So Stay is officially over : (

I want to thank all of you who read and reviewed throughout the course of this story. You are what kept me writing. Your reviews are what kept me writing because they let me know that someone was reading. You have no idea how much they meant (unless of course you're also an author). It's been fun writing this and I'm sad to say goodbye to it. I really hope you all enjoyed it!

Some people have asked me if I'm going to write another story after this one which I definitely will. That being said I don't know what my next story will be about or when exactly it will be out so if you like my writing and want to read more in the future then add me to your author alert or just keep your eye open for me : ) I have also already written some other stuff but not all for BTVS but I do have a couple things up!

If anyone is interested I also have another story currently in process. I haven't posted anything for it because I want to wait till I have more of it written. But I will tell you guys a little about it.

'Saving Connor' – A kind of rewrite of the fifth season of Angel with a focus on the relationship between Connor and Angel. It is a follow up to my one-shot A Different Ending, which is an alternate ending to the episode Home of Angel (season 4 finale). I highly recommend reading it first. Key things from Angel season 5 will take place but with my own spin and a few twists and turns her and there. There may also be an appearance of some old favorites (*cough* Buffy *cough*). Primarily an Angel;Connor Father;Son

If you loved Angel and more specifically Connor and Angel then check it out. I hope to have it up soon.

Okay I think I have ranted long enough and taken up enough of your time!
Thank you all once again! You kept this story going!