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Gentle Soul: Haku's Legacy



Phoenix Firestorm

Naruto slowly followed his teammates and sensei back to Tazuna's place after burying Haku and Zabuza, a thoughtful expression on his face. Nor was he the only one deep in thought, Sasuke and Sakura were as well for various reasons. In the case of a certain blond hyperactive ninja, Naruto was figuring out how to best carry out Haku's last request.

"Naruto, please do one last thing for me. My Legacy, I want you to be the caretaker and guardian of it. I also want you to have this necklace to remember me by," Haku spoke softly as he gazed at the young man who would have been his friend and second precious person if things had been different, "maybe if we meet in the next life….."

Naruto snorted "Of course Haku-chan, we will always be friends no matter which life we are in. I don't trust and make friends easily Haku, what ones I do have are friends for life and beyond. You are my precious person, one I will remember and honor for eternity."

Naruto smiled sadly at that flashback of the battle, he meant every word of it too. Absently fingering the simple beautiful pendent he wore on a chain around his neck, not having had time to examine it closely. Haku told him where their compound was and how to get there, plus what traps there were as guards.

It wasn't long until they arrived at their destination and settled into familiar routines again, despite the solemn air. Nor was it long after supper that Naruto said his good-nights and headed up to bed, but didn't actually go to bed. Instead, he quickly created a clone with enough chakra to keep it going until he returned. Ordering the clone to get ready for bed before climbing into Naruto's sleeping bag.

Naruto himself slipped out the window and headed for the forest in the distance, using all his hard-learned skills as a ninja to make sure he wasn't discovered. As the young man traveled, he swore to honor Haku's last request to the best of his ability and no one is going to stop him. He'll plow right through anyone who got in his way, it didn't matter if they were the villagers, the council or……


Naruto paused on the outskirts of the area that held the compound, taking the time to examine the area first to see where all the traps and etc were. He had scouted along the border just to see how much land Zabuza and Haku claimed for their hideout, planning on buying just that amount or maybe the whole island for his own use….under a different name of course.

Once satisfied, Naruto carefully made his way pass all the traps and etc. Taking note of what kind of traps they were then planning what ones he would add to the gauntlet of death, Naruto had lots of things he would put in to deter the unwanted.

It took him several hours to actually reach the compound, then another hour to walk up the side of the tree closest it. Naruto had never been so thankful to Kakashi teaching him tree-walking as he is now, it would have taken him longer to find the other way up into the compound. If there even was another way up to it, Naruto could be sure so it just made one more thing he had to check out before he left.

The young man flipped off the tree and over to the deck that circled the compound on the outside, pausing briefly to make sure he hadn't set off anything then Naruto headed into the compound. Checking out each room as he went, taking note of what was in the rooms as he searched for Haku's room.

Naruto couldn't help but wonder what exactly his friends legacy is, Haku never said or ran out of time before he could. Either way, Naruto would find out soon enough as he had found Haku's room. He carefully stepped into the plainly decorated room, noticing what his friend had done to make it more of a home for however long they would be there.

The bed was neatly made with a set of nightclothes laying on the end, ready and waiting for Haku to use again but it would never happen. There was a vase of wildflowers sitting on the dresser, along with a spare mask and whatever toiletries Haku used. The closest had what clothes his friend owned, the same with the drawers. The bookshelf didn't have much on it either, nor did the nightstand.

It wasn't until Naruto moved Haku's spare mask that he found a scroll with his name on it, hidden underneath. Curious, Naruto picked up the scroll and started to read once he dealt with whatever security Haku put on it.


"If you are reading this then it means that our fondest wishes did not come true, it also means that I am dead. I hope my death did some good and I protected my precious people, I hope my death meant something to those who witnessed it. "

Naruto sighed sadly, thinking of how right his friend is so far. Haku's death wouldn't be in vain, he wasn't sure about Sasuke or Sakura but he himself definitely learned a lot from it and would never forget the ice user.

"Please don't beat yourself up too much Naruto-kun, as much as I enjoyed our short meeting and the budding friendship between us. I swore to always be there for my precious person, to protect him with my life if need be."

"Now for the reason behind this letter, I hope I had time to give you the necklace and tell you how to get here. At least give you several hints before my death, the seal at the end of this scroll is a storage seal and contains my legacy. You will need to use a bit of your blood to remove it from the seal, other instructions will appear after that."

