All Things End

"Is this the end? Is this where we part ways?" John fixes Scully with a questioning stare.

"Yes, John. It is," Scully confirms. Her eyes are watery, intense. "I'm sorry."

"I thought we really had something, you know. I thought that maybe - "

"We could be together? I love Mulder, John. Mulder. If I'm to be with anyone, it's him. I just...can't hurt him like you're suggesting. I can't leave him for you."

"You said full well that things wouldn't have worked with him. Why are you turning back on that now? Why lead me on like you have, only to drop me the moment your 'sweetheart' comes back?" He emphasises the word 'sweetheart' with a wild gesture.

Scully doesn't respond. A single tear falls and runs down her face.

"Yeah, I thought as much," John says. "Don't go changing your mind again, Dana, because in the case that you do, I won't be waiting."

He storms off before she can tell him just how strongly she wishes they could go back to the times when it was just the two of them.