Gentle Soul

Chapter 2


Phoenix Firestorm

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Naruto headed toward the bar in the game room, feeling very full from the great lunch he had. As thans, he helped C.H.#2 to clean up and put things away again. After that the group headed into the game room, Clone Haku #2 put a children's movie on for the twins to watch while he helped Naruto to clean out the bar. C.N.#1 stayed with the twins to keep them occupied, at least for awhile.

It wasn't until they began to take all the different bottles of alcohol out that Naruto saw the percentage of alcohol on the labels, C.H.#2 explained that it meant how strong each bottle was - alcohol wise. So Naruto decided to only lock up anything stronger than 5%, leaving the weaker stuff in the cupboards. Naruto also made a list of fruit juices and other drinks to stock up on, with C.H.#2's help of course.

The whole task didn't take very long to do with the 2 of them at it, although Naruto had to wonder at some of the names on the bottles. Seriously….Butterbeer, Firewhiskey were just among several that got his attention. Once the other bottles were packed securely into the boxes and then placed into individual capsules, Clone Haku took care of listing the contents of each capsule on the inside cover of the capsule box. This way Naruto would know what is in ech capsule without having to look in all of them just to find what he wants, plus C.H#2's writing is much neater than Naruto's.

The young preteen then put the box of capsules high up on a shelf and behind a locked door so no one will be tempted or get any ideas. Naruto took one more look around to make sure nothing had been forgotten then he gathered up his papers and notebook, putting them back into his pocket to be organized later on.

"Thanks for the help C.H.#2," Naruto said as he turned to leave the game room, "what are you and the twins doing next?"

"You're welcome Naru-chan," Clone Haku #2 answered calmly, "it all depends on how tired the twins are what we do next. If they aren't, then we usually go outside to play in the backyard. The door leading to the backyard is out in the family room, beside the fireplace. Maybe you can join us later on whenever you get done what you have planned next." Naruto paused to check Haku's letter that listed everything about the trunk before he answered C.H.#2's question, making sure nothing had been forgotten in this compartment. Although Naruto knew he would discover more about the trunk as time went by, especially once he moved all his stuff from the apartment to here.

"Hard to say C.H.#2, there are a few things in this compartment that I have left to see. After that, I move on to the next compartment." Naruto finally said.

"Well, you don't actually have to leave this compartment in order to see the other compartments. Some of the compartments are connected to each other, but I don't know where all the entrances are. Boss Haku only discovered a few of them before his death, like the secret library in the study has a connection to the library compartment." C.H.#2 explained.

"Really, that would be cool and certainly come in handy. Not to mention save on time in the future,"especially when that time saved can keep me and those with me alive longer. Do you know of any right off the top of your head, I'd like to explore as much of the trunk as I can while still in Wave country?" Naruto asked curiously.

"I know of 4 that are in this compartment," Clone Haku #2 replied thoughtfully, "there is an entrance to the Hobby Room Compartment upstairs. The one I told you about in the secret library that leads to the library compartment, the other 2 I know of are outside in the backyard, so you can either check them out now or later on. They're the entrances to the Greenhouse Compartment and the Animal Sanctuary Compartment, the greenhouse also connects on to the Medical Facility Compartment which links up with the Training Facility Compartment."

Naruto understood that, he had spotted a few other doors in the family room which may lead to other places but he wasn't sure what to do next.

Kakashi frowned faintly as he watched a certain blond hair, orange clad preteen while he leaned against the rails of the bridge. Sakura was helping Tsunami with the meals, making sure everyone had at least one serving of food before heading back to work on the bridge. The kids were running around with buckets of water and tin cups, making sure all the workers had plenty of water to drink as well.

Something that won't take much longer, not with everyone able to pitch in hard at work. At least 4 more days, the 5th day having been set aside to celebrte and etc before the ninja left for Konoha, if nothing else happened to screw things up.

Which is why he is watching Sasuke and Naruto uneasily, something was off with Naruto but he couldn't figure out what it is or why his instincts were tingling uncomfortably as if trying to warn him.

Eventually Kakashi shrugged his shoulders, mentally dismissing it as no important enough for now. He'll discuss things over with the Hokage when they return to the village and after he gave his report, maybe by then things will have solved themselves or at least he could hope.

Naruto didn't even glance toward the breathtaking image in the huge picture window in the lounge, he'd never leave the room if he stopped. So the young ninja headed down the hall, glancing at the doors as he went and listing what each room was in his head. It wasn't until he reached the end of the hall and turned the corner to enter a huge room that Naruto stopped, slowly looking around at the numerous paintings hanging on the walls and other artwork scattering about the space.

