I Would Have Loved You Anyway

A fluffy fic about Mr. and Mrs. Hida and Cody. I don't own Digimon or the song. We all know that good old Mr. Hida's name is Hiroki, but what about Mrs. Hida?
Mrs. Hida walked slowly through the cematary until she came to her husband's grave. She dropped to her knees beside it.

"Hello Hiroki. It's been awhile, and I'm sorry, but I've been so busy. You should see our little Cody, although he's not so little anymore. He's going to be eighteen this Augest. And his fiancee is a wonderful girl he met about nine years ago, during all those monster sightings.

"He has one of them you know, those Digimon creatures you were always talking about to me.

"I haven't seen your friend Oikawa in a few years. Who knows, maybe he's up there with you somewhere, playing that game you both loved so much."

Mrs. Hida sniffled, and then began to sing quietly.

"If I'd of known
The way that this would end,
If I'd of read the last page first,
If I'd of had the strength
To walk away,
If I'd of known how much this hurts...."

She broke into tears and couldn't go on. She felt a pair of strong arms encircle her and looked up to see her son Cody. He smiled her, tears running down his own face and together they sang the last part of the song.

"I would have loved you anyway,
I'd do it all the same,
Not a second I would change,
Not a touch that I would trade!
And had I known my heart would brake,
I would have loved you anyway!"

Cody gently placed the bouquet of roses on his father's grave and they stood up to leave. Waiting for them by the gate was Cody's fiancee, Rosa. As they left they were each thinking their own thoughts. Mrs. Hida was thinking of how much Cody looked like his father. Cody was going over in his head the few memories he had of his father. Rosa was wondering when it would be time for lunch.

I would have loved you anyway...