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Peaceful. A word only meant for those whose lives are simple, even easy. Not for mine however, mine consists of two worlds. A world of human beings and a world of mythical creatures, I'm Bella Swan and it looks like I'm about to marry the King of Vampires. Since when does life have to get this complex?

Chapter One - Graduation, You're Lying To Me Mum

"Come on Bella if you don't come down now you'll be late for graduation." Hi, I'm Bella Swan and I live with my mum and dad in Taunton. I'm 17 and today I am graduating from Bristol College where I have been commuting to since I left secondary school here in Taunton about a year ago.

I am medium height, I also have blue eyes framed with long and curly eye lashes. I have naturally wavy brown hair and a medium bust size. I have a very pale skin tone and quite long nails I'm not pretty but I don't think I look too bad. Sometimes.

"Coming mum" I shouted back as I checked my make-up in the mirror for the last time in my en-suite room. I found the shoes I wanted to wear and quickly slipped them on as I ran down the stairs to meet my mum and dad who were waiting for me to come down so we could go to the college for my graduation for me to receive my certificate and reward of my year of hard work.

My parents were both smiling proudly at me when I got to the bottom of the stairs. Family, I thought, such a pleasant hope for the future. My mum, always crazy and not so much of a cook though I love her dearly and couldn't see myself without her, her gardening clubs and no fear attitudes are enough for anyone. My dad a very private person though always amazing people with his knowledge and great skills in the police force and he is the chief of police, he's incredible though I'm lucky to be close to both of my parents.

"My little Bella all grown up" Said my dad with tears in his eyes "I can remember taking you to school for the very first time and now you're graduating". He'd said similar to this at my Prom when I was finishing secondary school and I suppose he just wants me to be alright and I know he means well even if he is over-protective.

"Come on now Bella we have to get our tickets and seats, let's get moving" mum was almost in tears as well though she'd never let on. She's been to all my cheer leading matches, and was there when I was crowned Meredith I will never forget my mum even if I move to another country where I am a slave. Flashbacks started then, of my games, my first bra fitting, my first period, my first boyfriend my mum was with me through it all and stood strongly by my side.

Amazing how time flies by. It never seems to end whilst you're having fun and then you look back and realise what you missed. I haven't done everything I've wanted to do and had a great life. God I sound so depressing. I'm in the car now sat next to mum and looking vaguely out of the window at the green flashes of trees and plants outside the window, the spots of colour amongst them or on the floor somewhere outweighed heavily by the brambles and thorns of the motorway.

Finally we arrive and I see my friend Jade across the lot with her mum and older brother. She looks really bored so me and my mum and dad went over and talked to them for a bit before we all went in together to get our seats and for me and Jade to put our names down to show we were here. Mum apparently had something to tell me tonight I knew that much but Jade knew what so I spent most of the time trying to get it out of her though, of course, she wouldn't budge and all I got was the annoying 'you'll find out soon'.

Jade, she is a model basically. She has long blond hair that stops about halfway down her back a chocolate brown eyes, she is extremely tall and has a normal sized frame and, lucky for her, a big bust. Something I and everyone else want, she always wears tight fitting clothes or things that show off her figure like now for instance she is wearing hipster jeans that cover her black smart high heels with a white boob tube top and a frilly opaque pink scarf tied around her neck as well as a black beret. She has French tipped her nails and had Gucci's latest white handbag tucked under her arm.

She is also a vampire. Something that I'm not supposed know that exists. This is not a good thing. It means I am treading on thin ice though somehow my mum seems to know as well so I have no idea how she found out! But anyway back to graduation quick me and Jade are up next.

"And now Bella and Jade. Will you come up on stage and receive your awards please?" Our Principal asked and so we walked up together. "Thank you girls and congratulations on all of your hard work this year" And then everyone clapped as we walked down together and had to pose for pictures.

After everyone had gone through it we had to have a group photo where we had about eight randomly stupidly posed ones and one smart professional looking one! Two at most. After that Jade and her mum Denise and her older brother Will came back to our place and I cooked us some lunch.

At one point in our evening, though, Jade got a strange phone call. She didn't think anything of not answering it and so when the main line went I got up and answered it and there was a deep and passionate voice that answered in a very confused tone as if he didn't expect it to be me and asked for my mum or Jade. I knew then that whatever they were going to tell me tonight, it wasn't going to be good. And I had a feeling, I might not be in Taunton for that much longer.

After the phone call though, everything was fine though I still had a doubt in the back of my mind and mum and Jade kept sharing feared glances. Though they said everything was fine so I simply tried to ignore them, easier said then done of course. My gifts were nice and I didn't expect to get any so when her mum gave me a graduating present I was shocked and suspicious and didn't quite know what to say. So I just opened it to find 3 Gucci suitcases as well as a Gucci handbag full of Gucci accessories such as: sunglasses, hat, lip gloss, mirror, phone sock, notepad and pen and a hairbrush.

Then Jade came up to me and gave me a small box, which I opened to see a beautiful suede journal and gold pen as well as a gift voucher for Jane Norman. Then my mum and dad gave me a present which was a memory stick with 4GB on it in a lovely pink colour as well as a new phone the Sony Erricson T303 in pink and can of hairspray. Then they gave me another present which was from my nan and granddad containing a lot of clothes, handbags, shoes and jewellery. It was all really nice though I couldn't help but notice it was all based on the fact that I may not be staying. The suitcases and luggage, the voucher, the journal, the notepad, the memory stick, the new phone, the present from nan and granddad it was all obvious though whether or not they guessed if I would figure it out or not is what I don't know.