"Haku did all these paintings?" Naruto murmured softly as he slowly walked along the wall and gazed at each piece of art, although he would sometimes stop to get a closer look at one that got his attention. There were quite a few other pieces of artwork not done by his friend but a majority of them were Haku's, so Naruto was partial to what he liked.

Naruto wandered through the gallery, pausing at each painting and piece of artwork for a good look at it before moving on to the next. It took the blond nin 3 hours to go through the whole gallery and contents, then another hour to find the door to what Haku called the 'Hobby Room' on the list. Mainly because the door blended in really well with the wall around it, Naruto felt more than a bit stupid when he finally found it.

Naruto was surprised to find what looked to be an art studio, judging by the number of easels and canvas scattered about the large sunny room. Naruto shut the door behind him and carefully made his way further into the room, making sure to watch where he put his feet so he won't damage anything. Most of the canvas on the various easels were covered with white cloth, so Naruto didn't disturb the cloth despite being curious as to what is underneath.

The blond nin was so busy looking around that he didn't notice a door on the far wall open and another clone wearing a paint splattered smock come into the room, arms full of paint containers of bright colors. The clone put his load of paint on a nearby counter and turned back toward Naruto, who still wasn't aware of his presence.

"Hello Naru-kun," C.H.#5 called out as he headed toward the boss's friend, "how are you handling things so far?"

Naruto spun around rapidly but manages to keep from knocking anything over, he gazed in shock and surprise at yet another clone.

"I thought there was only the 4 clones?" Naruto blurted out as he watched the paint splattered clone come over.

C.H.#5 chuckled "Technically there was only suppose to be the 4 clones, I'm something of a last minute afterthought. Boss Haku created me once he knew he might not make it back alive, my crystal isn't as full as the others so I need to be more careful."

"My task is to finish all the projects Boss had started in here, not start anymore. I'm also to teach you how to paint as well, if you wanted to learn…that is? So I work at my own pace and take as many breaks as needed, nor do they have to be long breaks either."

Naruto nodded to show that he understood and knew he would have done the same thing if in Haku's place, the blond preteen glanced around the room again thoughtfully.

"So painting is Haku's hobby?" he asked curiously.

"One of a few serious hobbies Boss Haku had," C.H.#5 explained, "making herbal medicines is another and growing his own healing plants for those medicines. The Greenhouse compartment has several rooms dedicated to those kinds of plants, while several others are used for growing food."

"Now another thing I am to do is help you set up your own hobby room, you llike plants and pranking if my memories from Boss Haku are correct. You also like to train whenever you can, more to stay in shape and also to improve your Shinobi skills where needed." Naruto nodded and followed C.H.#5 back to the door the preteen came through, getting another surprise when the door didn't open back up into the gallery but a long hallway lined with doors.

"Each of these doors opens up into a room dedicated to a hobby of some kind," Clone Haku explained as he motioned to all the doors, "what you need to do is concentrate on whatever your hobby may be and the room with that hobby will light up. Once it does and you claim it, your name will appear on the door and no one else can enter it without your permission."

Naruto thought about what C.H.#5 said for a few moments then said "Well, I can do all the gardening I want in the greenhouse. The same with my training, I'll just use the Training Facility compartment. About the only thing left is my love of pranks, so that is going to be what I focus on for my 'hobby'."

Naruto took a deep breath and relaxed, focusing on all his memories of past pranks. Doing as C.H.#5 outlined and stood in deep concentration for several moments, at least until until Clone Haku nudged him and he opened his eyes again. Widening them in surprise when he saw a set of ornate double doors in front of him, his full name engraved in gold on the doors.

"I'm impressed Naru-kun, you called the Master Room of Pranks to you, very few have had the concentration and focus to get that room's attention. Much less the rooms interest, it only responds to those who are truly gifted in the art of pranks. At least, that is what Boss Haku has found out about it."

Sasuke tiredly stumbled up the stairs to the room assigned him, Naruto and Kakashi-Sensei. He would have even been too tired to eat but did so because the dobe did, even though Naruto had to be just as tired if not more than him. The Dobe just didn't show it, the blond had been acting strangely ever since those two had died.

It bothered the 'avenger' that something was affecting his Dobe so much that he didn't know what it would be, Sasuke might have understood the friendship between Naruto and Haku if he had allowed himself to have any friends or let anyone close enough to become important to him.