Naruto decided to see what the legacy is first before he went any further, so carefully bite his thumb and wiped the blood over the seal. Nearly jumping a foot when the cloud of smoke appeared in his face, only to frown when a small wooden box the size of a baby's hand appeared in his own hand. Naruto put the scroll down on the dresser and read the little note attached to the box, then did as it said.

He put the box on the floor in the middle of the room and pushed some chakra into the box, Naruto didn't have long to wait for something to happen. He got knocked on his butt when the box quickly began to grow, becoming a rather large trunk. Now the young man was really curious about what his friend left him, Naruto studied the trunk some more then tried to open it.

Jerking his hand back when he felt a sharp prick against his hand, Naruto looked down and frowned when he saw the slash rapidly heal thanks to the fox. Blood covered his hand and smeared over the lock of the trunk, so he assumed that the trunk was protected by a special blood seal of some kind. Naruto had heard of them briefly over the years, a couple times during class at the academy and a few times when he was visiting the old man. All Naruto really remembered is that blood seals were used to protect really important things, like Clan techniques and etc.

Naruto glanced at the scroll again as he cleaned the blood off his hand, not too surprised to see more words appear under the seal that contained the trunk. They young ninja picked up the scroll again and continued to read, a variety of expressions racing over his face as he read. Surprise, shock, disbelief were the main ones.

"Naru-kun, by now you have discovered the trunk and been inflicted with pain by the seal on it. This is the only way theses words would appear for you to read and move on to the next step of my legacy, the trunk is a very special one and more than it seems. It is also yours to keep, my gift to you among others.

"I got the trunk as payment from an old man that Zabuza-sama and I 'assisted' not long after we fled Mist Country, Zabuza-sama got the usual payment in coins as that would have interested him more than an old trunk. Nor did the old man stay long once we got him safely to his destination, although I did get to know him quite well before we parted ways. He became another 'precious person' to me and is a very interesting person, someone I would recommend you to become acquainted with should you ever meet."

"He said that he was a traveler and spent most of his life journeying through the known and unknown lands, documenting adventures as he went. We never did learn his name during the brief time we were together, I also got the feeling that he went by many different names….."

Naruto continued to read the scroll, absorbing what Haku had to tell him.

"As for the trunk itself Naruto, I didn't completely understand most of what he said about it. To put it in easy words, he said that it was a magical trunk which would be something along the lines of our storage scrolls. In the end, I simply understood magic to be like chakra for us. Not everyone is able to use magic or chakra, but we all have it to a degree."

"The trunk has 15 compartments, all but 2 are expandable….meaning that they hold a whole lot more than anyone believed possible. The first 2 compartments of the trunk are normal and what you expect to see within an ordinary piece of baggage like this."

Naruto paused briefly to lift the lid up on the trunk to look inside, seeing that Haku is right. The inside of the trunk wasn't anything different or out-of-the-ordinary, he even put his hands inside to feel around the sides and bottom to be sure. Once done, Naruto went back to the scroll to read more. Curious to find out how to get to the other compartments, wondering what Haku meant by expandable.

"To switch over to the next compartment, you need to send a small amount of chakra into the carved emblem around the lock. As you do this, you have to picture the compartment that you want access too. At least you will be able to picture which compartment you want once you become familiar with each one and their contents, I have listed below what each compartment is to help you out."

Naruto felt his eyes widen some as he read what Haku wrote about each compartment and quickly put the scroll aside, excited to explore the trunk in full.

"Compartment 1 & 2 - normal trunk space.

Compartment 3 - expandable living quarters

- 5 bedroom suites (more will appear if needed)

- full-size kitchen (fully stocked)

- dining room

- family/living room

- 2 bathrooms

- fully equipped game room

- den/study

- fully equipped playroom (children only)

- nursery (if needed)

Compartment 4 - expandable library, already fully stocked with books, scrolls and etc.

Compartment 5 - expandable medical facility already fully stocked and equipped with everything needed for any situation and then some."

Naruto snorted at that, finding the claim just a little hard to believe but then again, it could be true.

"Compartment 6 - expandable potions facility, fully stocked and equipped with everything needed.