I gave my present to Jade of a set of jewellery, it was all in rose quartz and silver sterling and I had saved up my wages for a couple of months to get her this. It had a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, a anklet, a toe-ring, a watch and 4 different type of ear-rings. I thought it was really pretty and Jade loved it which worked out all right. My mum also got her a pencil case of pink with everything she would need in it: a couple of pens and pencils, colouring pencils + pens, highlighter, ruler, rubber, memory stick again 4GB, pencil sharpener, folder, books, stickers, scissors, glue stick, set squares and chewing gum! It was really good for her since she wanted to stay in education for as long as she could to get all of her degrees to get a good job somewhere that paid a lot of money so she wouldn't have to borrow money off her parents all the time.

Will also gave me a small mouse and pink mouse mat, I don't even have a laptop or a computer to put it on. Maybe that's the point wherever I'm going I must have access to my own computer. Yes! Now if they'd just tell me where I'm going then maybe I could start packing and go before I start to cry. Crying is never good in front of vampires who can't cry. They never seem to understand why you're crying which is never a good thing because you end up in a massive debate over why you're crying. God life is confusing.

Anyway, once we'd all given out our presents we sat and talked and whilst we were doing that, though they didn't notice which was strange, I started packing all of my new clothes and that into my suitcases. It all took up two suitcases so I put all of my dresses in the last one and then packed my Gucci travel bag with all of my necessities for the plane ride of however long. Though I found something in the bottom of my bag that I don't know if I was obviously dumb earlier or no one wanted me to find.

My passport, newly updated, and a plane ticket to London Heath row. I started reading the information silently and seen it wasn't, however, booked in the name of any of my family. It wasn't in Swan which is my last name or Cope which is Jade's last name. It was in Mason, I knew from text books and gossip that the Mason's were a very rich and powerful family second only to the Queen, so what were they doing paying £761.50 for me to go from Bristol Airport to London Heath row in a private terminal.

Weird, I thought just so odd. I got back into the conversation though looked like I wasn't. They'd just started talking about it because they thought I wasn't listening.

"I will miss her though I hope he looks after her, I mean I know he's high and has a lot of money and all that so I can't really tell him what to do but come on. I'm not going to be very happy if he doesn't look after my baby girl I left the Palace in good hands of his father to bring up my daughter who I love and care for then his father rings me up suddenly out of the blue asking for pictures of her, and then booking her a flight to London so he could meet with her and they could get married. But he still expected me to redo her passport without her knowing it's just idiotic she's probably already noticed most things and I can't do anything about it." Rambled my mum in almost silence.

"It's all right Renee, I know she's noticed a hell of a lot of things" started Jade "but we just have to let her go. It's killing me knowing my best friend is going to have to go through life with now almost everything that she wants but she won't be happy. All his son wants is her happiness, I have met his son and he is totally different from his father or brother. He's no happier than we are but now he's the King he doesn't want to marry one of his little fan club he detests so much and he is honestly willing to give up a hell of a lot for her and so we have to just let it be. When the time comes for the wedding we will be there with her so that isn't much of a big deal but it's going to be alright I swear it will be." Jade finished right, I thought, let's for some things together.

I'm being flown to London, to live with a very rich family named the Mason's, when it is time for my wedding my mum will come back to my house and be with me whilst I get married. He has pictures of me and made my mum redo my passport without my knowing and he's willing to pay for my ticket on a Private Jet to get me to London.

I cleared my throat to get attention and my mum and Jade jumped back in surprise. They both suddenly also looked scared and looked as if they were debating on whether or not I had heard what they had said. They both saw me looking at them with raised eye-brows and decided that I hadn't heard but that I needed to know.

"Bella, I have something to tell you. You see . . ." But before she could start I interrupted her and told her what I had figured out not even a couple of minutes ago.

"I'm being flown to London, to live with a very rich family named the Mason's, when it is time for my wedding you will come back to my house and be with me whilst I get married. He has pictures of me and made you redo my passport without my knowing and he's willing to pay for my ticket on a Private Jet to get me to London. All because he has a hell of a lot of money and you don't know what to do with me. Correct?" My mum and Jade had their mouths hanging open "I've also already packed my suitcases and the ticket says I am leaving 9:30 tomorrow morning so we'll have to be there for at least 9 maybe even 8:30 so I'm going to get some rest and sleep night." And with that I walked out, ha take that I thought to myself.

I stormed through to my room and locked the door before having a shower and getting into my pyjama's and cried myself to sleep. It was one thing to think you were being chucked out because your parents couldn't afford you, but another to actually be told it and have to leave so soon. I got on so well with my mum and dad but I don't want to ever see them again now in my life, Jade as well since she obviously knew and was only friends with me to prepare me for this though she hasn't done a very good job. I am not prepared and don't understand how I'm ever going to be, I sat up basically all night working out a coding system to write in my journal with that isn't easily worked out and that had nothing to do with my past. Jade would probably tell whoever I was going to live with to read my diary and check up on me, they had a hopes chance in hell. It followed as this:

A = M B = N C = O D = P E = F F = I G = L H = K I = A J = B K = Y L = E M = Z N = J O = Q

P = U Q = S R = D S = W T = R U = X V = C W = G X = H Y = T Z = V

There completely random set of letters here will, possibly, new favourite sentence. I hate my mother. A KMRF ZT ZQRKFD, hopefully it won't be too easy to figure out.

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