Sure it was a shame that people as gifted and talented as Zabuza and Haku died, but that is the life of a Shinobi. Sasuke understood that much from his own background as a survivor of the massacure of his clan and seeing what the rest of Konoha went through as a Shinobi village, the life of a Shinobi wasn't pretty or glamorous or even long-lasting. It was hard, painful, dark with negative emotion that even the brightest of lights had trouble piercing through, sure it had its own rewards but you needed to work for them all.

At least that is what he had learned just from his observations on everyone around him, he didn't brood all the time….just most of the the time. Sasuke did take time to watch, observe and cataloge all the data on everyone around him so he would know what to expect if he ever had to work with any of them in the future.

Naruto sighed as he sank back into the water of the hot tub, leaning against the ceder panels as he slowly began to relax. Mentally going over everything that had happened today, all there was left to do is check out the backyard and then this compartment will be done.

In fact, Naruto decided to take all of tomorrow and just relax. Write up what he had found out so far on the trunk, check on his various groups of clomes and play with the twins. Most of that could be done in the morning, which would leave the afternoon to play with his niece and nephew in the backyard.

First though, he had to get a start on his plans for the Wave Hideout. Which meant Naruto needed to find out how to buy the land that the treehouse is on, this way he will have a place to retreat too should things go sour in Konoha. He didn't want to think that, but he needed to face facts. With the way his childhood turned out and the way his life may follow that in the future, especially with the Fox sealed in him. Naruto had to be prepared to vanish at the slightest threat, major threat to his life.

Hopefully that will never happen and he won't have to disappear, but Naruto's instincts and gut were telling him to start making plans. Besides, he will clear everything with the Old Man Hokage anyway. This way they can get working together to ensure his continued survival, Naruto also plan on bringing the Daimoyo into this as well. With the 2 most powerful men in Fire Country working together, the 3 of them should be able to come up with something.

Naruto sighed again as he hauled his beet red, wrinkled as a prune, body out of the water. Dried off then pulled on a robe he grabbed from the closet, it was a bit big on him since Haku was taller and skinner than him but it will do for now. He then left the attached bathroom and entered his new bedroom, searching among Haku's clothes for something that will fit him since he really didn't want to put on dirty clothes again. Eventually he did find an outfit that fit, so Naruto pulled it on. Thinking that it must have been one of Haku's old outfits from when he was Naruto's age, it was still a bit tight in some places but he could live with that.

Once clean and dressed, Naruto took the time to clean up the suite. Something he is pretty use to since he had to clean his apartment as best he could, learning on the way with each mistake he made. Thankfully the old man Hokage gave him a few lessons with each visit he made, time permitting him of course. When Naruto had finished the general clean-up, he gathered up his notes and headed for the study again to start work on the Wave Hideout.

The young ninja absently wondered how his clones were doing in the prank room, he had created 20 clones to check out the room and see what was actually in there. The first 10 were to see what was in room and what all the supplies actually did, the second set of 10 were to stay back out of the way and take notes of what their brothers in the first 10 found. Naruto will be able to do more once he knew what was exactly in the prank room and how it all worked. Needless to say, this is one part of his inheritance from Haku that he is really looking forward too.

Clone Naruto chuckled after his head popped out of the water, seeing Inari almost hidden out of sight by the pile of fish he caught and toss up onto the shore for the child to put into the baskets they brought. The clone climbed out of the water, shook himself off then proceeded to help his 'little brother' pack up the fish. He also managed to catch a few types of shellfish that he recognized as good to eat, so stuffed them into another basket but this one had a lid they could fasten on.

"Think we caught enough Inari?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"More than enough Naruto big brother," Inari exclaimed, "there might even be leftovers for tomorrow."

"Might be or might not be, we've got some pretty hungry people back at your place. All we have to do now is get some veggies and herbs from the forest, but first we'll take the seafood back to your place so they can start preparing it." Naruto answered with a thoughtful look on his face as he created 2 clones to help with the load, Boss gave him enough chakra to create 1 or 2 clones if he was careful and rationed it wisely. Something very few outside the old man Hokage knew to look pass the mask Boss always wore, seeing the idiot joker instead of the wary and survival-first Naruto.

"How will we find that stuff Naruto?" Inari asked curiously as he helped with one of the smaller baskets.

"Easy little bro, pay close attention and I'll teach you how to find eatable food just about anywhere. Old man Teuchi and his daughter back home taught me how to forage for food just by looking at what is in your natural environment around you, they couldn't always afford to buy what they needed at the markets so they either grew their own or went to what Nature provided around them."

"If it couldn't be found back home then they substituted instead, which helped them and me to learn what is good and safe to eat. They also taught me with books on what is eatable in other countries, knowing that as a ninja it would be very important to know what is in your surroundings no matter if you are at home or on a mission or just travelling."

