Kagome was walking through the kitchen of her new home. It's been five years since Inuyasha and her have been married. She couldn't believe it. Five long, happy years. Staring at the wedding photo, she couldn't help but smile. Her, wearing a long satin white wedding dress. Veil over her face as she holds onto Inuyasha's arm. Inuyasha, wearing a black tux with a red tie. His smile, was loving, and devoted. Kagome looked out the window. Remembering his promise to her when he said that he could find her. He did... and she could remember it perfectly..

Kagome was walking through the house that she had just bought. It's been a year since she graduated from high school. And there was no sign of Inuyasha. She could still remember that promise he made to her. He had told her that he would find her. That she was the only girl for him. A faint wain smile spread on her face. Sighing, Kagome decided to clean up the house. The sky, it was clear. Not a single cloud. The sound of blue birds chirping. To her, it was like music even as she cleaned.

Kagome couldn't help it. It was such a beautiful day. Sighing, she decided to go for a walk. Maybe that would clear her mind. Clear her thoughts of the promise for now. Sango, had bought her own apartment. She had told Kagome that Miroku came and asked her to marry him. Then and there. They're going to have their wedding in a few months. But, when she asked him about Inuyasha. He had told her that Inuyasha had disappeared to go to a mission. And wouldn't be back for a while. It was hard to say with him.

Shaking her head, she calmly thought 'Maybe I should forget about him. Ah who the hell am I kidding... I can never forget about him. I love him too much to forget about him.' Kagome sighed again. Maybe he had forgotten about her. Maybe it was for the best. The best for both of them. It... It was for the best. And always will be for the best. Then Kagome started to go into a light jog. Something, anything to get her mind off of Inuyasha. But no matter what, she couldn't get her mind off of the half demon. There was just no point. No point in it.

Finally, Kagome ran into someone. "Oops, sorry." Said Kagome. When she looked up, she saw a man. He was wearing shades. A black hat, and a coat that hid most of his face. But, she saw something. Something... silver. Her eyes were slightly wide. Slowly, she reached up. But, the man stopped her. When she looked at his hand. She saw claws. Firm, strong claws. All she could whisper was "Inuyasha..."

"I'm glad you didn't forget me Kagome..." Said the man.

Kagome stared at him. He let go of her hand. Slowly, he reached up, pulling the hat off. Then, he moved the jacket and he stared at her with his molten golden eyes. Kagome couldn't believe it. She hugged him saying "Inuyasha! I thought you forgot about me!" She felt him wrap his arms around her. Trying to sooth her. She knew, that this simple gesture was to calm her down. Kagome understood. She understood Inuyasha more then anyone.

"I'm sorry that I took so long to fulfill my promise Kagome. I... I wanted to wait for the right time. But... I guess I waited too long. I'm so sorry... Please... forgive me." Said Inuyasha sounding as calm as he ever was.

Kagome leaned close to Inuyasha, not wanting to move away. Sighing, she said "Inuyasha, there's nothing to forgive. You were only doing your job. And you have. You've kept your promise."

Kagome could feel Inuyasha's muscles relax. He calmly said "I have one more thing... I want to ask you something Kagome." She looked up at him. Wondering what he was going to ask her. Looking at him, she saw him pull away from her. She whined at the loss of the warmth that he had. He got down on one knee. And held up a black velvet box. He happily said "Kagome, before I met you... I was a cold heartless jerk. A bastard... Even though I was only sent to protect you... I started to get to know you... Started to have feelings for you... Then... you done what others couldn't. You've melted the ice around my heart... Kagome... I love you more then anything. More then life. Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?"

Kagome stared at Inuyasha in shock. He... He asked her to marry him... Tears started to roll down her face. Wrapping her arms around him, she said "yes, I'll marry you Inuyasha." She heard him sigh with content. He slipped the the ring on her finger. And, he couldn't help but kiss her. Kagome, was the happiest woman alive.

Kagome heard the door open. And in came her husband. She saw him enter the kitchen, and he had a grin on his face. She asked "how was your day Inuyasha?" He smiled at her. Even with everything's that's happened. Inuyasha could only smile at her. Walking to her, he kissed her cheek.

"My day was fine. We still haven't found Naraku..." Shaking his head, he said "sorry... I shouldn't have said that..." Kagome smiled, placing a hand on his cheek. He knew that she was thinking. Telling him that she was alright. The subject of Naraku was still a little scary to her. With what happened at the school. Inuyasha kissed her head and asked "how have you been Kagome? I don't like leaving you alone..."

Kagome smiled saying "we're both okay Inuyasha."

Inuyasha kissed her forehead, and bent down to kiss her large belly. She's about five months pregnant, she was scared when she found out. Thinking that Inuyasha wasn't ready to be a father. But, he's shown her other wise. Shown her that he's always wanted a family. And, has gone out of his way to take care of both of them. She then, felt his hand on her belly asking "did he move yet?"

"What makes you think that it's a boy?" She asked with a smile.

"I just have a feeling that it's gonna be a boy. That's all... But, has he kicked?"

"Mhm. He started kicking a while ago." Was her answer. And, just when she said that, there was a kick under Inuyasha's palm. Which, caused him to chuckle with pride. He kissed Kagome, then placed his forehead on hers. Thinking back at the time when he first found out that she was pregnant.

Inuyasha was just getting home. They still couldn't find any track of Inuyasha. All he could do was sigh. Inuyasha looked at the sky. Maybe his wife could brighten up his day. Yeah... She could... Walking through the door, a scent of tears crashed into him. Inuyasha ran into the living room. Only to see Kagome sitting on the couch, tears falling down her rosy cheeks. His ears flatten on his head. Slowly, he made his way to her.

"Kagome? What's wrong? Are you still sick?" He asked with concern.

Kagome looked up at him, shaking her head. Inuyasha knew that she's been sick for the past two months. They weren't sure why. Well, he wasn't. Kagome had always told him that it was the stomach flu. Kagome stood, and said "I have to tell you something Inuyasha..."

He stared at her. Expecting the worse. Did she regret the marriage? Did she want to leave him? That couldn't be it. Sure, she has his life span now thanks to the mark on her neck. But, what could it be... She couldn't regret living a long, long time... She told him so... He just stood there. Finally, Kagome said the words he was never expecting from her.

"I'm two months pregnant..."


"Why didn't you tell me?" Asked Inuyasha as he hugged her. Then, he stared at her, asking "and, you sure?"

"I was afraid... I thought... thought that you didn't want kids... And, I'm sure... I found out last month... And, I can't hide it from you anymore..." She said, as she lifted her shirt. Inuyasha looked at her belly, to see a small bump on it. Going on his knees, he held her close. His face pressed to her stomach A small content growl could be heard from Inuyasha.

"Kagome, I've always wanted kids... I just never knew that I was ever going to have a family... Let alone kids... I'll always love you... And, I'll love our child."

Kagome smiled, as she rubbed his ears. She happily said "I'll love our child too Inuyasha... And, I love you too..."

Inuyasha held Kagome close as he said "this child will do great things... I know he will..."

Kissing his cheek, Kagome said "I know... so do I Inuyasha... So do I..."

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