Compartment 7 - expandable greenhouse, already stocked with plants of various types. Mostly medical because that is what I was interested in, but there are others that you may like. I could tell from the way you helped me gather the plants I needed for Zabuza-sama that you loved plants just as I do, so you will most likely enjoy this compartment Naruto. There is even room for you to have a vegetable/herb garden, this way you can attempt to grow your own food and not have to worry about buying it.

Compartment 8 - expandable training facility, equipped with everything a Shinobi will need to become the best in whatever field they needed.

Compartment 9 - expandable fitness/gym facility, fully equipped with everything you will need to stay in shape and then some. I used this and the training facility when we were on the move too much for me to do an actual work-out, it came in very handy as you probably saw in our upcoming battles.

Compartment 10 - expandable spa & etc, no other explanation needed. Especially useful if you've had an extremely hard day and need to relax, even Zabuza-sama used this on occasion…not that he will ever actually admit to needing such a thing." Naruto snickered at that, picturing in his head exactly what Haku meant by that.

"Compartment 11 - expandable storage facility, no other explanation needed.

Compartment 12 - expandable armory, fully stocked with all the goodies a certain unpredictable knucklehead ninja I know will ever need to reach his dream."

Naruto chuckled, Haku already figured out just how he worked in the short time they knew each other. The young man couldn't wait to see what toys his friend left him in that armory, it was certain to be interesting that is for sure.

"Compartment 13 - expandable treasury, you can keep everything you value in here Naruto…including your pay if you want.

Compartment 14 - expandable blacksmith/weapon smith/fletches & etc, no other explanation needed.

Compartment 15 - expandable hobby room, can become whatever you need for any hobbies you may have. I used it as an art studio for my sketching and paintings, something I did to help me relax and think over bothersome problems."

Now that got Naruto's attention, he had no idea that his friend was an artist and curiosity arose in him to see some of Haku's work. As for the hobby room itself, Naruto had to admit that he was stumped as to what he had for hobbies. Other than his plants, pranks and training to be the best ninja he could be. Naruto really didn't have much else to spend his time on, maybe the contents of this trunk will help him find out more pastimes he could enjoy himself with.

Before Naruto did anything more with the trunk, he put the scroll down and switched back to the first compartment. He then got to his feet and proceeded to gather up all of Haku's belongings, carefully packing everything into the first compartment. Naruto emptied the dresser, closet, shelves, nightstand and stripped the bedding from the bed. He'll decide what to do with the stuff later, Naruto just wanted to be sure not to leave anything behind.

Once done in Haku's room, he switched to the next compartment and did the same with Zabuza's room. The room that the Demon Brothers used was also emptied and put into the same compartment as Zabuza's belongings, this also got him thinking about the brothers and he wondered if they were still alive or if the old man ordered them killed.

Once done with the bedrooms, Naruto decided to explore the living quarters compartment. He couldn't help but be curious about how they would get a whole house or something like that in a trunk, it seemed impossible to him. Naruto put his hand on the carving and focused on the compartment he wanted next, putting in the smallest amount of chakra that he could. This is something that still gave him trouble but his control was slowly getting better, he just had to keep practicing and not give up.

Naruto took his hand away after a few moments then eagerly opened the trunk lid to look inside, somewhat surprised to see a spiral staircase lead down into the trunk. Curiosity really raging through him now, Naruto climbed into the trunk and slowly followed the stairs down. Looking up when he got to the bottom and only saw darkness overhead, nothing else but the stairs.

The young man then directed his attention to the area around him and saw that he was inside some kind of elaborate courtyard, there was a fountain in the middle and not far away. Around the sides of the courtyard were narrow flowerbeds, Naruto checked out the bed closest to him but couldn't tell what kind of plants were in it.

The kid slowly wandered around the courtyard, exploring as much as he could. Spending more than a few moments at the fountain when he saw the small rainbow-like fish swimming within, water lilies also dotted the surface. Naruto would have stayed there longer but he had to finish his exploration of this compartment, the courtyard was just so calm and peaceful that he really didn't want to leave. Naruto eventually forced himself to head toward the large door he found earlier, promising to come back to the courtyard later.

Naruto went up the few steps that lead to the door and took ahold of the knob, not too surprised with the fact that it opened easily. Although he will have to do something about the security later, can't have just about anyone gaining access to what will soon be his sanctuary. Naruto pushed open the door and stepped through into what looked to be the entryway, a good size one in fact. There was a coat closet off to one side where a person could leave their outerwear until needed again, on the other side hung a very nice landscape painting.

