Waking Dreams- a random ficlet following Aliyah

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Ziva stepped off the elevator and walked over to her desk. "Good morning, McGee." She greeted her coworker across the bullpen.

"Hey, Ziva! Good to see you back." McGee returned her greeting, looking briefly up from his computer.

"It is good to be back." Ziva replied with a smile.

In fact, it was good to be back. It was good to be home. Ziva had spent the past week in Israel, recharging. She didn't know why she had chosen to return to Israel, instead of simply spending a relaxing week at her apartment, but it had seemed like a good idea. However, she wished she hadn't gone. Her father had constantly pestered her about taking a mission to locate a terrorist training camp in Africa. She had managed to ferret her way out of it, though. Or was it weasel? Ziva smiled, thinking about how Tony would have automatically corrected her if she had spoken aloud. Or if he was indeed there that morning.

Ziva cast a glace around, but as usual, they were missing Tony and Gibbs. Gibbs was most likely around the building somewhere, or perhaps on a coffee run. Tony was, of course, late. Glancing at the clock, Ziva noted her teammate should be coming though the elevator about… now.

Right on cue, the elevator dinged and Tony came striding out, "fashionably late". He dropped into his chair and began pushing things around on his desk, as if looking for something. Then, the moment Ziva had secretly been waiting for, he looked up and noticed her for the first time that morning. "Hey… you're back." He stated simply.

"Very observant of you, Tony." Ziva replied with a smirk.

Tony seemed to be contemplating something before saying rather louder than necessary; "McProbie! Get lost! Go be geeky with Abby or something."

McGee rolled his eyes but stood up anyway. Under different circumstances, McGee would have given Tony trouble about why he had to go and what Tony was up to, Ziva thought. Perhaps the idea of spending time with Abby was alluring, though the look he cast in Tony's direction as he walked out of the bullpen made her think McGee already knew what Tony was doing.

After McGee left, Tony gave no indication as to why he had banished McGee, he simply continued rummaging about on his desk, looking for something. Finally, Ziva gave in. "Okay, I will chew," She began.

"Bite." Tony corrected quickly, not looking up from his desk.

"I will bite," Ziva replied, "Why did you send McGee out?"

Tony looked up at her for the second time and Ziva could see something in his eyes. "It's good to have you back." He told her quietly.

Ziva regarded Tony, puzzled, as he stood up from his desk and walked over to hers. "We all missed you." He said.

"And I missed all of you." Ziva replied, following Tony with her eyes.

"Yeah, we all missed you… but I, especially, missed you…" Tony continued, coming up and standing next to Ziva.

Ziva swiveled around in her chair, looking up at Tony, disbelieving. "I, especially, missed you as well, Tony." She stood up and drew level with Tony.

"Good." Tony said before leaning forward and pressing his lips to hers.

He kissed her gently, almost uncertainly, at first until she returned the kiss eagerly. They pushed their bodies together as Ziva reached her arms around Tony's neck and he laced his fingers through her long hair.

They stood there together for what could have been two seconds or an hour, Ziva couldn't tell. They parted only when they needed a more sufficient breath of air. Finally, they stepped apart from each other, grinning like idiots. However, in her kiss-induced state of euphoria, something occurred to Ziva.

"Gibbs." She said.

Tony grinned wider. "After that great kiss, you're thinking about Gibbs? Maybe I'm doing something wrong… or right? He was married three times…" Tony trailed off.

"No, I mean Gibbs is not here…" Ziva clarified. "No one is here."

"Well, that's a good thing isn't it?" Tony asked.

"But someone should have seen us, interrupted us, yelled at us or slapped us… no one is here." Ziva repeated.

Tony sighed and pulled Ziva into hug, stroking her hair. Ziva closed her eyes, trying to puzzle out what was going on. When she opened them again, they were in another place altogether. They were in a dimly lit room with bare stone walls. She could see a heavy door behind Tony. It looked familiar. "Tony, where are we?" Ziva asked, feeling very unlike herself suddenly.

"Ziva, you have to keep thinking of us no matter what. Don't give in." Tony said.

"What? Tony, what are you talking about?" Ziva asked, feeling more nervous.

Tony gently placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her around. She was now facing a woman tied to a chair. The woman was incredibly familiar, though her hair was obscuring her face. Ziva's first instinct was to help the woman, but she couldn't move. Tony put his arms around her waist as the woman moaned quietly and leaned her head back.

As her swollen and bruised face came into view, Ziva's eyes widened in horror. It was she who was sitting the chair, beaten and bruised. "Tony…" She whispered, terrified and confused.

"Don't give in. I love you." Tony whispered into her ear.

Ziva woke with a start, disoriented. She ached. She ached all over. And she was tied to a chair. She put her head back down and fought back tears which threatened to fall.


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