It didn't take long for them to get back to the house and drop off the seafood, grab fresh baskets then take off to the woods behind the house. Knowing not to stray too far despite the fact that Gato is finally gone, there is still the thugs that the man hired to deal with but most of them took off to more profitable and safe environments after the battle on the bridge. Still, it paid to keep all your senses open and alert just in case trouble did come knocking again.

A few hours later, both Naruto and Inari came bck with the 2 clones behind them, each carrying a basket almost overflowing with food. Naruto and the 2 clones had the vegetables while Inari had the herb basket, surprising everyone by how much they did find. Especially Team 7 since they didn't know much about their teammate, just what they saw and also learned from others.

Tsunami and Sakura were in the kitchen, cooking the seafood as it was brought in by one of the boys. Kakashi, Sasuke and Tazuna were sitting outside cleaning the seafood. Or rather, Kakashi and Tazuna were cleaning while Sasuke took the baskets into the house as they became full.

"Where did you get all that Dobe?" Sasuke asked bluntly, curiosity on his face.

"In the woods Teme," Naruto retorted back, "it's called foraging for food. I learned how to from Jiji Teuchi and his daughter, it's something they did when they couldn't get what they needed from the market."

Naruto ignored the others and started to show Inari how to clean, prepare and cook everything they harvested. Including how to store it so nothing will go bad, this way Tsunami and her family will be able to survive even after they had left. Boss told him to pay extra attention to Inari and make sure the boy knew how to survive, keeping food on the table with everything learned from his big brother.

Nor was it long until supper was ready and placed on the table, Naruto sat beside Inari at one end and continued their conversation while they ate. This made Inari's mother and grandfather very happy, amused and also puzzled Kakashi. Sakura ignored everything and everyone but Sasuke, while Sasuke ate silently while eyeing Naruto grumpily.

Naruto smiled faintly as he sat with the twins, listening to C.H.#2 read the children a bedtime story. He had dispelled the clone created earlier so he would have a chance to absorb and organize the memories carried by that clone, planning to create a new clone when he got up the next morning.

One of the things he planned to do tomorrow while he continue to explore the trunk, is create 2 more clones who will be assigned tasks outside the trunk. One clone would be sent to start the process needed to buy the island that the hideout is located on, if it was possible to do so. The other clone would lead a literal army of clones on Gatou's headquarters and strip it clean of anything valuable or useful, the clones would be henged to look like someone else of course and only the lead clone would have a chakra crystal to keep him going.

Once that clone and army is done, the clone will send any money found off to the clone getting the island while everything else is being brought back to the trunk and him. When Naruto said everything would be stripped of Gatou's properties, he meant everything. Money, business papers, personal possessions and furnishings. Naruto fully planned to take over Gatou's empire and put everything to good use, but he would have to be careful and not be discovered.

This is just one of the many plans he has been busy with in case something forced him to leave Konoha, giving him something to survive on while getting his new life going. Naruto also planned to create another clone and send it to Painter Haku so he can learn how to become an artist, Naruto knew that he would never be as good as Haku but it gave him something to work on when bored in his free time.

Besides, knowing how to draw and sketch things will come in incredibly handy. Especially on certain missions and assignments where such a skill is necessary, even if the person doesn't have much talent in it. Which Naruto hoped he did have, such a talent would be great to have.

Once the twins were settled and tucked into bed, Naruto decided to head off to bed as well. Tomorrow was going to be a very busy day and he needed all the rest he can get, especially with all he has yet to do before he returned to his team. So much to do and so little time to do it in as Naruto knew the saying went, he just hoped everything or most of it could be done before they left Wave Country.

Inari smiled happily as he got ready for bed, faith and belief in Heros fully restored thanks to Naruto nii-san. Everything had returned to normal or as normal as could be because of Gatou, the bridge was nearly completed and the people of Wave had pulled together to take back their home.

The best part is his new big brother figure in Naruto, something that he had always wanted but never got. His father-figure did a good job but it wasn't the same as having an actual father or other siblings. Inari, of course, didn't think much of Naruto nii-san's teammates or teacher. They were okay, but no where's as good as his big brother.

Inari climbed into bed and snuggled down under the covers, waiting for his mother to come in and tuck him in like she always did. Getting a surprise when Naruto nii-san came in and settling on his bed, then proceeded to read him the story of the Gutsy Ninja by someone called Jriaya.