Naruto moved closer for a better look, he wasn't much for art but he did try to show his appreciation of the ones he did like. It wasn't until he got a good look at the signature tucked almost out of sight in the bottom corner that his mouth dropped open and both eyes widen. In fact, they nearly popped out of their sockets!

'H. M' was neatly written in the corner with icicles around it, there was only 2 people that he knew of with letters like that at the beginning of their names.

Haku and Zabuza, H would be for Haku's name while M is for Momochi which is Zabuza's last name. Naruto took another look at the painting, thinking in his head "Whoa, Haku-chan did this….awesome!!!!"

Naruto gazed at the painting awhile longer then turned to explore the rest of the compartment, not noticing that he was being observed from the very painting he just turned away from. A very familiar face peeked around the edge of the frame and giggled, another familiar figure was hidden among the plant growth within the painting itself.

The 2 painted images waited until Naruto had vanished out of sight before they came out of their shelters, meeting beside the lake in the painting.

"Do you think he figured it out yet?" The younger of the 2 asked in amusement.

"Not likely." The elder figure answered gruffly, "the brat may be good but he still has a long way to go yet. Thankfully, we can help him out from whichever frame we happen to be in. Having paintings of us that actually appear alive is one of your better ideas son, even if I didn't think so at the time."

"Thank you father," the younger replied, "now we had better get going. I want to watch Naru-chan's reaction to the rest of this place, it will certainly be entertaining. Thankfully I have lots of magical paintings we can travel through, even though I waited until I had gotten to a certain level in my paintings before I even used that special paint which created these moving paintings." The older figure agreed and both dashed for the side of the painting, vanishing from sight. Although it wasn't long before they were seen again in the other magical paintings as they trailed along behind Naruto, always making sure to not be seen whenever he happen to look in their direction.

Naruto, on the other hand, found what looked to be a formal dining room with a formal living room/parlor across the hall from it. He didn't recognize the furnishings or anything else within the rooms, just that they looked to be very expensive so he decided to leave the rooms alone for now.

The young man went a little further down the hall and soon came to a large open room that looked to be a combined kitchen, dining room and family room all in one. Much like his apartment back home in Konoha, Naruto went to the kitchen and started to check out the cupboards. Everything was well stocked with all kinds of food, some of which he never seen or heard of before.

Naruto paused briefly in the kitchen, a thoughtful expression on his face. Nor was it very long before he came to a decision. Naruto's hands flashed through the seals and 5 clones appeared around him, he asked the clones to go bring everything from the hideout kitchen here but to not worry about equipment like pots and pans. He only wanted the food, both dry, canned, fresh and frozen brought here so it won't have a chance to go bad.

The clones all nodded then took off down the hall again, arriving back at the courtyard where they climbed the spiral staircase and left the trunk to carry out the boss's orders. Something that really didn't take them very long, despite the fact that they had to make several trips.

Naruto continued to explore the compartment, soon discovering the half bathroom for this level of the living quarters. On the other side of the family room were a pair of stain glass doors, Naruto carefully pushed them open only to freeze in surprise at what he found. The only thought in his head at that moment was "This must be the Game Room of all Game Rooms!!!"

He slowly gazed about the room, recognizing some of the games but there were many that he didn't. There was the pool table, dartboard, a card table set up in a corner for those who wanted to play card games. There was several cabinets lining one wall which probably contained more games of who knows what kinds, Naruto was having trouble just wrapping his mind around it all.

On the other side of the room was the largest t.v. he had ever seen, the shelves around it had vast collections of DVDs, games for the various game systems set up under the t.v.

The opposite side had what looked to be a bar, Naruto headed over to check it out. Hopping that there wasn't any alcohol there, if so then he would have to do something about it. Naruto didn't want to have liquor out where it will be a temptation, especially for those not old enough.

Naruto just sighed when he saw all the bottles of different kinds of alcohol lining the shelves of the cabinet, again…many he didn't recognize. Although some of them had the strangest names like Fire Whiskey, Dragons Breath, Butter Beer and etc. Interesting names but still very strange, he didn't even want to think about what they tasted like. Naruto closed the doors of the cabinet with a frown on his face, this will have to go on the list of stuff to lock up. Something that will have to be done before he even let anyone else in here, that is if he ever decided to share this with anyone else.

