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It was the next morning before we had a proper plan, as well as enough guard ready and also before Edward Mason came back.

He drove slowly up the back road, at this point we already knew he didn't care about whether or not we saw or heard him coming. He hadn't been quiet all the way here and we knew from camera's installed it was definitely him, unless of course he had a shape shifter to look like him - though at the current situation we didn't think it would be that plausible.

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It was quick for him, there wasn't really much time spent on any suffering it was quick and ended fast. Mainly for Edward's sake, even though he didn't get on with his father it still wasn't nice for him to have to watch him die. It was Emmett who struck the final blow, something no one was really surprised at that since Emmett was the strongest one as well as the one with the most hate towards the now dead Edward Mason.

Time break - I would say roughly 100 years into the future

Thankfully my mother left shortly after it had all died down, now all the excitement had gone she didn't want to know. But I was thankful for that, I didn't want her anywhere near me or my new family. It was nice to see her for the however many hours it was that she was down for but even nicer now that she's gone. We never have heard from her ever again and for that I am happy, I assume mother and Jade changed dad but I am not certain, I haven't heard from him anymore than I have mother or Jade. Though from the newspapers I know Jade married a very rich barrister and so she is doing well for herself.

Alice is still Alice, she goes shopping every weekend and we I make her clear out anything she doesn't want or need through the week and I donate it to the Charities who take the clothes over to people who need them. Most weekends I have about 30 carrier bag full's to take for them, she'll never change. She and Jasper are still really happy together and recently she has become a wedding planner and started her own business, we can all tell Jasper's happy with the news it takes the pressure off him and Alice having to have lots of weddings so that she can plan them. Although it's not doing things how she would like them she is still happy. Jasper too, he has been collecting books and now has his own section in the library.

Rose and Emmett are still the same, Rose loving shopping and fixing all her cars - as well as the rest of the families, and Emmett is still playing video games. Like the rest of them those two haven't changed, Emmett is still as slow and strong and really well Emmett. Rose is also getting into this Kid's charity thing and visits the Children in hospital taking lots of toys and such for them to have. She loves being around all the little children and is there for honest hours, I think she'd stay there for days if they didn't have to sleep. Rose has also open her own mechanic's and is a professional now, Emmett still working as the jack bless him he'd love to help out but we all know that would be disastrous.

Carlisle and Esme haven't really changed either, Esme still acts like the over protective mum and Carlisle still works as a doctor in the hospital - he is the best they have and they constantly give him praise and pay rises though we really don't need it. Esme has also opened a new business as a florist, something that she is and has always been passionate about. We are all very supportive of her doing that and it's nice because me and Esme grow the flowers in our back garden and we got out and pick them together which is nice. Carlisle also helps towards our charity offering medical care to those who cannot get it otherwise.

And Edward, well he's as busy as always. Being a King is stressful at the best of times and especially now as his father's gone he is really stuck, even if he didn't talk to him before about it, it was still nice to have him there for advice and guidance on the whole thing. But it's getting easier for him, and we do things together more now - not to mention the fact that we now actually act like a couple instead of just two people who happen to be the King and Queen of the Vampires. He's very romantic though, like the other night unexpectedly he arranged for a candlelight dinner and he had lots of rose petals thrown everywhere.

And me, well there are loads of things that have to be done and tended to all the time now, Queen stuff as well as attending and doing my charity work. But with Edward by my side I know everything is going to be okay. And it was all okay in the end, I have found what I needed all along not only in Edward but also in my new hobby, I kept searching and searching because nothing I ever found seemed to be right for me but then I found what I do now everyday and where you can always find me. I now do cloud watching in the garden, it's very relaxing (and I agree also quite odd) but I enjoy it and it doesn't inconvenience anyone else so why not I say.

But overall I think it's been a great 100 odd years, though I wouldn't know exactly since time is such an odd concept to think about now. But it has been a lovely 100 years, and I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

The End

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