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Chapter 21: Alice POV

The room was a pale yellow. The chair cushions looked thin and the sofa cushions looked hard and stiff. The television was on in the corner showing a soap opera. From the lack of windows and the generic paintings, I knew I was in a hospital waiting room. I also knew it was in a different state.

I was not in this dream, neither was my family. This must be where Bella went off to. Sure enough, there was Bella sitting cross-legged on one of the thin chairs against the wall. She was unmoving and glassy eyed while things seemed to be in fast-forward around her.

Scenes on the television changed, people left and new people came in, doctors and nurses made brief appearances, but still Bella remained unmoving. It was as though she was in a trance.

After what seemed to be a significant amount of time, Bella began to sway. Her eyelids fluttered and her glassy eyes began to roll back. I began to panic, I knew something was wrong with her, and then she fainted. Her body collapsed onto the chairs beside her and she was once again unmoving, but this time she was not awake.

Visitors and nurses ran to her aid. I tried to…but I was not there. I could only watch. I was merely a witness as the doctors tried to find out what was wrong with my best friend.

This was not supposed to happen. It is not supposed to be like this. Bella is supposed to be fine. Edward needs her.

I shot up in bed, drenched in sweat while my heart tried to beat its way out of my chest. Nothing bad can happen to Bella. Edward needs her, but right now,…Bella needs him.

I called the airline and found the next flight out before packing a suitcase. There was only one more thing I needed to do…

"Ed-ward! Wake up!" I started to shake him, hoping to wake him faster. "You are going to be late and miss the plane; if you are late, so help me, I will not hesitate to kick your–"

"Alice, what will I be late for? Where am I going?"

"Oh good, you are awake." I turned to his closet to pick out something for him to wear that I had not already stuffed into the suitcase. "You are going to Florida…where Bella is."

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