"Well, correction…I'll show my gift from Haku to the old man. I bet this will blow his socks off and cause him to almost swallow his pipe, that will be something I would certainly like to get a photo of. I'll definitely show my new toy to Iruka-sensei though, he's going to be shocked senseless about it all. Other than those 2, I don't know who else to show my sanctuary to. Maybe Ayame nee-san and her father, old man Ichiraku will love that kitchen. Konohamaru and his friends will love the game room, but I'm not bringing them in until I make it safe for the little brats." Naruto muttered thoughtfully as he finished his exploration of the game room.

Naruto left the game room, making sure to carefully close the doors behind him, he glanced over at the kitchen and saw that his clones were putting things away in their proper places. Naruto left the clones to their task and headed over to the narrow staircase along one side of the family room, slowly making his way up it but pausing often to examine things that caught his interest.

Once Naruto reached the top of the stairs, he looked about the huge room and realized that this was a lounge of some type. One whole wall was nothing but large floor to ceiling windows, no curtains or shades or anything else. The young ninja made his way pass the overstuffed comfortable chairs to look outside the huge windows, only to have an expression of stunned awe appear on his face at the sight of the beautiful but savage scene before him.

The windows showed him an impressive seascape with mighty waves crashing against unmovable stone cliffs, seabirds flew lazily overhead as they searched for food. The sky was very close to being the same shade of blue as his eyes, only a few faint wispy clouds could be seen.

Naruto honestly didn't have anything to say about the breathtaking sight in front of him, the expression on his face said it all. He was so caught up with the scene in the window that he didn't sense the observers in the painting behind him next to the stairs, nor did he hear their whispered conversation.

"I knew he would react like that," the younger one whispered, "I did the same thing when I first saw it!"

"Wonder what he'll do when he realizes that the scene will change to whichever one he wants, the only condition is that he has to have actually been there physically for it to work?" The older one muttered.

Both shut up and froze, appearing to be part of the painting they were currently in when Naruto finally turn away from the window to finish exploring the compartment. The young ninja headed back across the room, heading for the hall he saw from the top of the stairs. Again, never noticing that the paintings weren't your normal every-day pieces of art.

The first door Naruto opened in the hallway was, not-to-surprisingly, another half-bath. Normally he would have wondered why it wasn't a full bath but later assumed that the bedrooms each had their own, so a full bath wouldn't necessarily be needed. Naruto didn't bother to give the room a full examination, he would do that later on when he had more time.

The next three doors all opened into bedrooms, rather nice and tastefully decorated bedrooms at that. Of course, he didn't know a lot about fashion or styles or interior decorating so all he could really say is that it look nice. The door after those surprised him, he wasn't expecting an office like the old mans or maybe it is what they called a study. Either way, it looked way nicer than the old mans ever could, even with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves full of books and other things. There was even a window with another awesome scene in it, not the same oceans cape he had already seen but a different one.

Naruto stepped further into the room, gazing around at the furnishings and other decorations. Most of the room was done in different shades of wood with splashes of color scattered about, no orange unfortunately but not everyone is crazy about how wonderful orange is….like him.

The desk itself was also made out of wood and looked like a piece of art with how it was carved, in fact it appeared to be done out of one complete piece of wood and not individual pieces like normal. Naruto moved around the huge work surface and carefully sat down in the chair, testing it out and found it to be pretty comfortable. Not too comfortable so he won't get any work done, but just right for someone like him. What Naruto didn't know is that the room took a 'feel' of its new master then adjusted itself accordingly to suit that masters needs.

Naruto explored the contents of the desk drawers but didn't find anything out of the ordinary in them, some of the stuff he found would have to be examined more closely later on when he had more time. Like that thin rectangle shaped piece of metal. Which, when he opened it up, showed what looked to be a t.v. screen on the top and a bunch of keys lined the bottom.

He didn't want to mess with it too much so carefully put it away, continuing his careful search of the room. Naruto soon came across another door tucked into a corner of the room, something that he didn't see right away. The blond ninja frowned as he moved toward it, curiosity but also wariness on his face.

Naruto put his hand on the door to open it since there wasn't a knob only to jerk his hand away when another stab of pain shot up his arm. He swore rather fluently when he saw the bloody handprint on the door, but frowned when he watched it disappear into the door.

