A/N hey everyone this is my first fanfic. Its really about the poem as I wrote that first. The story came later. Its set some time after LK and after the war with Scanra is over. Please review and tell me what you think.

Disclaimer: the characters and setting belong to Tamora Pierce. Not me. The poem however is all mine.

Kel was almost ready for that nights ball when a knock at the door signalled that that her escort had arrived.

'hello Dom, your early' she said as she opened the door to him. He gave her a smile that made her knees go a little weak. Don't be a fool Kel she thought to herself its just a smile.

'hey Kel' he replied 'sorry, I can come bake In a little while if you want'

'No its fine Dom' she said 'I just have to put my hair up and that shouldn't take to long. Come in and have a seat'

As he walked through the door into her rooms Dom looked his friend over. She looked elegant in a forest green over dress with a pale green under dress that complimented her skin and eyes.

'you look stunning this evening kel' he commented as he leaned against her desk. She smiled at him as she headed for her dressing room to do her hair. 'and thank you so much for agreeing to attend with me and save me from all those mothers wanting me for there daughters.' He would never admit that the real reason he had asked her was that he wanted to have an excuse to spend more time with her.

'not a problem Dom' she from her dressing room door as her heart gave a little squeeze, she would do anything for him if he asked even though it made her sad that she was just a cover for him. 'just give me five minutes and we can go.' She disappeared back into her dressing room.

His eyes looked around the room for something to distract him while he waited for her to finish getting ready. His eyes feel on a piece of paper lying on the desk among reports, letters and books. It had caught his eye because of the title.


it said in slightly bigger lettering then the rest. the subtitle informed him it was a poem.

Blue the colour of his eyes

Of placid lakes, of cloudless skies,

Of water running to the sea,

I wonder if he thinks of me,

The way I think of him.

And so in those blue eyes I drowned,

Whenever he may come around,

To chat and flirt and sometimes dance,

And make me think I have a chance

To someday call him mine.

But friends it seems we're doomed to be.

But oh that I do wish that he

Might see me not as just a friend,

But as a lady to defend

And love with all his heart.

He read it through twice trying to comprehend its meaning. Did she really feel this way. He had hoped so but had never dared imagine the she returned his regard for her.

'ok Dom lets…' Kel returned to her room to find Dom reading her poem. 'oh' she sad quietly 'you shouldn't read other peoples stuff you know' she said when he didn't respond, trying to deflect his thoughts from what she had written.

He looked at her but her refused to look at him.

'is it true Kel?' he asked. She didn't reply and still refused to meet his gaze. He stepped towards her slowly like she might run if he made a sudden move. She didn't move a muscle. He stepped right up in front of her and gently lifted her chin so she faced him ' is it true?' he asks again his voice gentle.

'yes' she breathed. she couldn't lie to him when he looked he in the eyes like that, like he could she right into her soul. A grin slowly crossed his face. he gently pressed his lips to hers.

' I'm glad' he said against her lips. ' I though I was the only one who could feel some thing between us, and now I find I was wrong'

hearing this her eyes grew and she pressed her lips harder to his.

'Not at all' she replied.