This is my first attempt and probably my last at writing an Avalon Code fic. I loved this game LOADS.

Anyway this is a TiaxUr three shot (may turn to a four I don't really know…)

I own nothing to do with this story!!

Tia's stuck for choice for whom to go with to the party to reinstate her as a hero of Kaleila. When she breaks down in tears because all the guys stress her, Ur makes a decision to support her the only way he could.

Follow your heart not mind

Tia was relaxing in the shade of the tree on Sunny Hill. She wanted to take a break from the town, just to relax away from all the guys and people cheering. Beside her was Ur, his face was as always buried in a book. Even though he was blind he could still tell her everything in the book.

"Hey Tia!" Miela hovered in front of her eyes. "Can we borrow your hair pin?" Tia slid the ball like pin from her hair, handing it to the small spirit. "Ur, won't you come and play with us?" She asked innocently.

"Hm…" He dropped the book and floated up alongside her. Tia giggled, when the spirits were floating in the breeze, when they were so small tossing the ball…they looked innocent.

"Rempo! Catch!" Miela tossed it to him.

"Neaki! Heads up!" He tossed it to the pessimistic spirit.

"(…Ur…)" She threw it to him. Tia carried on reading after a while. She was looking something up in the Book of Prophecy. Ur quickly got bored, floating down to the ground and joining Tia under the tree.

"You are a very good student." He glanced over her shoulder. "What are you reading about?"

"The mayor. I've never read about him before." Ur was taller again now. For a split second he thought she was looking up one of boys in the town. Tia suddenly fell silent.

"Is something wrong Chosen One?"

"Uh…it's nothing…"

"Tia?" He knew she preferred it if he called her by her name.

"It's just the party…"

"What about it?"

"It doesn't matter right now." She smiled assuring him. "Come on you guys! We need to head back."

Miela and Neaki floated right in front of her face.

"Rempo? Rempo!?" Suddenly the pin was launched straight at her; Ur floated in front of her and caught it.

"Rempo! Be careful!" He scolded.

"Learn to have a little fun once in a while!" Rempo barked back. "Yo, sorry Tia." He replied sheepishly.

"It's ok." The four spirits disappeared back into the book.

As soon as Tia returned to town she noticed there was a boy standing outside her quaint cottage. She crept past, hoping he wouldn't realise and crossed through the town to the Mayor's house. She and the Mayor's daughter Sylphy had developed a strong friendship. Sylphy, like her father was also very well informed about what was going on in the town.

"You want to know about the party?" She tilted her head to the side.

"No, no. Who's going with whom to the party?" Tia corrected.

"Ah…well…" She sat in thought for a while. "…no one has asked others out yet…"

"Are you sure?"


"Thanks Sylphy."


As soon as evening set in and Tia settled to sleep the four spirits were sat around the young girl's table, tall and almost human like. Rempo was sat against the wall, the window just beside him. Neaki and Miela were on either side of him and Ur was opposite, not facing Rempo but facing Tia instead.

"(Why do you watch her when she's sleeping…its creepy…)' Neaki breathed.

"I…" Ur was cut off by Rempo.

"It's because…" Rempo paused to shout out. "Ur loves Tia! Ur loves Tia!" He continued to chant it.

"Shush! You're going to wake her up. A girl needs beauty sleep." Miela scolded.

"(…Is Rempo telling the truth?...)"

"No he's not." When Rempo carried on chanting Ur summoned a small bolt of lightning to strike him. "Shut up Rempo."

"(…Humans and spirits can not love each other… you are the clever one…you should know…)"

"Why can't they Neaki?" Miela asked innocently.

"(…They just can't…spirits can not give humans everything they want….)"

"Oof, watch it with the lightning will ya?!" Rempo barked.

"(…Good night…)" Neaki vanished back into the book, Rempo soon followed.

"I'll ask again, why can't humans and spirits love each other?"

"Miela, in a way Neaki is right." Ur turned to see his sleeping beauty.

"No she's not." She said valiantly. "Do you really love Tia?"

"I…she give me these strange feelings…"

"I believe in you Ur. Follow your heart." Miela giggled. "After all, others have fallen in love with other creatures."

"What are you-?"

"I mean the Mayor. His wife was human…right?"


"Good night…" She too vanished into the book.

She was shivering in the bed. Ur stood, closing the Book of Prophecy and made his way over.

"Tia…" He urged. "Are you cold?"

"A little…" She shivered.

"May I join you?" He hoped that the warmth of his body would help her stay warm a little.

"I…I guess." Despite her nervousness though she quickly shuffled over.

What is it about the party that's bothering you so…? Ur thought as he joined her.