The blond ninja reached out slowly and lightly touched the door, yanking his hand back again when the door swung open. Naruto cautiously took a few steps toward the opening, all senses alert for danger and 1 hand on his weapon pouch. Once at the door frame, Naruto peered into the room. Eyes blinking several times when the lights came on, only to have them widen in stunned disbelief at what he saw.

There were rows and rows and rows of shelves full of books of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Each shelving unit had 10 shelves and there were about 10 rows of bookcases, at least that he could see from here. Nor did Naruto go any further for fear of actually getting lost, there had to be more books and scrolls in that room than all of the elemental countries combined. Naruto suddenly got a very scary thought, his teammate Sakura devours books like he devours ramen. There is absolutely, positively no way in all of his and the foxes lifetimes combined that he is showing her this!!!!! He would never get her out of here if she saw all this, not to mention he didn't want to even imagine how much their team would suffer because of it! Naruto stepped back out of the room and carefully shut the door behind him, making sure it locked again so no one else would get in. He will do something about that library much later, although Naruto didn't think he would ever have all the contents memorized or read.

The blond ninja took one more look around the study then left to move on to the next room, not too surprised to se that it was another bedroom. Except this one appeared to have been lived in, so Naruto assumed that it is the master bedroom and the one Haku used while alive.

Curious, Naruto moved further into the room. He wanted to learn more about his deceased friend, so this would be the only way he knew how to do it. Naruto also decided to claim this room as his own, he really didn't think Haku would mind too much. The blond ninja continued to explore the room, checking out the closet and bathroom. Pretty impressed with what he had found so far, more clothes hung in the closet and lay in the drawers but these were of better quality and fancier. So Naruto knew that most of them weren't for every day wear, he would have to pack most of Haku's things away so nothing will happen to them. Maybe store the boxes in the storage compartment, something else he needed to check out before he forgot afterward.

Naruto chuckled, already planning on moving his belongings from the apartment to the trunk once he got back to the village. This way if he ever had to leave in a hurry, he won't have to worry about supplies or his own belongings. Naruto wasn't fooled or under any illusions on how people back home really thought of him or how he was treated because of it, the old man and what friends he had in the ANBU or among the other ninjas did their best. Except they couldn't be everywhere, stop everything or everyone.

There will always be someone, somewhere who will either escape to attack again someday or plot another strike against him from the shadows…getting other like-minded idiots to do the dirty work. Naruto smirked slyly, Haku just gave him a way to survive and make fast escapes with the gift of this trunk. The kid didn't want to think of having to leave the village of his birth sometime in the future, he wanted to stay and achieve his dream of becoming Hokage. He wanted to stay and protect his precious people, he wanted to prove those bastards that he wasn't the fox but Naruto Uzumaki….ninja extraordinaire!

Naruto sighed "I need to be realistic and have several fall-back plans in case something happens, I also need to have a second and third dream. My dream of becoming Hokage is all well and good, but if I can't become Kage of Konoha…I could always become Kage of another village or even create my own." The young man snorted at that idea, not exactly dismissing either but it would take a lot of thought and work to make it reality. Naruto shook his head abruptly, shoving those depressive thoughts away until he actually had time to deal with them for good. The same with all his backup plans and alternate dreams, but he could lay the groundwork and add more to them a little at a time.

By this time Naruto had finished with the master bedroom and would have left but noticed another door almost tucked out of sight not far from the bed, he headed over to find out what it lead to. Hoping that this door wasn't like the one in the study nor that the room behind it is another library, only to breath a sigh of relief when it opened like any other door and the room wasn't a library but instead something different.

In fact, it looked like a babies room. After this, Naruto suddenly remembered that the living quarters included a nursery and playroom for any children there might be. The blond ninja smiled faintly as he looked about the room, now this room was cool and decorated like a kids room should be. There weren't many toys around but Naruto suspected that most of those were in the playroom, he also assumed that one of the 3 doors in the room lead to the mentioned room.

