing called "Shut the heck up""

"Hey Silver there's this new thing called "Fix me some lunch before I break your legs""

"Hey Shadow there's this new thing called "If you do I'll sue""

"Hey Silver there's this new thing called "You retard we live in the same house so what's the point""

"Hey Shadow there's this new thing called "oh yea, shut your mouth anyway""

Shadow ran in front of Silver

"Silver" Shadow said


"Let's take a walk"

"I don't want to"

"Yea let's go, come on you lazy pig"

"I'm not a pig I'm a hedgehog and just because it has "hog" on the end of it doesn't mean I'm related to a pig in anyway!"

"I didn't need a speech now come on" Shadow said grabbing Silver by the wrist and started dragging him

"Where are we going?"

"I'm starving so let's go out to eat" Shadow said closing the front door

"Ok then where do you want to go?"

"I don't know wherever are feet takes us I guess"

Silver looked down, he was starting to get a bad feeling about this

"Come on" Shadow said walking down the steps after locking the door

"I feel better picking a place to eat at"


"Because I don't trust your feet" Shadow looked at him

"My feet are more trustworthy then your mouth, so come on" Shadow opened the gate to walk out into the street with Silver following after

"My mouth is very trustworthy"

"Yea sure it is Silver sure it is, just like the time you told me that no one claimed that pie in the fridge, so I ate it and got slapped in the face by Blaze" Shadow heard Silver trying to disguise a laugh with a sneeze.

"I seriously thought no one claimed it, but you got to admit that was pretty funny" Shadow growled "I mean come on your face was like this" Silver mimicked Shadow's face making his lip go to the side and spit to show spit coming out of Shadow mouth "And when that happened it like all happened in slow motion"

Silver had to stop for a laughing break while Shadow just kept walking and leaving Silver behind in the dust

"Oh come on Shadow don't be mad at me!" Silver yelled running up beside Shadow

"See this is why I can't stand living in a house full of…" Shadow stopped his sentence short seeing trees in front of and behind him "What the?"

"See now do you know why I don't trust your feet" Silver said pushing himself towards Shadow a little