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"So, you want me, to enter a high school... Remind me... Why?" Asked a silver haired man with dog ears.

"You are to go to this school, and protect this girl... Uh a Miss. Higurashi. From what I've heard... The school has a secret lab under it... We're not sure what it's used for... But we know that everyone that goes down there to 'help' never comes out. Well... not the same person anyway..." Answered a man with long silver hair and cold gold eyes.

"Oh yeah, give me the case cause I'm the youngest looking agent here! Thanks Sesshumaru! Thanks a lot!" Screamed the silver dog eared man.

"Just shut up Inuyasha and take the damn case. It is true, besides... all you have to do is protect her. We know that she's the next victim... Besides... It's not like she'll suddenly change you from a heartless bastered to a caring one." Replied Sesshumaru.

Inuyasha could only roll his eyes. He's been hearing this for years. Ever since their parents died, well... in this case their father and Inuyasha's mother, Inuyasha had become cold and heartless to everyone. He kept his emotions hidden very well... Sesshumaru on the other hand, he was affected as well, but after he met his wife/mate Rin, he's changed.

Inuyasha could only sigh. Ever since Sesshumaru took over, he's given Inuyasha high school missions.... Just because he looked like a high school student... This just sucks... Then, Inuyasha stared at Sesshumaru with the coldest stares he could muster, saying "fine, I'll take the damn mission... But I swear, if I find nothing then I'm gonna gut you!"

With that, Inuyasha left with the information he needed to know more about his mission. AS he walked, he opened the profile of the girl he needed to protecct. The girl had long black hair, chocolate brown eyes, a warm smile... But seeing that... made him just at her with a small blush on his face. But, as quickly as it came, it disappeared. Then, he started to read her info.

Name:Kagome Higurashi


Hobbies:shopping, writing and spending time with friends and family

Favourite music:anything

Mother's name: Kaiya Higurashi

Father's name: Roka Higurashi (deceased)

Brother's name:Souta Higurashi

No Other Info Avaliable

Inuyasha could only stare at the info that he had read. Not much is known about this girl. Only her name, age, hobbies, favourite music and her family's names. Other then that, not much. Sighing to himself, he decided to pack. It was a boarding school after all. Not a lot can be done. After all... he's never turned down a mission in his life... So... this shouldn't be hard right? Right?

"Hey Inuyasha!" Screamed a mans voice from behind.

Inuyasha turned around to stare at a man with short black hair, pulled back into a low ponytail, wearing a pair of black jeans and a purple shirt. There was no mistaken it, it was his good friend Miroku. Or in this case Agent Monk.

Miroku smiled as he said "so, your going on another high school mission huh? I'll have to admit, that sucks... SUCKS TO BE YOU! OH BURN!"

Inuyasha stared at Miroku with a cold stare as he said "oh yeah? Well, Sesshumaru wanted to see you too Monk." Miroku could only blink. Then, without another word, he walked right into Sesshumaru's office. Inuyasha could hear the whole thing.

"So, Inuyasha told me you wanted to see me?" Asked Miroku.

"Yes, I did... Your also going to do a high school mission. You'll have to protect a Miss. Tajiya. She is also one of the targets for that lab that we've been getting info on. You too, will be a under cover student along with Inuyasha." Said a calm Sesshumaru.

Miroku groaned. Then walked out of Sesshumaru's office. When he walked out, he saw a smirking Inuyasha. Inuyasha calmly said "what were those words that you said to me earlier? Oh yeah, sucks to be you."

"Oh shut up."

"At least I ain't complaining about it." 'On the outside at least...'

Miroku could only glare at Inuyasha. Sure, they've been friends since... well... forever... Hell, their like brothers. But there were times when they just couldn't stand each other. Miroku was a huge perv, and Inuyasha was just a cold heartless bastered. So, Inuyasha sighed, and went to his room to pack. As for Miroku, he walked to his room, but read the info on the way...

Name:Sango Tajiya


Hobbies:martial arts, playing video games, reading, and hanging out with friends

Favourite music:anything

Mother's name:Kyoko Tajiya (deceased)

Father's name:Yukio Tajiya (deceased)

Brother's name:Kohaku Tajiya

No Other Info Available

Miroku could only sigh. So... he has to look after a tom boy... It couldn't be that hard could it? Right? Yeah, he could handle anything! He's Agent Monk! He can do anything! Even handle a tom boy like this Sango girl. Yeah... That's what he'll do! There was no way that he was going to fail this mission! After all, if he were to even come close to failing... then he always has the help of Agent Inu.

"Alright, we just walk in, get registered, then go to our rooms... then we find the girls that we have to protect... alright Inuyasha?" Asked Miroku.

"Yeah, yeah... I know the drill... Remember... we don't call each other by our code names... So, just shut up, and lets go inside..." Said a calm Inuyasha.

With that said, they walked in. But, as soon as they all walked in, all the girls in the school started to stare at them. Inuyasha faintly heard one girl whispering to her friend "look at that guy, the one with the silver hair! He's so hot! And look at his eyes! It's like looking into the sun!"

Inuyasha could only sigh. This happened every time he entered a school for a mission. Every, fucking time! When they entered the office, they saw the princible. Strange... It looked like a old woman... The woman saw them, and calmly said "so, you must be the new students. Names please?"

"Inuyasha Tashino."

"Miroku Hoshi."

The woman nodded, gave them their keys to their dorm, then their time sheet. After they walked out, Inuyasha calmly said "so... what do you think the deal is with that... "thing"?"

"Not sure Inuyasha... If we're lucky, we could have this solved in about a few weeks." Said a smiling Miroku.

Inuyasha just stared at his time table. His eyes were hard as steel. Miroku could only stare sadly at his friend. Sure, Inuyasha would smirk or give a small smile a few times... But... he's never shown a true smile. Not once... Why was that? Was it because he has lost his parents... And the loss had caused him to grow cold toward everyone? Maybe... It was hard to say...

When Inuyasha stopped at a door, Miroku calmly asked "so, this your room Inuyasha?"

"What makes you think that we don't have the same room?" Asked Inuyasha.

"The fact that your room number is 206, my room is 207." Miroku said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Inuyasha glared, then opened the door. But, when he opened the door, he couldn't believe who was in it... It was the very girl that he had to protect... He was sharing a room... with Kagome Higurashi? WHAT THE HELL!?

sorry if it isn't long, but I promise that I'll try to make any future chapters longer, anyway, hope you like it