The other door probably contained the closet while the last one is the door he came through, Naruto slowly moved along the sides of the nursery and checked out everything. One side of the room was obviously the changing and bathing area, judging by the fact that there was a sink and changing table plus numerous storage places. Another side was definitely devoted to quiet time, what with the large window covered by curtains and rocking chair beside shelves of books. The door to the master bedroom didn't contain much, just a single person futon and more storage in case someone needed to be here for the kids. The last side was covered with a beautiful mural painted over the wall, he could almost swear that the image was alive and moved but Naruto quickly dismissed it as him seeing things.

Naruto finally made his way over to the large dual cradle that lay close to the center of the room, admiring how well the furnishings were made and etc. He tossed a quick glance into the cradle before he turned away, clearly not expecting to find anything within the bed only to have what he saw slam into him with all the force of a hurricane. Naruto spun back around and gazed down into the cradle with an expression of total shock mixed with disbelief and surprise on his face, blinking several times as if trying to connect what he saw with his eyes to his brain as the truth.

There, sleeping peacefully and rather soundly, were 2 little babies laying next to each other. Naruto took a guess and decided that one was a boy while the other is a girl, of course the clothes the infants wore also helped out too. Naruto just stood there and gazed at the twins as they slept, a faint smile on his face as their dreams made tiny limbs move slightly. He just had trouble believing that Haku was a Daddy, Naruto also had a sinking feeling that the twins are the legacy Haku left for him to look after.

It suddenly hit him then that the twins were orphans like him, their father was dead and he suspected the same of their mother…if she was a ninja that is. Naruto couldn't help but wonder why Haku did what he did, why his new friend went into battle knowing that he may die and leave his children orphans.

Naruto was so focused on his thoughts that he didn't hear the door to the playroom open and someone start to enter the nursery, only to stop when they saw him standing there. At first the person didn't do anything, then continued on into the nursery and closed the door behind them.

"The boys name is Jinhai and the girl is Nevaeh Halcyone, they are about 8 months old or they will be in a week." The person finally spoke and startling Naruto enough that he literally jumped a foot in the air, spun around and landed with his face toward the person who spoke.

Naruto inhaled sharply and felt his eyes widen enough to be dinner plates, nor did he say anything right away as he was shocked speechless. Several moments went by before Naruto managed to pull himself together enough to say anything coherent, moving a couple steps toward the person with his right hand pointing a finger at them shakily.

"Ha…Haku?!?!?!" Naruto said brokenly.

The person, now identified as Haku, slowly shook his head then smiled sadly as he said "I'm sorry Naru-kun but I'm not the boss, just one of four shadow clones he created the day he met you. Boss wanted to be sure the kids would be okay if something happened to him, he also wanted you to have assistance if you needed it.

"Ho….How!?!?!" Naruto asked softly but also curiously as everything he knew about shadow clones said that they vanished if something happened to the creator, so by rights the clones should be gone.

"Simple," Clone Haku replied, "this crystal pendent hanging from the choker around my neck contains enough of the Boss's chakra to keep me from going 'poof'. I guess that there is enough chakra within it to last me a year, longer if I am careful. My task is to look after the children and teach you to be a father, this way you will know what to do when my time finally comes to go 'poof'."

This ended up being too much for Naruto, he fainted from a combination of shock and information overload. Clone Haku moved quickly enough to catch the Boss's friend, picking him up easily and carrying the blond 12 year old over to the futon. Once done with Naruto and getting the preteen comfortable, Clone Haku then went to check on the babies to see if they had woken up.

Breathing a sigh of relief when he saw that they were still sound asleep, a faint smile appeared on his face as he watched them dream on. The clone couldn't help but be more than a little sad that Boss Haku was dead, that his creator would never get to see his children grow up. He knew why the boss did what he did, the boss did it for his precious people. The boss sacrificed himself to save the man he considered a father, not that it did much good really. The clone knew from his memories and experience that Zabuza won't go down without a fight, taking as many with him as he could. The boss also sacrificed himself for his children, wanting to get them out of the life of being a fugitive and into a normal life. Either as a civilian or some kind of warrior, leaving them in the care of Naru-kun.

Clone Haku watched the babies a while longer then went over to the small meditation corner he set up, deciding to meditate until either Naru-kun or the babies woke up. This would also help conserve his chakra and allow it to last longer, it is also helpful in clearing his mind and helping him to become more focused on his assigned task. Clone Haku knew he would need his wits about him and had to be as focused as he could be for the questions Naru-kun is sure to have once the kid regained consciousness, he just had to be sure and make his answers clearly understandable.