A/N: I gave a copy of this to Amber Benson at the Brisbane Supanova in April, 2009.

Blue Light

Tara's feet slap the ground. Her breath tangles in her throat. Adrenaline dances through her veins. Behind her there's a second pair of footsteps – Willow's – and a bit further back is a third, belonging to a demon.

Cold air whips Tara's hair across her face. She brushes it back and dives sideways to hide behind one of the many tombs of the cemetery. Moments later she feels more than sees Willow do the same.

"Ready?" Willow asks breathlessly.

Tara nods. "Let's do this."

They quickly join hands and Willow begins the chant they practised earlier. Tara joins in with lines of her own spell as the demon hurtles into view. The power grows between them, sending electricity through their bodies. Some of it crackles blue light into the darkened sky.

They focus their energy. Willow says her last line. Tara finishes hers. The power strikes the demon down with a sickening thud just in time to prevent it's attack on Tara.

They exchange relieved smiles.

"That was close!" Willow says. Her face is flushed red from their spell work. "You okay?"

Tara nods. "I'm fine, if a little rattled. You?"

"I'm good. I'm exhilarated, even." Willow offers a smirk which Tara responds to with a faint smile. "But what do you say we get out of here anyway?"

Nodding, Tara grips Willow's hand. "Let's."