As Faith and Buffy stared at each other, Faith felt this weird sensation running through her body. She pushed Buffy on the bed and Buffy layed on her back. Faith straddled Buffy and moved into kiss her, the kiss lasted about 30 seconds and as they broke apart to take a breath Faith ripped off Buffy's top.

Buffy slowly undid Faith's Buttons on her top, and when all of her button's where undone Buffy pulled it over Faith's shoulders and chucked it on the floor. Faith's lips pressed against Buffy's soft, tasty Tummy. Then she licked the tip of Buffy's Boob.

Faith slowly reached for Buffy's Bra Clip and when she finally reached her destination she removed it from Buffy's Hot Body. Faith's Smooth hands grabbed Buffy's firm Boobs. Faith's cherry red lips pressed again Buffy's supple breasts.

Buffy Smiled and chucked Faith to the side of her and Faith accidently fell off the bed. Faith smiled and Buffy joined her on the floor. Buffy's Tongue managed to slide all the way down faith's Body before faith Orgasmed.

Buffy pulled Faith's Bra over her head and slid her hands from Faith's boobs all the way down to the bottom of her tummy and gently but fast she slid off Faith's mini shorts and black lacy underwear.

Now it was Faith's Turn, she pulled off Buffy's white mini skirt and along with her pink leather underwear.

Faith's hand slid all the way Buffy's tummy and reached her vagina. Faith thrust her tongue into Buffy. Buffy's heart was beating so fast. Faith removed her tongue and replaced it with her fingers.

"OHHH YEESSSS!!!!!!" Screamed Buffy.