"Hang on." Mieli stopped her by the door. She floated up to Tia's hair, making sure it was perfect. "There you go Tia." She giggled. "You look beautiful." She turned to Ur, who was holding a bottle of special medicine he had asked her to make. "Doesn't she look beautiful Ur?"

"Hm…" He could sense her energy was different, she seemed uncomfortable but he could tell she looked amazing. "Yes, you look amazing Tia. You seem uncomfortable." He sounded blunt, like he didn't care but she knew he did.

"I'm fine." She waved goodbye to Mieli.
"Ur…what's the potion for?"

"If it works Tia, I will see you at the party." He assured.

"O-okay." She turned around and walked from her cottage.

"Ur, are sure this will work?" Mieli asked.

"It will."

"(…I hope you're right…)"

"You try it first." Rempo seemed unsure. Ur took a mouthful. At first it looked as if nothing had happened.

"(Nothing happened…)"

"But it did." He tried to float away from the ground but remained fixed to the floor. "I can now look like a human, other humans can see me."

"How long will it last?" Mieli wanted to try it.

"A few hours." He wanted it to last for longer but he could keep Tia happy.

"Okay!" She took a mouthful, followed by Neaki then Rempo.


"Tia, where is you date?" Dorethtea tapped her on the shoulder.

"I don't have one." She watched as people danced in front of her in the hall. The doors creaked open. Everyone turned to see who could have entered. There was a gasp and suddenly the crowd separated. Ur was in front of the others, behind him, Rempo was in the middle with the two female spirits on either side.

"Isn't that Ur – the lightning spirit?" Mayor Georg questioned.

"That's right." Ur looked straight ahead, staring at Tia.

"I thought spirits were invisible to none spiritual people."

"I found an elixir in one of your books." He replied stepping towards Tia. "Tia…"
"Ur?" She looked at the people staring at him and the other spirits. "Why can they see you?"

"I want them to." He smiled at her and she imagined those beautiful eyes beneath the shackles. "Call them back to dancing." She tapped her fork on the edge of a wine glass.

"It is only fair the spirits of the book join me today." She smiled. "I hope that you enjoy yourselves, Rempo, Mieli, Neaki and Ur. Now dance people please."

They waited for the fairly fast song to finish. The next song that played was slow, very slow. Rempo was trying to dance with the two female spirits although Neaki was a little less than willing.

"Tia…" He offered his hand to her. She placed her hand in his and he tugged her up. "Thank you…" He was an amazing dancer although Tia wasn't surprised. He was very knowledgeable, he probably knew every dance since time began.

He was taller than her she when she hugged close to him she hit rested her head on his chest. He stepped carefully, making sure not to hurt her as he moved.

"Tia…" She tilted her up towards him. "When I asked if you like me…I was supposed to ask 'will you be my girlfriend?'"

"Ur…Of course I will."

"I will stay with you. Even when the new world begins." He wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Thank you…" She whispered.

"Sorry to interrupt your moment." Mieli smiled shyly. "I need to go back to the cottage, bye now"

"Good bye Mieli"


The party only lasted for a couple of hours and ended with one final slow dance. At the end, it was custom for all the guys to kiss the girls they were dancing with.

"Yo Neaki after this do I get a kiss?" Rempo asked as he tried to get Neaki to dance with him.

"(…Don't bet on it…)" She grumbled.

"It's almost the end of the party. And this song…" He leant down to kiss her. She nestled herself under his neck as she embraced him.

As they returned home, the elixir was almost starting to wear off. Neaki was upset with Rempo and threw fruit punch over him so they had gone back into the book as soon as they returned. Mieli was coated in cake batter as Ur and Tia stepped in.

"I tried to make you a cake but…" She smiled as she wiped the cake mixture from her face.

"It's ok thank you Mieli. Why didn't you use the book to make the cake?" Tia giggled.

"I thought it would be more special if I made one for you."

"It was a good effort Mieli. We'll clean up and try and cook it for you…" Ur offered.
"It's ok I'll make a new one for you tomorrow!" She jumped happily. "Good night anyway!"

"Night." They smiled as they set to work cleaning the chocolate cake mixture from the table.

After they had moved the stuff they too were covered in cake. Ur rubbed his fingers along her cheek, smearing the mixture over it. After a few minutes of giggling they cleaned themselves off. Ur was sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard for support. She slept in his arms that night after she joined him.

When she was asleep he held her feeling quite proud of himself. If he'd have followed his mind he would never have been holding the girl he loved. Maybe Mieli's innocent question 'can humans and spirits love each other?' was what sparked him to make the elixir.