A/N This is just a minuscule one shot about how Heathcliff acquired his riches while he was away. It was a project for school and I just wanted to put it up for fun. I actually enjoyed this book and writing it.

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Mr. Lockwood's POV

Nelly suddenly got up, excusing herself when hearing her name called by one of the servants. I started to walk around the room to get my blood circulating. I was looking along the book shelves when I noticed a very tattered leather journal. Pulling it away from the others, I noticed it was terribly weather stained.

As I opened it up, a few pages fell out. I picked them up and stuffed them inside the front covering, but not before noticing the name "Heathcliff" was written in dirty scrawl. This intrigued me, so I sat in the chair beside me and started reading in the middle of one of the entries:

Cathy broke my heart, saying that she wanted me, but wouldn't be with me because of my social status. I will prove it to her. I can be all the man that Edgar Linton is and much more. That man is not a gentleman at all, he's a lily-liver, a coward…

A string of profanities continued for a while about Linton, so I skipped ahead a few dates.

I finally did it. I did what nobody, including Cathy, thought I could do: I became rich. I knew Scotland would be the place that would pay off. All the men hadn't an idea on how to play cards and win. It took a while to bulk up and become more of a gentleman, but it happened. I knew I wouldn't be able to play with the rich folk if I were uncouth. This didn't happen without the effort, stealing into empty homes and finding different items to wear for those evenings of card. The couple times I got caught were nothing though. All I had to do was fight off the poor bastard that came into the wrong place at the wrong time. The sorry soul at the large pink estate did get torn up though, I must say. But it was not my fault that the way he talked to me reminded me of Hindley. I just became so enraged I had to…

I stopped there, hearing Nelly's voice right outside the door. I scrambled to my feet, put the journal back in it's place and started to go back to my original seat by the fire. As I settled in, I tried to calm myself from rushing so I wouldn't look so flustered. I heard the door creak open.

"Sorry Mr. Lockwood, but one of the others was having trouble with the…" I wasn't listening anymore, thinking about what I just read. So that's how Heathcliff became rich and the "gentleman" he is today, but how did he acquire Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. And how did the journal even end up here at the Grange and…

"Mr. Lockwood?" Nelly interrupted my thoughts.

"I'm sorry Ellen, do continue the story please," and with that, she picked up her needle work and continued.

A/N I thought this would be the way to explain how Heathcliff got his card skills that he uses to cheat out Hindley later in the book. Like I said, I made this up for school so it's not outstanding or anything, just something I wrote and decided to put up. Thanks for Reading!