A story that quickly became Inari's favorite as he listened to it with an expression of awe and amazement, keeping his attention spellbound throughout the whole story. Once done, Naruto nii-san ruffled Inari's hair fondly and slipped out of the room. Leaving a copy of the Gutsy Ninja for Inari to read and cherish much like Naruto valued his own copy, Tsunami slipped into the room seconds later and proceeded to tuck her son in for the night.

She had heard Naruto reading the story to Inari so kept out of the room to give the boys their bonding time, Naruto having quickly become another son to her family. Someone she fully intended to take care of no matter what anyone else said, Tsunami knew her father wouldn't complain much so had nothing to worry about from that corner of her family.

Naruto might protest some but won't fight for long, knowing that she only meant well by her actions. The ones that might protest the most would be his teammates, his teacher probably won't sense he seem to honestly care about Naruto but Tsunami couldn't be totally sure about him.

Once done in Inari's room, Tsunami doublechecked everything in the house then went to bed herself. Tomorrow will be another busy day so everyone needed to get as much rest as possible, but it was a good kind of busy since the bridge was nearing completion. The people of Wave are taking their lives back from Gatou's rule and restoring everything to the way it should be, everyone was filled with happiness and determination to do the right thing this time around.

Sandaime frowned thoughtfully as he mentally went over everything learned from the reports sent in by Ibiki and his team over in T & I department, the Demon Brothers were still alive and will remain so until Naruto returned. He will make his final decision on their fate once he has heard everything from Kakashi, Naruto and the rest of Team 7. Naruto especially had some explaining to do once they were alone and won't be disturbed. Something he is looking forward to greatly, the elderly man always did look forward to Naruto's visit and next prank….despite the headaches those pranks may cause afterward.

Another thing that had him concerned is a suitable reward for Naruto, a child that he had come to think of as another grandson. Surviving a mission like that deserves a special something as reward, something that isn't money since the pay for this is more than enough. Also knowing Naruto, his first thoughts will be either food or training or learning a new jutsu or all of the above.

You shouldn't worry so much Haku, the brats will be fine with the gakI." a familiar voice reached the young man who sat on the stone edge of the pool.

Haku glanced up from his observations within the pool, smiling when he saw his mentor and adoptive father-figure coming toward him. His birth mother also with him, something he didn't expect to be blessed with but hoped would happen.

"I know Zabu-papa, but I can't help it. I don't want to miss out on my children's lives just because I am dead and in heaven, Michael-san said I can watch the mortal realm all I want so long as I don't do anything to interfer with it."

"Something that I have absolutely no intention of doing," Haku answered calmly as he turned his attention back to the images shown in the pool of water, "although it is amusing watching Naru-kun learn about fatherhood and so on. Based on what I have seen of Naru-kun and know of him, he will be a wonderful father to my children and also his own once he finds that special and suitable lady."

"You are right about that Haku," his mother replied softly, "Naruto's mother also spends time watching her son in the pool. Although afterward she usually has to go blow off steam in the training yards, mostly because of the way her son is treated in his home village. So she spars against the other fighter spirits here in heaven to vent and keep in shape although not many have been able to win against her. Even the archangels have a little difficulty when she really gets ticked off and lets loose, which has often surprised those who watched."

Haku was surprised by this and asked "Naru-kun's parents are here too."

"So the gaki's parents are dead as well and up here too, wonder who they are?" Zabuza replied thoughtfully, although he had a feeling that he knew who the father was…just going by the gaki's physical appearance.

"Yes, but only his mother. His father is in Shinigami's realm and isn't likely to leave it any time soon unfortunately. Shinigami isn't one to let go of his sacrifices willingly, at least not the ones he actually values." Haku's mother explained as she joined her son.

"Oh, she wouldn't be anyone I know or heard of?" Zabuza asked curiously.

"Maybe, her name is Kushina Uzumaki but she mostly goes by the title of 'The Red Hot-Blooded Habanero' for various reasons." The older woman explained, only to chuckle at Zabuza's reaction to such news.

Although it took the swordsman several moments to remember where exactly he had heard those names before, but once he did…

Suddenly the memory of who Kushina was, and therefore who her husband was. Or rather, the only logical person she could be married to. "HOLY SHIT! HOLY FUCK! HOLY SHIT FUCK!"

Haku turned and raised his extremely feminine eyebrow at Zabuza. "What exactly did you just remember?"

Zabuza stopped freaking out to stare at his adopted son. "Let's just say I no longer have any sore pride for losing to that boy. Seeing as he's the son of Kushina Uzumaki, enough for me to have pretty much surrendered if I'd known that before, and Minato-"I'm the only Flee-On-Sight nin to be so for every village not allied to Konoha"-fucking-NAMIKAZE."


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